Subway Dress Code For Employee in 2024 (Detailed)

In this article, we share detailed information on the Subway Dress Code.

Subway has turned into one of the most popular and famous fast-food joints all over the world.

They are healthy and tasty, and everyone loves to have Subway meals for a fast snack with friends.

And currently, in the United States, there are more than 20,000 Subway restaurants available.

So, it’s not even a question that all these Subway locations naturally require multiple employees.

That’s why, before joining Subway as an employee, here are the dress codes that Subway employees have to know about.



What is the Subway Dress Code?

The Dress code at Subway is pretty simple; at the top wear, the employee has to wear a t-shirt or A polo, full-length pants, and after that, as part of the uniform, the employee at Subway has to wear an apron, visors, etc., it’s not that difficult to maintain the Subway dress code as its pretty relaxed.

And besides the dressing, the other part of the dress code, like hair color, nails, tattoos, etc., is very considerable. 

However, the clothing the employee will wear for work must be clean, pressed, and odor-free.

The subway employees must look as presentable and clean as possible. 


Does Subway Restaurant provide its uniform for free?

Subway Dress Code

Well, Subway does provide a great portion of the uniform to the Employees.

At Subway, the employee has to wear proper top and bottom wear and many other accessories, and Subway provides most of them.

When an employee joins Subway, the management will provide a Subway logoed bolo or t-shirt to the employee, and accessories like Subway issues visors, aprons, name badges, etc., will also be provided to the employees. 

Besides that, other clothing items like bottoms and shoes must be from the employee’s clothing collection.

And for the bottom wear and shoes, Subway is very flexible, so it won’t be a problem. 


Do employees have to wear shirts while working at Subway Restaurant?

Not wearing a shirt is not necessary at any Subway restaurant.

As the uniform, the survey management mostly provides green Polo shirts for the employees, and this is what the Subway employees have to wear while working.

Decides that many Subway locations provide black Subway logo t-shirts to the Employees. 

Therefore, it is pretty understandable that the uniform at Subway is very comfortable and easy to work with.

And if the management doesn’t ask for a Black full-sleeve shirt, then the subway employees don’t have to wear them.


During winter, are Subway Restaurant employees allowed to wear sweaters?

Subway Dress Code for sweater

If anyone feels cold on the subway, they are allowed to wear a jacket while working.

Subway restaurants are available all over the United States, and during the cold season, it gets difficult for the employees to work while having this much cold.

So if anyone wants to wear a jacket, they can, but it has to be solid colored, preferably black or gray.

And if the Subway logo of the uniform is showing, then even better. 

However, a few Subway restaurants don’t allow employees to wear any jacket or sweater while working.

So, in those locations, because of the strict management, employees have to wear undershirts below the subway t-shirt or polo shirts during work hours instead of wearing a jacket. 


Are employees allowed to wear jeans at Subway restaurants?

Yes, employees are allowed to wear Black or blue jeans while working at the Subway restaurant.

However, this facility isn’t available at all the Subway locations.

In most places, the subway employees are asked to wear black or khaki full-length pants.

Now, the thing is, jeans are very comfortable, and for subway employees, they’re a preferred bottom-wear option.

That’s why, at many subway places, the employees are allowed to wear jeans, and in other restaurants, pants are the only option. 

However, employees at Subway should never wear jeans that are ripped, torn, or worn out.

A Subway restaurant is a workplace for the employees, and they should dress as presentable as possible.

Therefore, the employee should wear no designer, casual, odd-color chino.


Are leggings allowed at Subway Restaurant?

Subway Dress Code for leggings

No, leggings are prohibited at Subway restaurants.

Many prefer wearing leggings regularly as they’re comfortable and easy to handle.

However, it is not at all appropriate for any work environment.

Leggings are very much body-hugging and thin in fabric, and with the Subway t-shirt or Polo, leggings will look odd.

Employees are not allowed to wear leggings at Subway while working.

Besides, other bottles like Capri, Cargo, Joggers, etc., are prohibited at Subway.

At Subway, jeans and Khaki pants are the only suitable bottomwear for the employees.

But during summer, a few Subway restaurants allow knee-length khaki or jeans shorts for the employees.


Are Subway Restaurant employees allowed to wear skirts?

No, employees are not allowed to wear skirts while working at a Subway restaurant.

In some fields, wearing skirts is allowed; however, for people working at food joints, wearing skirts is inappropriate and difficult to handle.

No employee can maintain the skirt while dealing with all those food items and customers.

Also, it causes unnecessary situations, which the management always tries to avoid.

Therefore, at any Subway location, employees are not allowed to wear any length of skirt or dress while working.

For the Subway, the only bottom wear that is allowed or part of the dress code is full-length pants, which the employees must maintain. 


Are the employees allowed to wear sneakers at Subway restaurants?

Subway Dress Code for sneaker

No, at Subway, wearing sneakers is prohibited.

Sneakers are universal shoes people wear to go out with friends or work.

But sneakers are not traditional footwear for work. That’s why employees are not allowed to wear it.

But, the subway employee can wear boots, loafers, oxford shoes, monk shoes, crocs, etc.

