Bethany Medical Clinic Murray Hills, 79th Street

Bethany Medical Clinic is one of the good clinics. This clinic is open for everyone but those people have a busy schedule the clinic is suitable for them. That’s why they offer early morning and after work appointments at their conveniently located Murray Hill office in New York City. You can expect a personalized, non-corporate approach, compassionate care. Bethany Medical Clinic’s main goal is to provide affordable and quality care to its patients. The founder of the clinic is Shirin Peters.


Bethany Medical Clinic Murray Hills/ 79th Street

Bethany Medical Clinic

Their Locations Include

1〉 Bethany Medical Clinic Murray Hill, NY Office

222 East 31st St, Suite 1R ( Map)

New York, NY 10016

Ph No- 315 201 0621


Tuesday to Thursday- 8 am to 8 pm

Friday- 8 am to 4 pm

Saturday- 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday- Closed


2〉 Columbus Circle, NY Office

200 East, 57th St, Suite 904 (map)

Manhattan, NY 10019

Ph No- 646 509 0943


Tuesday to Thursday- 8 am to 8 pm

Friday- 8 am to 4 pm

Saturday- 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday- Closed


3〉 Bethany Medical Clinic 79th Street

130 west 79th Street, Ground Floor 9 (map)

New York, NY 10024



4〉 Upper East, NY office

184 E 70th Street, Floor B1 (map)

New York, NY 10021


5〉 Chelsea District, NY Office

548 west 28th Street, Suite 333 (map)

New York, NY 10001


6〉 Journal Square, NJ Office

35 Journal Square Plaza #528 (map)

Jersey City, NJ 07306


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Bethany Medical Clinic Services

Bethany Medical Clinic Services

Their services include

COVID-19 Testing

Women’s Wellness


Primary Care

Cosmetic Dermatology



Allergy Treatment & Testing

Physical Health


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Bethany Medical Clinic Dr. Shirin Peters/Dr.Neelima Tangirala

Primary care providers include

1〉 Shirin Peters, MD

Shirin Peters, MD

Dr. Shirin Peters is a founder of the Bethany Medical Clinic. Shirin completed her graduation from the New York medical college. Before started this clinic she worked at a private practice in North Carolina and learned more about the business. In 2011 she started this Clinic. She hopes to build this Clinic as a comprehensive preventive health solution that enables all patients to easily take the necessary steps to prevent illness.


2〉 Christina Jones, MD

Christina Jones, MD

Dr. Christina Jones is a board-certified family physician. She has been practicing, medicine for more than 20 years. She emphasis preventive medicine, empowering his patients to take control of their health. Christina also teaches her patient by using many tools like diet, exercise, and Mindfulness. Jones also a certified Yoga teacher.


3〉 Sophia Rakin, PA

Bethany Medical Clinic

Undergraduate Degree- The George Washinton University in Public health and Biology.

Master’s Degree- Pace University. She is a physician assistant from Washington D.C. Outside the profession she likes to enjoy Travelling and other new things.


4〉 Eva Muschkin, NP

Bethany Medical Clinic

Bachelor’s Degree- Ohio State University in Psychology. From Vanderbilt University, Eva completed her master’s Science in Nursing degree. Outside the profession, she likes to enjoy tennis, Piano, Skiing.


5〉 Neelima Tangirala, MD

Neelima Tangirala, MD

Dr. Neelima is a prominent primary care provider who focuses on the overall health of every patient. Neelima completed her graduation from the Andhra hospital India. She also receives her doctorate from there. She treat patient various conditions like hair loss, arthritis, obesity, Pneumonia, thalassemia.


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6〉 Zobidatte Moussa, MD

Zobidatte Moussa, MD

Dr. Zobidatte work as an internist with more than 20 years of experience in this field of medicine and in the treatment of patients. Moussa graduate from the Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn.


7〉 Jacqueline Sperber, NP

Bethany Medical Clinic

From the University of Murray Land, she receives her undergraduate degree from Neurobiology and Physiology. Jacqueline is a member of the AANP and national academy of dermatology nurse practitioners.


8〉 Jill Sadowski, FNP-C

Bethany Medical Clinic

From Delaware university, she completed her BSN degree. To started her nursing career at Piedmont Hospital she moved to Atlanta, Georgia.


9〉 Regina Sorrentino, PA-C

Regina Sorrentino, PA-C

Regina is a MA graduate and she completed her graduation from City university school of medicine. She has a special interest in Skincare and having healthy and radiant skin. Sorrentino originally from Colorado.


10〉 Suzanne Oddo, PA-C

Bethany Medical Clinic

Suzanne is a physician assistant. She completed her physician assistant education from the University of Charleston in Charleston.

Undergraduate Degree- Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Vermont. She is grown up in Bergen County.


11〉 Alyssa Gopman, PA-C

Bethany Medical Clinic

Gopman is a licensed physician assistant in the state of New York. Alyssa is a member of the American Academy of Physician assistant and Society of Dermatology Physician Assistant.

From the University of Florida, she receives her undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology.


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