Does Arby’s Accept Apple Pay in 2024

Arby’s is a famous fast-food restaurant change in the United States.

This restaurant company is a subsidiary company of Inspire Brands.

It has more than 3400 restaurants spread all over the United States.

And not only that, Arby’s has restaurants available in Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Mexico, and Turkey.

So as you can understand it’s a worldwide business.

Now Arby’s even has flexible payment options for customers and especially the most demanding of them, which is Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is an NFC payment method introduced by the Apple company.

It’s not like nobody knows about it, but still, it’s important information for new users.

This payment method was first established in 2014, and its demand has increased immediately.

Therefore as you can use Apple Pay at Arby’s, there are no maybe things that you should know about.



Does Arby’s Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Arby’s do take Apple Pay as their payment option.

Arby’s is the appropriate place to have something tasty and crunchy for a busy day.

At Arby’s, you can try fast food, salads, etc.

And as Arby’s is quite famous, they look after customer satisfaction seriously.

Hence apart from their fast food services at the restaurant, you can now also use Apple Pay for your meal.

Not only that, for online, through the app, and any kind of purchase, you can easily utilize the services of Apple Pay at Arby’s.


What are the other alternative payment options you can use at Arby’s?

Arby's Alternative Payment Options

Arby’s is a great fast food corner where you can visit with friends.

Also, have a fabulous time with them. But at the time of payment, many customers face difficulties when they don’t have Apple Pay.

Therefore apart from Apple Pay at Arby’s, there are many other payment options available that customers can use whenever they want. So those are,

● MasterCard

● Visa 

● American Express

● Discover

● Google Pay

● Arby’s gift card

● Cash 



Do I get any Discounts if I use Apple Pay at Arby’s?

At Arby’s, if you want to purchase any food using Apple Pay, you can easily do that and get rewards.

By using Apple Pay at Arby’s restaurant, you will usually receive a kind of discount coupon or reward that you can use for your next purchase.

So if you have these coupons with you, you can get proper discounts on your website order. 

But if you need a fixed discount system, Apple has that too.

With an Apple Pay card, you can get 3% cashback with every purchase at Arby’s.

So it doesn’t matter how often you use your Apple Pay card at Arby’s or what the bill amount is; you’ll always get 3% cashback on your total bill amount.

It’s a great way to have delicious food and save money simultaneously.


Can I use Apple Pay for Arby’s delivery orders?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay for Arby’s online orders.

Arby’s restaurant has access or a feature where you can add your Apple pay payment option to the Arby’s app.

Then through this, you can pay for your food for online delivery or use Apple Pay through the Arby’s app to pay for your meal at the restaurant.

So you can use Apple Pay in different ways at Arby’s.


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