For women, wearing high heels is prohibited; they must be flat or slightly heeled boots.

White shoes are recommended to avoid by the management, and employees can only wear black, brown, gray, or navy shoes.

The footwear should not have any bold design or bright color pattern.

Most importantly, the footwear the employees will wear must be slip-resistant.

The floor in the kitchen can be slippery because of constant cooking. Therefore, at Subway, only slip-resistant and closed-toe footwear is allowed. 


Can Subway Restaurant employees wear Sandals?

Unfortunately, employees cannot wear sandals at Subway restaurants while working.

Sandals can be comfortable, but working in the kitchen or serving food wearing sandals is not a safe option.

Also, Subway is crowded most of the time, so handling footwear like sandals is not easy during rush hour.

Then, sandals are not that slip-resistant, so that’s what Subway tries to avoid the most.

The employees have to wear closed-toe shoes at Subway restaurants.

The shoe must cover the side and back of the feet as well.

This way, if the food or hot oil falls into the feet while cooking, the closed-toe shoes will keep it safe.

Therefore, no types of open-toe footwear are allowed for the employees at Subway.


Are hats or caps allowed at Subway restaurants?

At Subway, employees are indeed allowed to wear baseball caps only if provided by Subway.

At Subway, as its eatery point, all the employees are required to wear Subway-issued headwear.

In most Subway locations, the management will provide a Subway logoed visor to its employees.

Besides that, in some Subway locations, the management will provide Subway baseball caps or bandanas to its employees.

So if any Subway location provides bandanas, in that case, the female employees can wear them, and the male subway employees can wear the subway visor or baseball cap while working.

The employees should know that besides the Subway logoed headwear, no other headwear is allowed for the employee at the Subway location.

Also, if any person has medical or religious concerns, they must discuss their concern with the Subway management. 


Are accessories allowed at Subway Restaurant?

Employees at Subway are allowed to wear necessary accessories like belts, socks, etc.

It is perfectly fine for the employees to wear something comfortable and appropriate.

Besides that, employees can wear an analog or smartwatch while working if they are interested.

It is recommended that the employees wear as little jewelry as possible; for the Subway employees, wearing extra jewelry looks distracting and prohibited.

Wearing jewelry while dealing with food can be hazardous.

That’s why only the server can have some minor jewelry like a small ear stud, wedding band, small necklace, etc.

Thinking of the Subway dress code, the employees have to dress properly. 


Are piercings allowed for employees at Subway Restaurant?

Subway Dress Code for piercing

Yes, in Subway, the employees are allowed to have piercings, but they have to be small and study.

Everyone knows that Subway is a well-reputed and great food destination, and the management will always try to maintain its reputation.

Still, for them, the employees are important as well.

So those working at the Subway in front of the house can wear some small, steady piercing jewelry.

But the cooks might have to remove those jewelry before working. 

So, if the employee has small ear-piercing jewelry, that’s perfectly fine.

But for the cook, any other facial jewelry, like lips, eyebrows, nose piercings, etc., can be risky.

It depends on the restaurant management to decide whether they can allow piercing for the chef. 


Can Employees have colored hair at Subway Restaurant?

Before joining Subway for work, people were confused about whether colored hair was allowed.

So, there is no reason to worry, as at Subway, there is no restriction about colored hair for the employees.

The employees can try dark-shaded hair colors.

Not only dark-shaded hair but if the employees have bright hair color shades like blue, purple, red, etc., even then, it’s not an issue. 

Subway has no problem with the color and styling of hair. 

However, for both men and women, hair must be nearly styled and perfectly groomed.

Coming to work with messy hair is not allowed at Subway.

Also, men can have a beard but must keep it groomed or cleanly shaved.

At Subway, all the employees are required to wear Subway visors to prevent any unnecessary situations.

Also, in some Subway restaurants, the management issued hair nets and beard nets for the cooks.


What is the Subway Dress Code for Tattoos?

Subway Dress Code for Tattoos

Having a tattoo at Subway tattoo is fine and not against the rules.

Subway hires many employees with tattoos on their hands, arms, neck, etc.

The cook, pantry, server, dish maintenance, and all the employees can have visible tattoos, as tattoos are very common nowadays. 

Therefore, management will never cause any situation for the employee if they have some minor and decent tattoos.

However, if the employee has multiple facial or visible tattoos that are offensive, that can be a problem at Subway.

At Subway, people from different places come to enjoy the food, so any offensive tattoo related to gender, caste, race, religion, etc., isn’t allowed.

So, in a situation like this, Subway management will either not hire the person or ask them to hide the tattoo while working. 


Are long nails or nail paints allowed at Subway Restaurant?

Employees should not have any long nails or low-quality nail polish at Subway.

Sometimes, the employees have to deal with food, but still, as they have to wear proper gloves while working, they are allowed to have small nails and gel nail polish.

This street rule is very strict for the employees who work as cooks.

Those working at the front of the house at Subway can have acrylic nail extensions or small nails, but no employees can have fake stick-on nails.

And if the restaurant management is strict, no employees are allowed to have nails or nail paint. It has to be cleaned and groomed properly. 


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