Burger King Lunch Hours, Open, Closing Hours (2024)

Burger King is a multinational fast food restaurant in America. This multi-national restaurant is started by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns. Their best products are Hamburgers, soft drinks, Chickens, breakfast, desserts, salads, french fries, and Milkshakes. If your planning to visit Burger King to test the mentioned items but don’t know what is Burger King Lunch Hours?. Opening, Closing, and Holiday Hours. You must read this full article, we cover the Opening, Closing, and Holiday Hours. But first, we share the Menu of Burger King.



What is the Burger King Lunch Hours?

Burger King Lunch Hours

If you are looking for the best Burger in the United States no one can beat Burger King. If you want to test their Lunch items you must know their Lunch Hours.

Burger King is the leading burger chain fast-food restaurant company in the United States. Most of the Burger King location is owned by Franchisees. They can set their own rules based on what is best for their Business. All Burger King locations do not start serving lunch at a specific time. To know the proper Lunch Hours you can call your nearby location.

Most of the Days the whole Company started Serving Lunch at 10 am or 10:30 am.


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Burger King Lunch Menu

Burger King is popular all over the world because of its Menus and Its Hours. They offer 14 breakfast meals, 17 Breakfast Sandwiches, 2 Breakfast sides at a very affordable price. You can also test their Platters & Burritos, Flame Grilled Burgers, Chicken & Fish, Side, Drinks & Coffee, Sweet, Salad & Veggies.

Burger King Lunch Menu Calories
Egg-Normous Burrito 805 Cal
Breakfast Burrito Jr. 374 Cal
Pancake & Sausage Platter 605 Cal
Pancake Platter 439 Cal
Crispy Chicken Garden Salad 870 Cal
Side Garden Salad 322 Cal
Whopper 734 Cal
Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich 92 Cal
Crispy Chicken Sandwich 670 Cal
Original Chicken Sandwich 662 Cal
BLT Chicken Jr. 492 Cal
Chicken Jr. 451 Cal
Spicy Crispy Chicken Jr 386 Cal
9 Pc Chicken Fries 429 Cal
20 Pc Chicken Nuggets 911 Cal
10 Pc Chicken Nuggets 482 Cal
8 pc Chicken Nuggets 343 Cal
4 Pc Nuggets 244 Cal
Big Fish 513 Cal

There are many Lunch items available on the menu. To test the other items you must visit the Burger King at your location and you should know What time they start Serving Breakfast, Lunch Hours Holiday Hours.


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About the Burger King

Burger King Lunch Hours

Burger King is an American and world-leading fast food restaurant. In 1953, Burger King started their journey in Jacksonville, Florida and after one year they also started their restaurants in Miami, Florida. Almost 69 years they open their franchise all over the world.

Company Headquarters

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive,

Miami- Dade County, Florida

United States


Number of Locations– 17,796

Type of Restaurant– Fast Food Restaurant

Products they Offer

They offer products like Chicken, French fries, Soft Drinks, Milkshakes, Salads, Desserts, Breakfast, Hamburgers.


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs about Burger King & its Hours)


1〉 Does Burger King do Lunch all day?

They start serving lunch at 10 or 10 a.m.


2〉 Is there Burger King in India?

Yes, Burger King Franchises are available in India.


3〉 What should I order at Burger King?

If you really like Burgers then you can order a Full Chicken Burger, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Nuggets. and many more items.


4〉 Where is Burger King most popular?

In Florida Burger King is very popular. There is a 7237 Burger King franchise across the United States.


5〉 How old is Burger King?

Almost 68 years old.


6〉 Is Burger King better than Mcdonald’s?

In the fast-food industry, Mcdonalds and Burger King are the Biggest Rivals. In the Rivals, Burger King won because it has better fries and a more balanced Burger.



Most of the Burger King Lunch Hours are 10 am or 10:30 am. This time also depends on the Location. For more information about their menu, You can check their official website.


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