Chicos Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

Chico’s became capable of stealing the hearts of countless customers.

Though many fashion freak ladies love to be in style with Chico’s garments, they are still searching for a return policy before choosing a product.

And that’s why Chicos Return Policy is in the spotlight.

It was 2017 when Chico’s initiated its first online e-commerce site.

Even at the same time, it started to reach its products to the cruise ships. 



What is Chicos Return Policy? 

Whatever the brand is, the customers always find their privilege.

How they will gain a profit, how they will return any item, etc. With Chico’s, they do the same.

Therefore, this brand has introduced a satisfactory Chicos return policy

Return policy signifies the handover of a purchased item to that store and asking for the money back.

Chico’s is the name of ultimate happiness among the vast women groups.

Still, if anyone feels unhappy with any product after purchasing, they can simply return that item to Chico’s within 60 days. 

To return an item is so simple if they meet their given instructions. 

  1. Chicos never acknowledge the return of a worn or torn product.
  2. The product should be as new as the delivered one.
  3. The receipt bill, date, and time of purchase all should be submitted.
  4. The tags should be attached to the products.
  5. A deadline of 60 days should be maintained.
  6. Customer identity proofs are also mandated.

If the conditions mentioned above are fulfilled, the product is considered for return.

And the customer will also be able to get a refund. Every single point is valuable for returning a product.


Chicos Return Policy for PayPal Orders

Chicos Return Policy for PayPal Orders

Utilizing the return mailing mark, stock bought with PayPal might be returned face-to-face or via Mail.

Kindly contact client care if you don’t have your transportation name.

Any postage charges related to your exchange are not refundable.


Chicos Return Policy for Shop Runner Orders

Chicos Return Policy for Shop Runner Orders

All orders sent with ShopRunner by individuals get free to bring delivery back.

You can partake in your shopping while they handle the bring shipment back.

A few of our retail accomplices force restocking expenses on a specific subset of items.

Before submitting a request, consistently check the item page for additional subtleties.

Present cards recently purchased merchandise, leeway, and last deal things, non-Chico’s marked things, charges, and transportation are completely prohibited from the advancement.


How to make a Chicos return by Mail? 

Returning a product via Mail needs some essential steps. Following are the steps.

  • If you are eager to return your product via Mail, you need to secure the Prepaid Return Shipping Label from Chico’s.
  • Next, after getting the return label make a printout of it. 
  • Attach the printout paper with the product you wish to return. For the return label, Chico’s will subtract $7.0 from your amount. 
  • Pack the product with the return label, tags, and the real invoice. And go for shipping at last. 

If you can’t find the return label, you can visit the return page of Chico’s for the details. There you can see the return label. 

For shipment of the product, use the below address.

Chico’s Reverse Logistics DC

 2160 Breckinridge Blvd

 Building 200 Suite 250

 Lawrenceville, GA 30043



Chicos Return Policy for Boutique

Chicos Return Policy for Boutique

If you do not agree to return the product via Mail or online, the boutiques will be another option.

Chico’s has many boutiques all around the world.

From its website, discover your closest Boutique and visit the store.

Their salesperson will be glad to help you in this matter.


Chicos Return Policy for Final sale items

The final sale items are already on discount or appear with another offer.

That’s why Chicos Return Policy never rectifies the return or exchange of any item from the final sale.


What needs to be done for Chicos Product exchange?

Chicos is very reliable for their customers. Chico’s grants the return of those products that can meet their requirements.

You can either take the money back or exchange your product. If you want another item from Chico’s only, the exchange option will be the best for you. 


Chicos Return Policy for International Customers

For international customers, the period for returning an item is 60 days. But the conditions are the same for them too.

If they face any problem with the return, they can send Mail to [email protected]. Even they can dial 1.888.855.4986 for any kind of help.


When will I get my refund from Chicos?

After returning the product, Chico first checks the item from every edge.

If they think that it’s completely OK, you will be confirmed for the refund. Within 7 to 10 business days, you can grab your refund. 



If you are still in conclusion with Chicos Return Policy, go through this entire article.

Your love for Chico’s will be intact after reading their profitable return policy.


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