Does Target Replace Watch Batteries in 2024?

This article is regarding the question “Does Target Replace Watch Batteries.”

These days watch is more than a timepiece but a fashion accessory reflecting a person’s swag, style, and attitude.

For trending watches, Target is the new go-to place to enhance the style and amplify personalities with a watch of your choice.

At Target’s glittering interiors, you will see watches displayed in all shapes, brands, sizes, and colors, and they come in pricey, affordable, and functional categories.



Does Target Replace Watch Batteries?

Of late, Target has stopped replacing watch batteries.

It only sells watch batteries.

A jewelry store or watch store is the best place to replace a battery. 

Also, there are many malls operating watch repair kiosks where the replacement of batteries will be easy and professional. 

Target, in the past, used to replace watch batteries, and the kit had tools addressing 99 percent of watches barring some super-end watches. 

One reason, Target found the replacement business unwieldy was that some customers had been persistent in complaining that they suffered scratches on their watches. Many exaggerated complaints were also there. 

So, to salvage the reputation, Target called off the watch battery replacement wing.

The changed policy meant that it would only work on watches in the store and offer a direct replacement if damaged by any employee while working on the watch. 


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What stores replace Watch Batteries?

Does Target Replace Watch Batteries

There are many watch battery replacement places, such as department stores like JC Penney and Macy’s, jewelry stores like Kay Jewelers and Zales, and specialty stores like Battery Plus Bulbs and Fast-Fix Jewelry and watch repairs. 

Many online options also exist for replacing a watch battery where a customer can mail the watch.

A case in point is the Jewelry Center.

You can find so many stores to replace watch batteries in-store, while others ship them offsite to replace the battery. If a store seeks to ship the watch, the service time will prolong compared to an in-store battery replacement.

Watch battery replacement costs range from $10 to $50 and more.

Some of the watch battery changing centers are jewelry stores, department stores, and specialty stores.

Regarding specific names, Ashcroft & Oak/Rogers & Holland jewelry stores are in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

The store has seamless watch battery replacements. But the watch must have been purchased from Ashcroft & Oak or Rogers & Holland.

The cost is around $50, and the service time is two weeks. 


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Does Target sell Watches?

Target is more than a place to get trendy Black Friday deals. The erstwhile big box store has amazing deals on everything, including the wrist wears, mostly under $100, and is on-point. Here are the top-selling Target watches.

  • Timex Expedition Chronograph watch
  • Disney Mickey Mouse watch
  • Casio Solar Sport watch
  • Goodfellow & Co. Silver watch
  • Timex Expedition Scout watch
  • Casio Super Easy Reader watch


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What is the Price Range of Target Watches?

The average price range is below $100, and there is a vast portfolio to choose from that will match all occasions. 


Does Target Sell Watch Batteries?

Does Target Replace Watch Batteries

As of 2022, Target no longer changes batteries in-store, but you can buy batteries.

However, if any trouble is reported with the battery on one of their watches, they will help. 

Retailers like JCPenney, Zale, and Sterling Jewelers provide watch battery replacements on-site.


Are Target Watches Good?

Target‘s Goodfellow & Co has some cool watches and is part of the trending collections of all segments of buyers. Yes, they are quite good.


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What is the average cost to replace a watch battery?

Batteries mainly cost between $ 2 and $6, but the devil is in the details.

There must be professional competency in opening a watch case. If a watch does not need a special tool to open a common-size battery, buy it on eBay and personally do it.

All watch batteries are not uniform.

There are two types, silver oxide batteries of 1.55 volts and lithium batteries of 3.0 volts. Retailers and jewelers stock some 50 plus different sizes of these variants.  

Every watch takes a specific type of battery, and no interchanging is possible. 

If a passion is there to keep the watch safe and retain the waterproofing integrity, go to a jeweler’s shop to insert a new battery for $6.

They will work scrupulously clean and avoid bare fingers. YouTube videos give ample guidance in this regard.

If it is a luxury class of watch, use an authorized dealer’s service, but a bill can be $ 75 depending on the model and availability.

Brands like Seiko have spares and parts readily available.


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Important tips on battery replacement

Getting inside the watch is a challenge unless it is a qualified professional or watchmaker who can ensure zero damage to the case or other delicate parts.

Use the right battery and brand. Remove the watch’s back cover, use tweezers to take out the dead battery, and look for an engraving with numbers and letters.

All batteries have a code called as International Electrotechnical Commission code.

Battery makers like Maxell, Sony, Murata, Panasonic, Toshiba, Energizer, Rayovac, and Renata sell compatible batteries.

Many other manufacturers have their own SR626SW battery versions, such as Citizen, Duracell, Seiko, Timex, Varta, etc.

Determine the type of battery and replace it with the same or compatible versions.


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