Dollar General Dress Code in 2024 (UPDATED)

Here we share full detailed information on Dollar General Dress Code.

For affordable shopping of groceries, clothing, home decor, and other household items, Dollar General is the best location. 

It is a variety store chain spread throughout the United States and Mexico.

Currently, Dollar General has more than 19,410 stores in different US and MX places. 

Even though Dollar General has adopted automation, running a company is impossible without humans.

That’s why thousands of employees work at Dollar General every day. 

Now, the employees who will join Dollar General or work at DG stores know that the Dress code is very important.

That’s why this article properly explains Dollar General’s dress code. 



What is the Dollar General Dress Code?

What is the Dollar General Dress Code

The DG stores are available all over the US, and the number of the stores is in Thousands.

And in all the stores, the dress code is the same and simple.

Employees must wear a black shirt, pants, a belt, proper shoes, and the Dollar General name badge at Dollar General.

For both male and female employees, the dress code is the same. 

Also, the same dress code is being followed for the cashier and managers.

Now, based on different stores and locations, there can be some slight changes. 


Does Dollar General provide its uniform for free?

At Dollar General, the employees must wear proper uniforms.

That’s why employees have to wear black shirts and suitable bottoms.

However, Dollar General does have uniforms available for the employees, which are black Dollar General logos and Polo shirts.

In many Dollar General stores, wearing the Dollar General logoed uniform is necessary.

So, in that case, the employees have to pay for the uniform, as it is not free of cost.

Besides that, the dollar general employees must choose the bottom to wear from their wardrobe.

In many stores, purchasing the uniform is not that necessary, and in that case, the employees can also wear black shirts from their clothing collection. 


Do employees have to wear shirts while working at Dollar General?

Do employees have to wear shirts while working at Dollar General

Yes, wearing a collared shirt is very important for Dollar General employees.

Employees can purchase the black Dollar General logoed Polo shirt from the stores the employees want.

While working, the employees must wear black shirts.

Therefore, if the employee doesn’t want to wear the Dollar General logos Polo shirt, they must wear a black full or half-sleeved shirt or a Black Polo shirt. 

While working, wearing t-shirts, sweatshirt, and tank tops are not allowed.

The Dollar General employees must look as professional as possible in business casual attire.


During winter, are the Dollar General employees are allowed to wear sweaters?

No, during winter, employees at Dollar General are not allowed to wear a sweater or jacket over the black uniform.

During work hours, it is important for the DG employees that they wear a black shirt or Polo.

So wearing colorful jackets or sweaters is not allowed.

But if the employees want, then they can wear a turtleneck or pullover under the shirt.

And if, as an employee, anyone wants to wear a sweater or jacket while working, they must get permission from the Dollar General management.

If the management is generous enough, they might allow a black sweater or black jacket with no hoodie. 


Are employees allowed to wear jeans at Dollar General?

Are employees allowed to wear jeans at Dollar General

Yes, employees are allowed to wear jeans at Dollar General.

There, employees can wear both black and blue jeans shades, which is one of the best facilities available to the employees of Dollar General.

Jeans are very much accessible as almost everyone has them.

At Dollar General, employees of all positions and store departments wearing jeans are allowed. 

However, the jeans must be plain and should not have rips or tears available.

Wearing ripped or designed jeans is unprofessional, so Dollar General management won’t allow it.

Besides jeans, if the employees want to wear something else, they can wear Khaki slacks, chinos, etc. 


Are leggings allowed at Dollar General?

No leggings are not allowed at Dollar General, and the employees must avoid wearing them.

Besides that, yoga pants, shorts, sweatpants, joggers, etc., are also not allowed at the DG stores.

These bottoms are too much body-hugging and don’t look appropriate for professional work. 

While walking too long, short, tight, or loose bottoms are not allowed.

That bottom wear has to be of the perfect fit, not too tight or loose.

Only then the bottom will be appropriate for the job.

Therefore, the employees at Dollar General can wear black bottoms, like khaki, chino, and slacks. 


Are Dollar General employees allowed to wear skirts?

Are Dollar General employees allowed to wear skirts

No, normally, in Dollar General, wearing skirts is not allowed.

As the bottom wears, the employees are asked to wear black pants while working.

At DG stores, skirts and shorts used to be allowed.

Now, after the changes in the dress code, wearing pants has become a must.

However, if any employee wants to wear a knee-length skirt while working at DG stores, they should discuss it with the management of the Dollar General store. 


Are the employees allowed to wear sneakers at Dollar General?

Yes, at Dollar General, employees are allowed to wear sneakers.

