How Much Does Starbucks Pay in 2024?

Starbucks is a well-known coffee shop that sells several other things and beverages.

Moreover, it is one of the best coffee centers globally, doing excellent business internationally.

But do you know that this amazing brand pays great packages to its employees?

It is not easy to assess accurately How Much Starbucks Pay.

However, by going through the trends, you can get some ideas.

Besides, the company never hesitates to provide immense benefits to all its employees.

You have some incredible advantages for working at Starbucks, from health insurance plans to paid leaves.



How Much Does Starbucks Pay?

This fact will surely be useful to anyone dreaming of joining the organization.

Different departments are there in Starbucks.

Hence, the salaries of all the employees do not fall within the same range.

For instance, the employees working as Barista get adequate training to serve the customers and receive a handsome salary package.

A few salary packages according to different positions are hereby given under.

Check this out if you are curious to know about the lifestyle of the employees working so dedicatedly at Starbucks.

· Barista: $15/hour

· Systems Analyst: $132,546 per annum

· Data Engineer: $128,612 per annum

· Baker: $19.87/hour

· Food Service Worker: $11.50/hour

· Café Assistant: $15.06/hour

· Manager: $22.43/hour

· Supervisor: $18.05/hour

A separate retail department is also there to ensure smooth daily operations at the shop. Here is the classification of the different salary ranges.

– Retail Assistant Manager: $18.26 per hour

– Cashier: $4.52 per hour

– Store Manager: $18.78 per hour

– Shop Assistant: $11.50per hour

– Opener: $11.39 per hour

– Customer Service Associate (Cashier): $13.86 per hour

– Assistant Store Manager: $18.72 per hour

– Cashier (Sales): $18.28 per hour

– Retail Assistant Manager: $18.26 per hour

– Team Supervisor: $15.32 per hour

– Customer Service Supervisor: $17.55 per hour

– Retail Customer Service Representative: $13.20 per hour

– Attendant: $9.75 per hour

– Customer Service Representative: $14.50 per hour

– Greeter: $11 per hour

However, the company gives the most promising amount to the IT and Software Department staff. A few instances are;-

– Data Engineer: $128,612 per annum

– Senior Application Developer: $131,524 per annum

– Application Developer: $157,250 per annum

– Engineering Program Manager: $95,000 per annum

– Technical Support Specialist: $82,966 per annum

– Software Test Engineer: $126, 008 per annum

Several other positions are also present here with multiple salary packages.

But these are only approximate figures subject to changes in company policies.


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What positions does Starbucks Pay the most?

How Much Does Starbucks Pay (What Position)

The average salary of Starbucks is higher than most of the other entities in the same industry.

However, a keen analysis of all the pay packages will make you understand that the highest-paying position in the company is Senior Software Engineer.

The average salary for the personnel working in this position is $140,705.

This is the present figure for the personnel with this job title.

However, it can get revised according to the company’s new policies.

Along with them, the higher slab of pay packages remains mainly with the Software Department people.

A Manager also earns handsome among the retail staff.


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How Much Does Starbucks Pay in Texas?

Starbucks has immense popularity in Texas.

Furthermore, several people are interested in becoming a part of this high-in-demand entity for multiple benefits and high pay.

Now, after knowing this, you must be curious about how much does Starbucks pay in Texas.

Here lies the answer which you are so eager to learn.

The salary packages differ as per the specific policies of the state or region where the shop is located.

Therefore, you will find a different pay package in California and Texas.

The average salary ranges in Texas are as follows;-

· Retail Assistant Manager: $13.10 per hour

· Barista: $13.22 per hour

· Supervisor: $11.64 per hour

· Store Manager: $61,617 per annum

· General Manager: $56,338 per annum

· Shift Leader: $12.39 per hour

· Assistant Store Manager: $21.92 per hour

If you observe the salaries mentioned previously, you will notice the differences between the prevalent rates in Texas and most other parts of the US.


How Much Does Starbucks Pay in New York?

How Much Does Starbucks Pay in New York

The salaries of most Starbucks employees in New York are almost similar, as mentioned above, for most US states.

However, the average payment rate per hour starts from $14 for the cashier. Moreover, for the Partner, it can go up to $122 per hour also.


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How Much Does Starbucks Pay for 16 Years old?

The payment for any 16-year-old employee of Starbucks depends on the state where the individual works. It is a fantastic organization for teens.

According to the Federal Law of the United States, any personnel must get $7.25 as the minimum wage for any organization. Starbucks maintains the law and pays higher amounts in several states.

For instance: in California, the wage rate is $13/hr, $12/hr in Arizona, $10.10/hr in Hawaii, $11/hr in Maryland, $10.19/hr in Alaska, $12.00/hr in Colorado, and so on.


How Much Does Starbucks Pay for Part-time Employees?

Generally, Starbucks’s part-time employees work as Customer Service Representative, Delivery boy, etc.

Starbucks usually pays around $14.64 per hour for part-time services.

However, this also depends upon the location of the stores.

Based on the cost of living, you will find that the payment in one state is much higher than in another in the United States.

The same logic is also applicable to Starbucks’s branches in other countries.


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How Much Does Starbucks Pay in Florida?

The starting salary of Starbucks Florida is $8.50 per hour and extends up to $16 per hour.

However, this low salary range is for the part-time Barista personnel like the supervisor, etc.

The payment of the Assistant Manager is around $51,027 per annum; that of the Assistant Store Manager is approximately $46,985 per annum.

The Shift Manager of Starbucks gets about $14.18 per hour in Florida.


Do Starbucks Get Paid Weekly?

Starbucks has a distinct policy of one-time payment every two weeks for the employees.

Thus, the organization practices a bi-weekly payment system by providing paychecks or direct bank transfers.

Monday is the starting point of the two weeks. It ends on the second Sunday.

So, you will not get weekly payments but bi-weekly checks.



The content concentrates entirely on how much does Starbucks pay.

Therefore, you are now well acquainted with the different pay packages for various job roles.

You can thus easily compare the figures with any competitor entity and decide whether to join the organization.