What Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay? (Top 10)

In our regular hectic routine, thinking of a life without a vehicle is next to impossible.

No matter which vehicle it is, a car, bike, truck, etc., fuel is necessary for every land transport method.

We can’t use our vehicles without fuel, and without gas stations, we can’t get fuel.

So, everything is interlinked, but the actual concern is the gas stations and their payment methods.

Solve the first issue, there are so many gas stations available All around The United States, so finding one won’t be difficult.

But in most cases, payment methods became an issue. Even though most gas stations accept cash, debit, or credit card, customers still don’t have access to them all the time.

That’s when the NFC payment system came in handy. Customers can pay for fuel for their vehicles without hustling through NFC payment, such as Apple Pay.

This article could be about any contactless payment methods. But Apple Pay is the center of all the NFC payment systems in the United States, and people always want to know about it.

The Apple Pay app came into the business almost nine years back, and now people can’t think about any other contactless payment system.

Its convenience and security are something that no other Payment method can break that easily.

So now, you have some idea about Apple Pay and its demand. So to make the process easier for the customers, we will discuss the gas stations that accept Apple Pay in this article.



Top Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay

Top Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay

Below we share Top Gas Stations that accept Apple Pay

1〉 Costco Gas stations

Well, Costco is mostly known for its wholesale market. You can purchase interesting food items like chicken, beef, etc., groceries for your home, and gas from the Costco gas station.

Now the Costco company has been in the market since 1983. It has around 850 stores worldwide; among them, 585 are in the United States, including the gas station. 

And at the Costco gas station, Costco accepts Apple Pay as a payment method to fulfill customers’ demands and make the service easier.

The Costco gas stations open around 5 am and close around 9 pm on weekdays. And on weekends it stays open from 7 am to 9 pm.

So if you need to refill your vehicle’s gasoline before you hit the road, you can visit Costco during the opening hours and pay for it using Apple Pay.

But you must know that to use Apple Pay at the Costco gas station, you have to be a member of Costco. 



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2〉 7-eleven 

In all corners of the world, 7/11 has stores available. But still, for those who don’t know, 7-eleven is a multinational retail store chain.

This company was first established in 1927, and now, after almost 100 years, 7-eleven has more than 78,000 stores available worldwide.

And alone in the United States, 7/11 has around 9,500 stores, including gas stations.

So you can understand how famous 7/11 is. And being such a huge company, they must consider their customers’ requirements.

Hence, all 7/11 stores and gas stations in the United States accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

The demand for 7/11 stores never faded away, and access to Apple Pay also helped the store to fulfill customers’ demands.

But when paying for your fuel at 7-eleven, remember that you can only use the Apple Pay app at the store.

So if you want fuel for your vehicle, you must first pay for it at the store inside.

And then, outside at the gas station, you can fill your vehicle’s tank.

But there is no way you can use the Apple Pay app directly at the 7-eleven gas station. But it won’t be an issue as most of the 7-eleven stores are open for 24 hours.


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For places like California, Washington, Nevada, etc., of the United States, ARCO is one of the most preferred gas stations for filling the tank of your vehicle.

Currently, around 1600 ARCO gas stations are available in around 17 states of the United States. So, the ARCO gas stations are always in demand.

The ARCO company first came into the market in 1966, but then it wasn’t a big company, but now this petroleum company has improved itself for good.

And as an example of the improvement, ARCO accepts Apple Pay at all their gas stations. 

For the last few years, ARCO has accepted Apple Pay as a payment method to make the payment method easier for the customer.

Paying for fuel at ARCO would always be helpful, no matter wherever you go. But even after all the good things, there is a problem; any ARCO store doesn’t accept credit cards, only debit cards.

So even if you try to use Apple Pay, which is linked with a credit card, it won’t work. You must connect your Apple Pay app with a debit card to use at the ARCO gas stations.


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4〉 Circle K

Who doesn’t know Circle K? It is one of the most serving convenience store chains in Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc.

And currently, around 6700 Circle K stores, including gas stations, are available in the United States.

So if you need to purchase groceries and fill your vehicle’s fuel on your way out, Circle K is the best option.

Also, as this retail store has been in the market for more than 70, they have a very clear idea about how to satisfy their customers.

And one of that ways is that Circle K stores and gas stations accept Apple Pay as their payment system.

If you don’t have enough cash for fuel after shopping for your groceries or snacks for the road journey, you can easily pay for it using your Apple Pay app.

And as most of the Circle K gas stations stay open for 24 hours, using Apple Pay for payment won’t be an issue.



