How long Does Loungefly Take To Ship in 2024

Loungefly is gaining popularity day by day, and if you came to know about this brand quite recently, there are many things you must know.

Loungefly is a backpack brand owned by Funko.

And at the Loungefly website, you can purchase backpacks and many other interesting items such as wallets, wristlets, fanny packs, crossbody purses, full-size purses, etc.

So now you know about the Loungefly brand and want to purchase their item.

Hence there are many things about their Shipping services that you must know.

And that’s why this article about Loungefly shipping is here to help you.



How Long Does Loungefly Take To Ship?

If you order your favorite backpack at Loungefly, then in the United States, Loungefly will deliver the item within ten business days and an extra 2 to 4 days for processing. 

Loungefly is a part of the Funko company.

And at the Loungefly website, you can purchase backpacks of various designs. 

If you are a Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, or Mickey Mouse fan, you can get all types of backpacks, handbags, etc., from that place. 

Because of these products, Loungefly has huge demand among customers.

And it allows the Loungefly company to improve its shipping services from time to time to satisfy the customers.

In the United States, Loungefly uses the UPS delivery service to deliver their item.

And their shipping services are available from Monday to Friday. 

So it is better to avoid the weekends to order your Loungefly item.

Besides the United States domestic locations, Loungefly also delivers its items to non-contiguous and insular areas of the United States, such as Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. 

But in these locations, it takes more than ten days to deliver the order. 


What method did Loungefly use to ship my order?

What method did Loungefly use to ship my order

Customers fell in love with the Loungefly items quickly, and people started building their backpack collection from Loungefly. 

This company quite recently started its backpack business in full-fledged; because of this, at Loungefly only shipping method available is standard shipping. 

You will get your Loungefly delivery via UPS SurePost, UPS Mail Innovations, or UPS Ground based on the order size and weight. 

So, if you want to purchase your favorite Spiderman backpack from Loungefly before a holiday, ordering it before 12 to 15 days is better.  


Does Loungefly provide free shipping?

Yes, Loungefly has the facility of free shipping on its website.

It’s quite nice that when you purchase a backpack from the Loungefly website, it’s like a unique set of collection. 

So, spending more on Loungefly times doesn’t feel like a waste.

But still, to satisfy the customers, if you shop at Loungefly for more than $50, you are eligible for free shipping. 

But unfortunately, this facility is only available in the United States’ contiguous 48 states.

So apart from that, this Loungefly free shipping feature isn’t available at any other locations. 


What are Loungefly Shipping & Handling Fees?

What are Loungefly Shipping & Handling Fees

Loungefly is a perfect destination to purchase good quality themed backpack handbags etc., at a low cost.

And because of these amazing items, you have to pay a shipping fee whenever you try to order anything from Loungefly. 

Well, at Loungefly, the only shipping method available is standard shipping. 

And for standard shipping, customers must pay $6.95 per order in all 48 US domestic locations.

But in Loungefly, there is also a free shipping option available. 

And in US territories, non-contiguous and insular areas, like Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc., the customers have to pay $14.95 for each delivery. 


How can I track my Loungefly Order?

After ordering your favorite Loungefly item, you must wait patiently for your order to arrive. 

But even though you know your Loungefly order will arrive sooner or later. 

Still, the waiting is difficult. So, that’s when you should track your Loungefly order

So to track your Loungefly order, it is very simple if you have a Loungefly account.

Open the Loungefly website on your device and log in to your Loungefly profile.

After that, you can navigate your Loungefly order progress through your account’s order history.

And if you don’t have an account and you are at the Loungefly website as a guest, even then, you can also easily track your order. 

So after your order process at the Fulfillment Center, you’ll receive a confirmation mail from Loungefly. 

Then in the mail, you’ll notice a Loungefly order number, among other shipping information. 

Now at the Loungefly website, use your order number, email address, and zip code to track the location of your Loungefly order.

So as you can understand, tracking your Loungefly on the website isn’t a big deal.


Why Does Loungefly Take so long to ship?

Why Does Loungefly Take so long to ship

Loungefly doesn’t take more than 10 to 15 business days to deliver your order.

And as they use UPS as their shipping service company, the chances of late delivery are very low. 

But in special circumstances such as conventions, sales, national holidays, weather issues, etc., due to these, the shipment gets delayed. 

So, even after that, if you are facing an issue related to Loungefly, you must contact Loungefly customer service.


Can I order out-stock items from Loungefly?

The Feeling is quite annoying when you add a Loungefly item to your shopping cart, but the item goes out of stock before you can order it. 

And if any such thing ever happens to you, you can only wait for your wishlist item to get restocked.

Now when any Loungefly item is high in demand, it gets restocked quickly.

But for Loungefly exclusive backpacks, restocking is quite rare.

So you can either wait for your favorite Loungefly item to show up on the website or contact Loungefly customer service.


Does Loungefly provide shipping at Military addresses?

Yes, Loungefly does ship their items at the APO/FPO location. 

Loungefly cares about the US military, and because of this, they try hard to provide proper shipping services in these locations through UPS. 

At the Military addresses, you can order almost any Loungefly you want. 

But as Loungefly has to go through many regulations and formalities to ship their items to military addresses, the shipping fee is a little high which is $14.95.


Does Loungefly ship their order to a PO Box?

No, Loungefly doesn’t ship their items to PO boxes.

As Loungefly mainly deals with backpacks, and their items are quite big. 

This is not the only reason; Loungefly always tries to provide the best shipping service to its customers. 

And because of all these reasons, Shipping Loungefly at the PO box is unavailable. 


How long does Loungefly Take to ship Internationally?

Unfortunately, you can’t take advantage of Loungefly international shipping as it doesn’t exist. 

Loungefly product delivery is only available in the United States. 

In the future, Loungefly may have the services of international shipping.

 But Loungefly shipping is available in every part of the United States.


Can I change or cancel my Loungefly order?

Well, Loungefly works very quickly to deliver the order to the customers. 

So when you order a backpack from Loungefly then, after the order is placed, the item is almost immediately sent to the Fulfillment Center for processing. 

And when the item is under processing, then changing the shipping address, adding or removing the item, or any kind of change is not available. 

And when the Loungefly item is ready to ship after that, it’s impossible to cancel the order. 

So before ordering the Loungefly item, check thoroughly all the personal information you provided. 

And if you want to cancel the Loungefly order, then don’t wait for it for long.


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