Costco Dress Code for employee (Updated 2024)

In this article, we share detailed information on Costco Dress Code.

There is anyone in the United States who doesn’t know about Costco; it is an American multinational retail store chain.

At Costco, people can purchase almost anything they require, from toilet paper to furniture, and because of the vast range of items, people visit Costco quite often.

Now, because of the huge demand, Costco is available not only in the United States but in various other places worldwide.

Costco has around 600 stores in the United States, where thousands of employees work daily.

So, for the employees, Costco has a very understandable dress code.

This article provides the required idea about the Costco dress code for new employees or people planning to join Costco as employees.



What is the Costco Dress Code?

Costco’s dress code is very simple and accessible for all employees.

The Costco uniform-worthy attires are mostly available to the employees for the top and bottom wear.

Wearing a shirt and jeans is a Perfect attire for the Costco employees.

And based on the department, the employees have to wear a vest, and for all the employees, it’s necessary to wear the employee name tag. 

Costco has some strict policies about the accessories, but it won’t be an issue if the employees start following them.

Also, those in the food-related departments must wear a hairnet and beard net. 



Does Costco provide its uniform for free?

Does Costco provide its uniform for free

No, Costco doesn’t provide the whole attire to its employees.

Hundreds of Costco stores are available throughout the United States, and providing the entire attire to thousands of employees isn’t impossible.

That’s why the employees must wear tops and bottoms from their wardrobe.

Also, they have to buy appropriate shoes for work on their own.

But based on the position, Costco provides a vest to its employees.

All the employees must wear the name tag provided by the store. 


Do employees have to wear shirts while working at Costco?

Costco wants its employees to feel comfortable while working but wearing a shirt or polo is essential out of professionalism.

The employees can wear attire of any color, but red, black, and white are mostly preferred.

So, wearing a collared half or full-sleeve shirt or polo is the only topwear allowed at Costco.

Therefore, if any employee tries to wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt, that won’t be allowed at Costco while working. 


During winter, do the Costco employees are allowed to wear sweaters?

Costco employees are allowed to wear sweaters

Costco probably allows its employees to wear a jacket while working.

Even though wearing a shirt is the appropriate dress code, during winter, Costco management might allow wearing a jacket under the Costco-provided vest, and also, the name tag should be visible.

However, the Costco store management doesn’t allow its employees to wear jackets or sweaters while working many times.

Then, instead of wearing the jacket, you can wear an undershirt at Costco. 


Are employees allowed to wear jeans at Costco?

Yes, employees are allowed to wear jeans at Costco stores.

Allowing access to jeans is one of the best facilities available to the employees of Costco.

The Costco employees can’t deny how much they appreciate the access jeans; it is easy to handle, and everyone loves wearing them.

And thinking of this, Costco allows black or blue-shaded jeans at most of its locations.

Besides this, if the employee wants, they can wear Khaki slacks, chinos, etc. 

Even though jeans are allowed at Costco, it’s also essential for the employees to look as appropriate; that’s why wearing torn or ripped jeans is prohibited. 


Are leggings allowed at Costco?

Leggings can be a preferred attire for many people, but they must understand that leggings aren’t professional clothing.

Leggings are very much body-hugging and can look awkward with the uniform; that’s why it’s not allowed at Costco stores for employees. 

Also, if the employees wanted to wear something comfortable, such as joggers, yoga pants, shorts, etc., at Costco, then it’s prohibited.

It’s a must for the employees to maintain the Costco dress code.


Are Costco employees allowed to wear skirts?

Employees are allowed to wear skirts while working at Costco.

But the skirt has to be around the knee length.

For employees, Short or highly fitted skirts are prohibited at Costco stores.

So those who are interested in wearing skirts at Costco have to wear appropriate blouses with them as well.

If the dressing is wrong, then the Costco management might summon you. 


Are the employees allowed to wear sneakers at Costco?

Yes, employees are allowed to wear sneakers at Costco, but formal shoes like loafers, monk, etc., are mostly preferred.

But for Costco employees, comfort is more important.

That’s why if any employee wants to wear athletic footwear, sneakers, or Converse, they can wear them.

No matter what shoe it is, it has to be closed-toed. 


Can Costco employees wear Sandals?

Unfortunately, employees are not allowed to wear sandals while working at Costco.

For all the employees, both on the floor and in the warehouse, the employees need to wear closed-toe shoes.

The closed-toe shoes will prevent any sort of painful incident; it will protect the shoes from damage.

So footwear such as sandals should be avoided, and footwear such as sleepers and flip-flops are strictly prohibited. 


Are hats or caps allowed at Costco?

Employees are only allowed to wear a cap at Costco only if the store provides it.

At Costco, if any employee asks for a cap, the store provides a Costco logoed cap to the employees.

Apart from that, if any employee tries to wear a cowboy hat or baseball cap, then it’s prohibited. 

If any employee at Costco wears a headgear such as a hijab or turban because of religious belief, they are allowed to wear that.

However, they should discuss the attire with the management team to properly understand the uniform. 


Are accessories allowed at Costco?

About the accessories at Costco, besides essential accessories such as watches or, if necessary, belts, other accessories are not allowed for the employees.

The employees can wear both analog and smartwatches while working.

And about the jewelry, only the wedding band or a small necklace is allowed.

Other accessories like side bags, hats, and sunglasses are strictly prohibited. 

Costco follows a strict rule about hygiene; thus, at any food-related department, wearing a watch, wedding band, or any type of accessories is a big no-no.

Before working, the employees must take off all accessories that can violate the hygiene policies of Costco. 


Are piercings allowed at Costco for employees?

Yes, employees are allowed to wear piercings while working at Costco.

Those with ear or facial piercings can wear small studs or rings.

If the employee has too many facial piercings that can cause an unnecessary distraction for the customers, then the management team has the right to suggest removing the jewelry. 

However, in the bakery, meat department, deli, food court, and any other food-related department, they are strictly prohibited from wearing piercing jewelry.

Before work, they have to remove every earring, facial piercing, and tongue piercing jewelry if they have any.

For hygiene and to avoid any unnecessary event, removing jewelry is essential for Costco employees.


Can Employees have colored hair at Costco?

Yes, at Costco, employees are allowed to have colored hair.

Having colored hair at Costco isn’t an issue; employees can have natural hair color and colorer hair.

Those with bright colored hair, such as Red, pink, blue, and purple, would be an issue for Costco.

But in some Costco stores, if the management team has any objection, they might ask the employee to tie a ponytail or bun. 

On the other hand, employees working in the food section or dealing with food items are strictly prohibited from keeping their hair open.

It doesn’t matter if they have colored hair, but tying the hair properly and putting on the hair net is essential. 


What is the dress code for tattoos at Costco?

At Costco, employees are allowed to have tattoos.

Tattoos are a way through which people express themselves.

However, having any kind of disrespectful tattoo towards any race, religion, or gender is strictly prohibited.

Also, if the employee has a full-sleeve tattoo, then the Costco management might ask the employees to wear full sleeves. 

In most Costco stores, having facial tattoos is not allowed for the front of the employees working on the front of the store.

So, the person has to work at the warehouse as having excessive facial or neck tattoos isn’t allowed at Costco.


Are long nails or nail paints allowed at Costco?

At Costco, employees can have nails and nail paint, but the nail has to be manageable.

If the nails are too long and cause distraction or trouble while working, then it’s strictly prohibited.

Employees need to work effectively, so avoiding long or fake nails is important.

Also, employees working at the Costco bakery, deli, food court, and meat department are strictly prohibited from having nails or nail paint.

While handling food items for hygiene reasons, having nails can’t be allowed at Costco. 


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