Allbirds Return Policy in 2024 (**A Return Guide**)

By knowing the Allbirds Return Policy, you can easily return products to Allbirds.

Allbirds is one of the best shopping websites, offering customers high-quality products.

It is famous for its quality of shoes and uniqueness in design.

There is a variety of shoes available here for men, women, and kids as well.

The main features of their shoes are:

  • They have a very simple but unique design.
  • Allbirds gives a warranty in terms of comfortability to their customers.
  • And the most important feature is that all the shoes are made from natural products.

Allbirds is already certified by B-crop. In addition, Allbirds has a partnership with Soles4Souls, which takes all used shoes returned by customers and distributes them to those in need. Every shoebox given by Allbirds is made of 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard, so it cannot cause any harm to Mother Nature.

Customers can purchase from this website worldwide; every country’s return policy is very easy. Allbirds offers both online and offline return policies for their customers.



What is Allbirds Return Policy?

Allbirds has a very easy return policy for its customers.

Customers only have to select their own country on the Allbirds website’s return and exchange page.

Then they have to enter their Zip Code and order number. Then the return process will be initiated easily.

But there are a few things that customers have to keep in mind while returning.

  • All customers will have a 30-day window to return any item in Allbirds.
  • Also, Allbirds will accept returns after 30 days, but in that case, all the original labels should be properly placed at the time of purchase.
  • The original packing should be unopened for the return of socks and undies.
  • One of the most important things is that any kind of return or exchange can only be done in that country.


What is Allbirds outlet store’s return policy?

Allbirds Return Policy for Outlet store

Allbirds have different policies for their outlet stores. It is mentioned below:

  • In the case of outlet stores, any full-priced item and excess styles can be returned within 30 days.
  • For any kind of accessories, customers will also get 30 days, but in that case, the original packaging must be safe in the time of return.
  • All the returns will be done only at the Allbirds outlet store.


Allbirds Return Policy for Used Shoes?

Allbirds has no return policy for used shoes, and customers will not receive any kind of refund.

But if a customer wants to return any shoes that are completely in new condition or can be used, then those shoes are donated to Allbirds’ partner Soles4Souls, who later donate them to needy people.


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Allbirds Return Policy for gifts?

Allbirds Return Policy for Gift

Allbirds also provide a reward in exchange for gifts.

If a customer is unsatisfied with any type of gift, then he or she can easily make a return.

In that case, the return timing will be within 30 days.

But the gift item should be unused, and it must be in its original condition.

Customers have to follow the instructions given on the website for free returns.

It is also written on the shipping label or the backside of the gift note.


What is Allbirds online and retail return policy?

In the case of any online or retail returns, the return is free of cost, except for any outlet purchase.

If a customer wants to return something by mail, then he or she has to follow some steps.

  • Customers have to select their country from the Allbirds website.
  • Then they must fill in the zip code and order number.
  • Once all the details have been properly entered by the customer and submitted on the Allbirds website, the return will be initiated.


How long do you have to return the shoes?

Allbirds has a specific return policy, especially for their shoes.

  • A customer will get a 30-day window for the return of any shoes.
  • The 30 days is taken as a trial period from the Allbirds’ side to the customer as a privilege.
  • If, after 30 days, the customer is unhappy with the shoe, then he or she can easily go for a return.
  • The original shoe box must be intact while returning.
  • Also, customers can exchange the shoes within the period given.
  • But Allbirds does not take any used shoes. They only take the return of any used shoe item and then send it to their partner Soles4Souls to distribute it among needy people.



This article is specially written for those who want to shop from Allbirds.

It will help them to know more about Allbirds, their products, their return policy, and the other terms and conditions.


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