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5〉 Chevron

Chevron is a great place if you are looking for grocery shopping, cooked food, car wash services, and filling your vehicle’s tank at the same place.

Not all Chevron stores indeed have access to all these features. But many of their stores provide these services at the same place.

But Chevron is mostly known for its oil business. This company was founded in 1879, and after that, it has undergone many changes.

And now, the United States has around 7,000 gas stations. Chevron is one of the most used gas station chains in the US.

And for this reason, the vehicle always surrounds the gas station. In that case, to make the payment system faster, providing Apple Pay as a payment method because quite important.

Chevron is very dedicated to its oil business, and providing fast and convenient services at the gas stations is a very important task.

Now to pay for your fuel or snacks, you can easily pay for it using Apple Pay if you don’t want to use or have the Chevron app. 


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6〉 Casey’s General Store

Casey’s General Store is a well-known convenience store in the Midwestern and Southern United States.

Currently, Casey’s has around 2,200 stores and gas stations in 16 states, including Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

And even though it has been in the market for more than 55 years. But still, it has started adopting modern payment systems quite recently. As of 2021, Casey’s started to accept Apple Pay at their stores and gas stations. 

You can see that many of Casey’s general stores and gas stations are available in many places in the United States.

And there, along with grocery food and coffee, you can also get fuel for your vehicle.

And to make the payment method easier for customers now, Casey’s also accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

At most places, Casey’s gas stations open around 5 am. So if you need fuel for your car, you can easily visit the gas station after 5 am and till 10 pm.


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7〉 Speedway 

We read about 7/11 before, and the Speedway company is a retail store operated by 7/11.

Speedway is quite popular for its good quality convenience stores and gas stations. And because of its reputation, the speedway stores are increasing time in the United States.

And currently, the US Speedway has around 3,300 stores in 36 states and territories.

Now when they are making their name in the market, they must provide proper customer service satisfaction.

Because of that, to improve the customer experience, Speedway uses Apple Pay at their gas stations.

Access to Apple Pay at all the Speedway gas stations is great.

And at any of the stores or pumps, using Apple Pay won’t cause a problematic situation, as they are open 24 hours.

So if you face any problem using Apple Pay for fuel, you can ask any employee for help. 


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8〉 Meijer Gas Stations 

Well, no one doesn’t know about Meijer. And especially people around Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Ohio.

The company Meijer was first established in 1935. and currently has over 550 stores and gas stations in the United States.

At Meijer, you can purchase any groceries of your choice and easily access the gas station.

And with their years of experience, they have learned how to satisfy the customers.

And that’s why you can use Apple to pay for the fuel at most of the Meijer Gas stations.

Access to Apple Pay at the Meijer store and gas stations is big. For those who live near Meijer for them, Meijer is the major spot to purchase most things.

And it has gas stations, so it never requires those people to go elsewhere. And as the Meijer is open for 24 hours, it is a great advantage.

But there is a problem that not all Meijer gas stations accept Apple Pay as a payment system.

So to know about the Meijer gas stations that accept Apple Pay, you can contact customer service.


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9〉 Citgo 

Citgo gas stations are the gas station chain that represents the digitalized world.

Citgo is a gas and petroleum company that handles the transportation of fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals, and other industrial items.

The company was first established in 1910. With so many years of experience, Citgo has 4,400 gas stations in 30 states of the United States.

And it’s increasing day by day. And they didn’t stop at that; they also went beyond that to provide the customers with the best services. Hence, at all Citgo gas stations, you can use Apple Pay.

You can pay for the fuel at Citgo gas stations with one click. The Apple Pay payment system is so simple at Citgo that it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to pay.

And apart from Apple Pay, you can simply pay your gas price at Citgo using Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant. So as you can see, the fuel payment methods at Citgo are as simple as nothing.


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10〉 Wawa 

Finally, let’s talk about Wawa gas stations. Wawa is an American retail and gas station chain. And this company mostly provides its services on the United States East Coast.

You’ll notice many Wawa stores and gas stations in New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc.

And currently, they have around 1000 stores and gas stations available in these areas of the United States.

This company was established in 1964, and even though that’s not a huge time, they still learned from their share of experiences.

And they also provide access to Apple Pay at their gas stations and stores.

Well, you don’t know Wawa is a self-serve gas station service. So you can’t wait for another employee to fill your vehicle’s gas.

So as it’s quite difficult to handle between your car and the pump, having access to Apple Pay at the gas station is like a blessing.

You can use Apple Pay outside the Wawa gas station to pay for your fuel. And if they don’t accept it outside the store, you can simply go inside, pay for the gas, and come outside.

The payment process at Wawa gas station is not at all complicated once you understand it. 


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