Sneakers are known as comfort shoes, and people love to wear their sneakers in different places.

Hence, employees can wear sneakers at DG stores at Dollar General. 

Besides that, if the employee wants, they can wear other closed-toe shoes like loafers, boots, converse, monk, pump shoes, etc.

Also, the employees must check that the footwear is slip-resistant.

While working and carrying items, slippery shoes can be very dangerous. 


Can Dollar General employees wear Sandals?

No employees are not allowed to wear sandals at Dollar General.

Sandals are very comfortable, breathable, and easy to move, but the employees have to wear something with a closed toe.

By wearing closed-toe shoes, the feet stay safe while carrying heavy items.

Also, sandals are not that slip-resistant; hence, no sandals or Crocs are allowed.

Not only that, footwear like slippers and flip-flops are prohibited as well.


Are hats or caps allowed at Dollar General?

Are hats or caps allowed at Dollar General

It depends on Dollar General store management if you want to wear a hat or cap while working at Dollar General.

In most cases, employees are not allowed to wear hats or caps at the store, as it’s considered unprofessional. 

On the other hand, Dollar General Stores allows its employees to wear baseball caps or hats only on one condition: that the face can’t get blocked by the cap or hat.

So, if you want to wear a baseball cap during work hours at Dollar General, you must discuss it with the store management team. 

However, many employees at Dollar General wear headgear for religious or medical reasons.

Acknowledging the individuality and situation of the employee, they are allowed to wear the headgear while working at the store.


Are accessories allowed at Dollar General?

Employees can wear basic to mild accessories when working at Dollar General.

That means if the employee wants to wear a belt or a watch at the store, they are free to do it.

Dollar General has no issue with the necessary accessories, but that doesn’t mean carrying a handbag or side bag is allowed.

About the jewelry, at Dollar General, during work hours, employees are allowed to wear basic jewelry such as small necklaces, wedding bands, etc.

It will be better for the employees to avoid wearing bracelets at Dollar General Store.

Also, the employees are prohibited from wearing junk jewelry, a black choker, or loud accessories. 


Are piercings allowed at Dollar General for employees?

Dollar General employees don’t need to remove their piercing jewelry during work hours.

At DG stores, employees are allowed to wear piercings.

Even though the management has no issue with ear piercings, there are some rules regarding facial piercing. 

Those with facial piercings can wear small studs or rings, but too many jewelers are prohibited. 

So the employees can wear a nose pin, a hoop at the eyebrow, etc.

The store management wants employees to look as simple and professional as possible, so excessive jewelry is prohibited.


Can Employees have colored hair at Dollar General?

Well, dyed hair is allowed at Dollar General for the employees, but it’s a bit complicated.

If an employee has permanently colored hair, then it’s not that problematic, but the thing is, Dollar General prefers employees with natural hair shade or dyed hair in a dark tone. 

But if the color is too bright, like neon, red, green, etc, in that case, getting a job at Dollar General can be difficult.

The bright hair color of the employee can cause distraction, and DG stores don’t consider it professional.

However, the management had no problem with the bright-colored hair in some Dollar General Stores.

So, till the hair is perfectly groomed, the management won’t say anything.


Is Personal grooming required for employees at Dollar General?

Dollar General male employees are allowed to have a beard, and the female employees can keep their hair loose.

But in both cases, the employees must have perfectly groomed themselves even though Dollar General prefers its employees to tie their hair.

Still, If the employee thinks of keeping them open, the hair must be perfectly formed and set, as messy hair is not allowed while working.

And the facial hair has to be perfectly trimmed and well-maintained. 


What is the dress code for tattoos at Dollar General?

Yes, tattoos are fine at Dollar General.

If the employee has tattoos on their hands or necks, then DG stores generally allow it.

But sometimes, if any dollar general management has problems, they might ask the employees to wear full-sleeved shirts.

And for employees working at the warehouse, wearing full sleeves isn’t necessary for them.  

If the employee has a facial tattoo, in that case, it depends on the Dollar General management team.

Small facial tattoos probably won’t be an issue, but it’s better to discuss it with the store management.

However, employees with offensive words or designs on their hands, neck, or facial area are prohibited.

Because DG stores won’t tolerate any unnecessary destruction or an offered customer, so, for them, getting a job at Dollar General can be difficult. 


Are long nails or nail paints allowed at Dollar General?

At the DG stores, employees can have long nails, acrylic nail paint, etc.

However, long nails can cause problems and distract employees from working effectively.

Also, long nails, especially fake ones, tend to break while carrying heavy items, which can be risky.

So, even though the employees are free to have long nails, they must be of a length that is comfortable to work with.


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