Grove Vet Clinic Liberty Address, Hours, Phone Number

Grove Vet Clinic is very proud to serve a wide range of quality pet care services to the Liberty IN area for everything equine related. Dr. Mike is run this veterinary clinic and he is an experienced liberty equine veterinarian. Their experienced team always educating their client on how to keep your horse healthy with the help of good nutrition and practice.



Grove Vet Clinic Liberty Address/ Hours

Grove Vet Clinic Liberty

The address is

1645 S US 27

Liberty, IN 47353

Phone Number- 765 732 3273

Fax Number- 765 458 6097

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday- Closed


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Grove Vet Clinic Services

Grove Vet Clinic Services

Their services include

Large and Small animal practice Digital X-rays
Ultrasound Equine Endoscopy
Large animal Surgeries

Small Animal Surgeries

Farm calls available for large animals

They treat the following Pets include



Farm Animals



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Grove Vet Clinic Doctors or Providers

Their doctors or providers include

Dr. Mike Johnston

In 1986, Dr. Mike completed his graduation from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. Since that time Mike is a mixed animal practice. Dr. Mike is a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, AVMA, IVMA. He lived with his family in Franklin County. In his free time, Dr. Mike loves to do Skiing and Visiting Parks.


Dr. Lisa Rudnick

In 2002, Dr. Lisa completed her graduation from Purdue University Veterinary School. She has more than 6 years of experience in Mixed animal practice. She loves to do fishing and traveling in her free time.



Since 2001 Marlyne work as a receptionist at this vet clinic. At her home, she has one German Shepherd name is Lacey. She really loves to travel the world and spending time with her family.



Since 2011, Pet work in the clinic as a receptionist. She has one German Shepherd name is Max and two cats name is BO & Mike. In her spare time pet love to enjoy gardening, reading.



Becky is a certified veterinary assistant. Since 2001 she works in this Clinic. Becky has one Australian Shepherd name is Luke. She really enjoys reading, gardening.



Since 2017, Morgan work in this clinic as a Veterinary Assistant.



Since 2016, Kaitlyn works in Grove Vet Clinic as a Veterinary Assistant.



Since 1982, dan work in this clinic as a Kennel and Barn Staff. He really enjoys spending time with animals.



Brooke is a certified veterinary assistant and associates with the clinic since 2014. She really loves animals and spending her time with dairy goats, dogs, and Cats.


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