Costco Pizza how many Slices in 2024 (depth Detailed)

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One of the biggest pizza chains in the US is Costco.

Yes, you read that right: Costco is ranked as the 14th-largest pizza business in the nation, with over 700 stores and, consequently, food courts.

It is practically equal in size to CiCi’s and larger than California Pizza Kitchen.

The food court at Costco is a true reflection of the abundance that exists there.

Despite its outdated food photographs from the 1980s and faded signs, it might end up being one of the greatest lunch offers in the area.

The secret to keeping Costco food fans pleased is consistency.

Your Costco slice of pizza tastes amazing because a robot and pre-portioned dough are the foundation for the ideal blend of tomato sauce, bubbling cheese, and a crunchy crust.

The cheese is typical—melty, oily, and gently burnt on top to give it that recognizable speckled appearance.

It’s odd how the tomato sauce has a slight sweetness to it but not enough.

Lactose-sensitive individuals should take caution because this slice of pizza has more cheese than tomato.



Costco Pizza How Many Slices Do They Offer?

Costco Pizza how many Slices

Do you desire a delicious pizza to satisfy your craving?

Costco delivers some of the best pizzas at the most reasonable prices among all American eateries.

Costco will surely come to mind if you’re seeking an affordable yet delicious pie.

But what sizes are available at Costco? A Costco pizza measures 16 to 18 inches.

The pizza is cut into 12 pieces.


What is the calorie count of a cast-iron pizza from Costco?

Around the world, pizza is a favorite food of many.

The enticing combination of delicious crust, sweet tomato sauce, and salty mozzarella cheese will appeal to even the pickiest diners.

However, it is generally characterized as unhealthy because it may be high in calories, sodium, and carbs. One slice of cheese pizza from Costco has 760 calories, 40% DV fat, 75% DV saturated fat, and more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium—more than half the DV.

Even if the cheese pizza is loaded with fat, it might not keep a person satisfied for an extended period.

The cheese is to blame for the greater calorie count of the cheese pizza.

In addition to having calories, this pizza also contains trans fat. Trans fat not only reduces HDL (“good”) cholesterol but also raises LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.


How Much is a Whole Costco Pizza?

Pizzas from Costco cost $9.99 a pie, while individual slices only cost $1.99. They are so well-liked for another reason.

Therefore, get a slice or two of pizza for your family members who enjoy it the next time you visit the large box retailer to stock up on necessities.


What types of Pizza does Costco Offer?

At its food court, Costco mainly serves five different varieties of pizza.

You may buy frozen pizzas, take-and-bake pizzas, cheese pizzas, pepperoni pizzas, and customizable pizzas at Costco.

An additional option is a pizza combo. Kirkland cheese, margarita, and cauliflower crust pizzas are some further variations.

You must pick up the pizza in person from the food court because Costco doesn’t offer pizza delivery.


How many people does a Costco pizza feed?

There are six or eight slices on each pizza.

Five people could be fed by at least one of them (especially if you have other food too).

So a Costco pizza should serve five to seven people.


How do you bake a Costco pizza?

1. To begin with, you must decide whether you prefer a thick or thin crust.

2. After stretching out the dough, add a generous amount of tomato sauce. You should know that Costco uses a lot of tomato sauce.

3. Next, add your desired toppings and the mozzarella cheese.

4. When the pizza is ready, preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until the crust is crunchy.

5. Pizza-making robots are the trick behind the chain’s perplexing culinary consistency.

6. Costco has mastered the art of making pizza with a machine that creates each pie identical to the one that came before it, rather than depending entirely on human staff to combine the components. Starting with dough that has had enough time to rise and develop chewy, pillowy loveliness, each Costco pizza is made.

7. Adding fresh toppings to a frozen pizza is a terrific way to make it healthy. Fresh ingredients not only taste better, but they also add flavor to your meal. You can add fresh ingredients to your dish to give it more flavor and liveliness, such as tomato pieces or chorizo.


Can you order Costco pizza online?

Unlike most other big-name pizza shops, customers cannot purchase pizza from Costco online.

You must call or visit the Costco food court in person to place your pizza order.

To keep prices low, Costco only accepts pizza orders in person at the Costco food court or over the phone.


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How many Costco pizzas would I need for 50 adults?

Each of us has had the experience of having a sizable crowd to feed. Maybe you’re hosting your entire extended family for the day.

 What should you do?

After all, the solution is as simple as placing an order for enough pizza for everyone. Consider the following: 

  1. The size of the group you are a part of
  2. How many of the people are minors?
  3. How many people will only eat one piece?
  4. How many of them are reliable for eating slice after slice?

All of these should be taken into account when ordering pizza for a group.

The good news is that applying some fairly basic math can answer this question fairly accurately.

 Ten diners = four pizzas

15 diners = 6 pizzas

 20 diners = 8 pizzas

 30 diners = 12 pizzas

50 diners = 19 pizzas

It’s usually preferable to abide by the 3/8 rule to avoid dramatically underestimating or overestimating how much pizza to order for a party:

The number of guests should be multiplied by 3/8. This is the justification for that rule: If not specified, medium pizzas are typically split into eight slices.

As a result, each slice only makes up 1/8 of the pizza. Since a hungry individual typically consumes three slices of pizza, you may simply multiply the number of guests by 3/8.

Based on the result, you’ll need to place an order for that many pizzas.


Why are Costco pizzas so cheap?

You would think that Costco prices its products so competitively because it cares about families who want to enjoy a dinner at a reasonable price while completing their weekly grocery shopping.

However, given that Costco is a publicly traded for-profit organization, the reason for its inexpensive offering is that Costco wants to keep the pricing at the food counter as low as possible. Because they want to attract you to their main business—selling goods and groceries—they keep the pricing cheap.

They maintain the food fresh to entice you to visit and to subtly convey to you what a great value the food is that they sell back in the supermarket section.


Can I get a Costco pizza without being a member?

Many Costco locations demand a membership to enter the building and the food court.

However, meals can be purchased without membership in warmer climates if the food court is located outside the shop.


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