Costco Vinyl Plank Flooring in 2024 (**In-depth Guide**)

In this article, we mainly share information on Costco Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Costco generally conducts sales and special offers on flooring.

Additionally, Costco is typically ready to provide consumers with a price adjustment if you purchase flooring materials from them at full price.

There is a promotion in Late December and early January, as well as mid to late May, when demand is at its best lowest, are the times.



What exactly is the Costco vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a type of synthetic multi-layered flooring.

Plastic, fiberglass, and PVC make vinyl flooring, frequently sold as planks, tiles, or sheets that can be assembled.

An image layer that can mimic many materials, like ceramic and wood, is placed on top of this.

A top wear layer with different thicknesses protects the sublayers from damage.


What types of flooring are sold at Costco?

The flooring alternatives available at Costco come in a range of hues, finishes, and materials, including:

  • Vinyl 
  • laminate flooring
  • Garage floor tiles,
  • carpet flooring tiles


Which types of vinyl flooring are offered at Costco?

Costco Vinyl Plank Flooring

According to the manufacturer, sheet vinyl is often referred to as traditional vinyl and is offered in widths of 6′, 12′, or 13’6″.

Sheet vinyl is softer and cozier to tread on when compared to ceramic tile or hardwood. It is also easy to maintain and water-resistant.


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What are the types of vinyl flooring at Costco?

Vinyl flooring comes in a huge selection of hues and patterns, ranging from budget-friendly to luxuriously expensive.

Three types of vinyl flooring are available: sheet vinyl, vinyl planks, and vinyl tiles.


How are Costco vinyl plank floors installed?

Professionally install sheet vinyl flooring.

The ideal way to install sheet vinyl flooring is by a professional installer.

Unlike luxury vinyl planks or tiles, which may be reused if cut incorrectly, one installation error would damage the entire piece.

The Sub Floor Has To Be Almost Flat.

Installation of sheet vinyl requires a subfloor that is incredibly flat and smooth. We often advise installing a new 1′ subfloor for the greatest results.


Who Produces the Vinyl Plank Flooring for Costco?

Costco and Shaw are committed to serving their customers.

To provide a positive experience for every Costco Member, each local Shaw Flooring Dealer goes through a thorough interview and training process.

To assist you in finding the floor that suits your home and lifestyle, Shaw is proud to collaborate with Costco.

This collaboration benefits both parties because Shaw is constantly ranked as the top manufacturer in terms of quality, customer service, and design.


Is Vinyl Plank Flooring at Costco Waterproof?

The greatest benefit is that vinyl plank flooring is completely water-resistant.

This guarantees that spills and surface water won’t harm the flooring.

Because of this, it is the perfect flooring option for areas like basements, kitchens, baths, restaurants, and cafés.


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Does vinyl flooring also include vinyl plank?

Congratulations on choosing vinyl flooring as the floor type that will work best in your house!

You must now choose a color, a design, and whether to use vinyl planks or Vinyl sheets. Which is better, though?

The Distinctions

Aesthetic Appeal

Both vinyl plank and vinyl sheet flooring have a stunning visual appeal. Its authenticity will be the primary distinction. I’ll explain.

Vinyl sheeting is often installed in big sheets. The end product is a finished room with few, if any, floor seams. But thanks to modern printing technology, you can create fake seam lines on sheet vinyl to make it look more authentic.

Despite sharing the same material, sheet vinyl and plank vinyl flooring differ in some key ways. Like linoleum flooring, sheet vinyl is sold in big rolls. 

Plank vinyl flooring is installed one at a time to replicate the look of real wood, much like laminate flooring. In addition, unlike vinyl sheet flooring, which must be rolled out to have any rigidity, vinyl plank flooring includes a strong fiberglass backing.



As with any undertaking, it’s time to write the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring on your notepad. Consider the distinctions between flexible and rigid-core options before choosing the one that best fits your unique circumstance.

Due to its longevity, adaptability, and wear-resistant qualities, vinyl flooring is always a fantastic option, depending on your budget, space, function, and personal aesthetic preferences.



Vinyl sheet flooring will always be less expensive when comparing prices. Since sheet vinyl is manufactured in large quantities, precision cutting is not necessary.


What are the drawbacks of vinyl flooring?

Below we share some drawbacks of Costco Vinyl Plank Flooring

Can’t Be Finished Again

Vinyl flooring cannot be repaired since it has just one wear layer above the design layer. When a floor breaks, it needs to be either fixed entirely or the damaged areas need to be replaced. This is particularly valid for vinyl sheets or low-grade vinyl.


UV damage and discoloration are potential risks for vinyl plank flooring.

Sun exposure is the first drawback of vinyl plank flooring that we want to discuss. In essence, some vinyl plank varieties require vampire-like treatment.

But don’t cover them in garlic paste! We simply mean that certain things may deteriorate over time if exposed to strong sunlight.


Despite its durability, the vinyl plank can dent.

Overall, vinyl flooring is incredibly resilient. But you already knew that!

Sadly, vinyl plank does have a significant weakness: if a heavy object strikes it sharply enough to pierce the wear layer, the entire plank will be permanently damaged. Heavy furniture that spends much time on vinyl flooring may also fall into this category.


Hardwood Has a Higher Resale Value Than Vinyl Planks

It’s crucial to remember that several variables affect how a home’s resale value is determined. Additionally, vinyl plank increases resale value. However, it typically does not contribute as much value as solid wood.



For luxury planks or tiles, vinyl can range in price from $0.50 per square foot for a sheet to $5.00 per square foot. For decent vinyl, $2.50 to $5.00 would be a good ballpark estimate.

A high-quality, personalized floor will cost extra, as is the case with most types of flooring. Before settling on a choice, carefully examine the costs of high-quality vinyl and low-cost hardwood because, in some circumstances, they can be comparable.


Unfriendly to the environment

Vinyl floors have been known to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) after installation and are made using harmful chemicals (volatile organic compounds).

Off-gassed VOCs can hurt health, and they will be present at larger concentrations in an enclosed space, especially one without windows or ventilation. If this worries you, we suggest avoiding low-VOC vinyl flooring and choosing a low-VOC floor.


Care and Maintenance

Vinyl flooring, especially high-quality vinyl flooring, is easy to maintain. Depending on your wear layer, your floor has likely undergone a surface treatment (exclusive to the manufacturer) that helps make it more resistant to stains and scratches.

Your floor can usually be kept clean with just a vacuum, a quick sweep, and a damp mop, and you can easily make your own gentle cleaning solution rather than buy one. Typical floor maintenance procedures include wiping up spills and stains, using rugs and mats, covering furniture legs with protective padding, etc.


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