How Long Does Stussy Take To Ship in 2024

Millions of people prefer wearing comfortable clothing, and if it’s stylish and comfortable at the same time, it’s hard to resist.

Stussy, where people can purchase caps, t-shirts, short pants hoodies for themselves and their family or friends.

It’s a private business that was first established in 1980.

With time the business is growing, and now there are more than 25 Stussy stores available worldwide; plus, they sell their products to two third-party stores as well.

But as many customers prefer online shopping over In-Store purchases, Stussy has brilliant shipping services.

So to know more about it, this article about Stussy shipping is here.



How Long Does Stussy Take To Ship?

The delivery of Stussy items takes around 3 to 7 business days to deliver its item in the United States. 

Stussy is the destination for your best shopping experience if you love comfortable and street fashion. 

At Stussy, you can purchase hoodies, t-shirt caps, etc. 

And Stussy’s choice of fashion is now the current trend in the market, so naturally, everyone wants to purchase Stussy items for themselves.

As a customer of Stussy, You can purchase any items on the website. 

And customers from international countries can also purchase Stussy items from the website. 

But the shipping charges and some rules are different for international shipping. 


What method did Stussy use to ship my order?

What method did Stussy use to ship my order

Well, to purchase any Stussy item from the website, the only shipping option customers will get is Standard shipping. 

Stussy’s standard shipping is quite fast, and with this shipping, you’ll get your order delivered within 3 to 7 business days. 

And another better way to receive your order on time is to order your Stussy items from Monday to Friday from the time 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. PST. 

This way, your Stussy order will start processing that same day, and you’ll get your Stussy product on time. 

And at Stussy, there is also Express shipping available. 

Still, customers from the US won’t get the chance to use it as Express shipping is only available for international customers so that they get their Stussy orders on time.


Does Stussy provide free shipping?

Yes, Stussy does provide free shipping for shopping through their website. 

When you love online shopping, a lot of your savings get invested in that.

But when you get free shipping for your online clothing Shopping, then it feels quite good.

That’s why customers at Stussy can easily take advantage of free shipping if they shop for over $200. 

And on the day of 6th October, if customers shop over $100 from the Stussy website, they are also eligible for free shipping. 

But if you feel like the billing amount for free shipping at Stussy is quite high, you can easily purchase what you need from the website and pay the existing shipping charges. 


What are Stussy Shipping & Handling Fees?

What are Stussy Shipping & Handling Fees

Well, as you know, at Stussy, you can only get to choose the standard shipping option. 

In many companies, the company provides free shipping charges for standard delivery, but at Stussy, you have to pay a very low shipping fee, which is $7. 

And if your Stussy billing amount is over $200, you can utilize free shipping. 

Apart from that, there isn’t any Stussy shipping or handling fee available that the customers have to pay. 

And if you want to purchase Stussy items from international addresses, you have to pay $20 for the DHL Express shipping services. 


How can I track my Stussy Order?

Online clothing shopping is the best way of purchasing interesting and quality items from different places.

At Stuff Stussy, customers can purchase comfortable and Stylish clothes.

But after ordering the items from the website, waiting for them is hard.

So that’s when tracking the Stussy order comes, Handy.

To take your Stussy order, you can do it from the Stussy website.

There you have to enter your Stussy order number.

You’ll get your order number after the Stussy order is processed and ready to ship.

And still, if you are having difficulties checking your order through the Stussy website, you can check your order location from the third-party tracking website.


Why Does Stussy Take so long to ship?

Why Does Stussy Take so long to ship

Even though you have to use standard shipping for your Stussy order, it still delivers the orders as soon as possible.

But still, a few customers delayed Stussy’s order delivery.

The main reason is when the customers order their items after 3:00 p.m.

In that case, their Stussy orders move to the next business day, which is Monday.

So this way, the order can take seven days or more to deliver.

Apart from that, if there is any weather condition or a national holiday, then there is a chance that your Stussy order will get delayed.

Also, during the festivals, Stussy sometimes couldn’t fulfill the shipping orders on time because of high demand.

So because of these reasons, customers of Stussy experience late delivery of their orders.


Can I order stock items from Stussy?

Yes, you can order Stussy out-of-stock items after they get restocked.

But the chances of restoring the items are quite low.

On the website, you will notice all the items available in stock.

But if any of your wish-listed items get out of stock, you can’t see that on the Stussy website anymore.

So still, if you want to purchase that clothing from the Stussy website, you must sign up for the back-in-stock notification from the product details.

But this feature is not available for all the out-of-stock Stussy items.


Does Stussy Deliver their item to PO Box or military addresses?

Unfortunately, there isn’t proper information regarding whether Stussy delivers their item to military addresses.

Apart from that, there is also known information about Stussy clothing delivery at PO boxes or noncontagious locations in the US.

So to get any information about this, you can contact the Stussy customer service number or through the website. 


How long does Stussy Take to ship Internationally?

Stussy clothing items are so interesting that customers from around the world also want to purchase them.

That’s why to satisfy the customers, Stussy delivers their items all over the world in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, Taiwan, Turkey, South Africa, Vietnam, etc.

As you can see that at many major locations, Stussy delivers their item. 

Now the thing is, the delivery of Stussy items internationally can take 1 to 3 weeks to deliver.

The delivery time mainly depends on the location of the address.

As all international orders are sent from the US via DHL Express, the customers don’t have to wait so long for their Stussy order.

But no matter the location, the customers must pay a $20 shipping charge for international delivery.

Plus, if the particular country requires any other fee or duties, the customer must pay for it.

Still, you can contact Stussy through [email protected] if you are facing any issues. 


Can you cancel your Stussy order after it is shipped?

Canceling your Stussy order after shipping is quite difficult.

If you want to cancel your order, contact customer support using your order number and email address.

But you better do it during the processing period of the Stussy product. 

But there are times, such as in the peak period or over the weekend, if you want to cancel your order, you can, but it is not guaranteed.

And as a customer, if anyone abuses the service of cancellation at the Stussy website, they are suspended from any future cancellation of Stussy items.



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