Lego Gift Card in 2024 (Where To Buy, How To Use)

In this article, we share detailed information on Lego Gift Card. Everyone loves Lego.

Lego is not only an obsession for kids but also for adults.

And as many special editions of Lego houses and models are available, it excited people to experiment with them.

So, things such as these gift cards are never a disappointment.

People can buy anything for themselves for their kids anytime they want, so it is a perfect gift for those who love Lego.



What is Lego Gift Card?

We all know why Lego is so famous among people; their attractive Lego models encourage people to explore their creativity; as Lego is so popular among users, they love to allow other Lego lovers to buy whatever Lego they don’t like.

So The Lego gift card is a physical or online form of gift card that anyone can use to purchase anything in the Lego Store or website and pay the amount of the products using the Lego gift card balance.

The gift card takes around 60 min to send an electric or online version of the gift card, and the plastic card will take approximately 4-7 business days to reach your location. 


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Where to buy Lego Gift Card?

Where to buy Lego Gift Card

Lego House gift cards are pretty popular. Hence they are not difficult to find.

If you want a Lego gift card, the easiest way is to buy from The Lego Store or the official Lego website.

You can choose an amount, design a gift card, and many other things.

The following way is to buy the Lego gift card from retail stores like Target, Tesco, etc., or from online websites like Amazon, gift card granny, etc.

But if you want to buy a Lego e-gift card, then the Lego website is where you should go. 


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How Does Lego Gift Card Work?

Well, there are two types of gift cards available: the plastic Lego gift card and the Lego e-gift card; you can use and reload them anytime you want.

And you are allowed to buy the gift cards only in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Denmark.

But if you purchase the Lego gift card from North America, then you can use that gift card only in the United States and Canada.

Apart from that, this gift card can be charged with a maximum balance of $500, and you can only use the gift card to buy Legos from the Lego Store or website.

Also, you can use three Lego gift cards on a single purchase, which makes it even easier to buy the Lego you constantly desire, but you must remember that you can’t use the Lego gift card in third-party stores. 


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How to check your Lego Gift Card Balance?

How to Check Lego Gift Card Balance

When someone gives you a Lego gift card, it is important to check the balance as it will make it simpler to determine which Lego to buy. So there are two ways available to check the balance of this card.

1. Using your smartphone or laptop, you can check your Lego gift card balance online.

Visit the Lego website and search for the option gift card or directly tap into the link and then fill in all the required information mentioned in your Lego gift card. 

2. The second way to find out about the gift card balance is to go to a Lego store and ask the customer service staff about the gift card balance. 


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How to use this Gift Card?

Using a Lego gift card is easy to work.

To use the gift card, you must wait until the end of your shopping in both online and offline methods.

After completing your shopping, In The Lego Store or website, go to the checkout process.

In the online process, when you are in the payment stage, click the option ‘pay with gift card’, enter the Lego gift card number and pin and the given space, then click to apply for the gift card, and the process is done.

In the offline method, give the Lego gift card to the cashier.

But if the product amount somehow exceeds the gift card balance, then no worries, you can pay the extra amount through transactions available in Lego stores and websites.


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Do Lego Gift Cards Expire?

Do Lego Gift Cards Expire

No, The Lego gift card never expires, whether it’s a plastic Lego gift card or a Lego e-gift card.

According to law, you can use the gift card as long as it has a balance available, or you can recharge This gift card and use it later.

But if the card is lost or stolen, you can’t claim anything from the Lego company.


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Can Lego Gift Cards be used Online?

Yes, you can use this gift card for online purchases.

Even though people love to buy Legos, it’s not possible for them to always go out and buy the specific edition of Legos they want.

So when you complete your shop on the Lego website, go to the payment process, select the option ‘gift card’ then put in the Lego gift card number and pin.

Then tap ‘Apply for gift card,’ and after the checkout, the amount will automatically be deducted from your gift card balance. 


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How do I redeem this Gift Card?

Redeeming the Lego gift card is easy. To do that, first, you need to select Everything you want to shop in the Lego Store or Lego website. 

To redeem the card online,

● First, add Everything you want to buy to the shopping bag.

● After selecting all the items, proceed to the checkout process.

● Then a new page will open where you have to select ‘the gift card option.

● Then, tap’ Apply for a gift card at the card numbers and pin.’

● Then the page will get refreshed to enter your purchase gift card amount automatically.


To redeem the card offline,

● Visit Lego Store 

● After shopping, give the gift card to the cashier 

● After scanning all your products during the payment process, the cashier will add your Lego gift card details

● And the amount will automatically be deducted from your gift card balance.


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