How To Cancel Order On Dunkin App? (2024)

In this article, we share many steps “How To Cancel Order On Dunkin App“.

Who doesn’t know about Dunkin Donuts?

It is one of the best and greatest destinations where people can try different desserts, especially doughnuts of different flavors.

That’s why people from different places in the US love to order doughnuts for themselves. 

However, after ordering something from Dunkin’, some situations occur, like going out, guests over, etc.; in such situations, there is no other option left besides canceling the order.

That’s why this article about Order Cancellation at Dunkin is here to guide the customer’s proper cancellation method. 



How To Cancel Order On Dunkin App?

The app is the most obvious and used method of canceling the Dunkin’ Donuts order.

It is a straightforward method of canceling the order. So, to cancel your Dunkin’ doughnut order through the app,

● Open the Dunkin’ app on your phone.

● Login to your Dunkin’ profile

● Then, at the left corner of the screen, you will notice the ‘Menu’ icon; click it.

● All the present and previously ordered food item lists will be available if they go to the ‘order details’ or ‘details’ option. 

● There, go to the current order you wanted to cancel.

● After that, click the cancel button visible on the order page.

● Then, within 2 to 3 minutes, the order cancellation is done. 



Can we cancel Dunkin’ orders through the website?

No services are available to customers to cancel their Dunkin’ orders through the website.

To cancel the order, the customer must log in to their Dunkin account, which is possible in the app.

So, it would be better for the customer to cancel that order directly through the app instead of looking for any other method.


How do you cancel the Dunkin’ order over the phone?

Well, if you ordered the Dunkin’ food item through the Dunkin’ phone number of a particular location, you can also use that phone number to cancel the Dunkin’ order.

No proper services are available to cancel the Dunkin’ order through the phone.

And if you have any difficulty with cancellation, only then can you call Dunkin’ customer service. So, to cancel your call by phone,

● Call your nearest Dunkin’ location on which you placed your Dunkin’ order.

● Then ask the staff if you want to cancel your Dunkin order

● After that, if your order is eligible for cancellation, then the employees will do it. 

And, to cancel your Dunkin’ order through customer service,

● First call at 800-859-5339 (this service is only available from Monday to Friday)

● Then, when a staff member picks up the phone, tell them you are having difficulty canceling the order.

● Then, provide the client with your order details and required personal information. 

● After that, they will cancel the order on your behalf and resolve the cancellation problem. 


How to cancel the Dunkin’ order in person?

Cancellation of a Dunkin’ order in person is only possible if you place the order in person at the store or call your nearest Dunkin’ Store.

And if you placed your dunkin’ order through the app, canceling it in person won’t be possible or available. So, to cancel your Dunkin’ order in person,

● Visit the nearest Dunkin’ Store

● They go to the cashier or any other employee and tell them that you want to cancel your Dunkin’ order

● If required, provide the order details

● Then, if your order is eligible, it will be canceled.


How to cancel the Dunkin’ order through a message?

Many people prefer chatting or messaging over any method of communication.

Because of this, people also try to cancel their Dunkin orders through messages.

But the problem is canceling the dunkin‘ order through the message is unavailable.

Therefore, canceling the order through the Dunkin app is the best option if anyone doesn’t want to communicate or physically can’t.

However, if there is any problem related to the cancellation or any person is having any kind of difficulties, those people can contact Dunkin’ customer service at +1-800-859-5339 or email [email protected] for guidance.

Through SMS, the customer can discuss their concern related to Dunkin with the customer service and management staff of Dunkin.


How do you cancel a Dunkin’ order from another online food delivery service?

So many third-party food delivery service platforms are available in the United States.

After and because of the subscription to those third-party food delivery services, many customers prefer to order Dunkin food items from third-party food delivery apps like Doordash, Uber Eats, etc. 

Now, to cancel the Dunkin order made in the third-party food delivery app, the customer has to cancel the order through that delivery service.

At that time, Dunkin was not responsible for cancellation. Then, it’s between the third-party food delivery apps like Doordash and the customers.      


How do you get a refund for the Dunkin’ order?

Everyone knows that Dunkin’ is a pretty big company, and its services are available in different places worldwide.

If any customer cancels the Dunkin order, then there is no doubt that the customer will receive the order refund in time.

So, to receive the refund, there are a few things that the customers should try. 

● Open the Dunkin’ app on a phone

● That your account is logged in 

● Go to the ‘menu’ icon; there, you will find the ‘Order History’ section

● Find and click the ‘More’ button in the order history section.

● After that, click on the order you want to get a refund and tap the ‘Click’ button.

● Then, enter the refund request page and choose why you want a refund.

● The comment section provides additional information if there is any.

● Then, when you are done providing all the necessary information, click ‘Submit.’

If this method is confusing and probability for the customer, in that case, we can try contacting Dunkin customer service at 

[email protected] or +1-800-859-5339.



Below we share some FAQs

How many days does it take to receive Dunkin’ a refund?

The customer will receive a Dunkin’ email confirmation after sending the refund request for the Dunkin’ order.

Then, within 2 to 7 business days, the refund of the canceled Dunkin’ order will be credited to the bank account.


Does Dunkin doesn’t accept customers’ order cancellations?

No, generally, Dunkin doesn’t deny canceling a Dunkin order.

If the management has some genuine reason for denying the order, they won’t accept the cancellation.

In such cases, to discuss the issue, the customers must contact Dunkin customer service at [email protected] or +1-800-859-5339


Does Dunkin provide refunds on bank accounts?

At the time of refund, if everything is fine, management will provide a refund through the used bank account.

Otherwise, the customers can get a refund as a gift card or Dunkin credit, which they can use later.


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