Does Walmart Accept Personal Checks? (2024)

Walmart is among America’s most loved household names and the go-to retailer.

Its goal is to provide secure, affordable food products and appliances and new ways to make payment options simple and fast.

Walmart accepts Checks as an acceptable payment method until 2022.

Checks must be in line with the details on the photo IDs and pass verification checks through TeleCheck and Certegy.

Customers may also apply for up to $20 in cash back when using Checks to pay,

If you’re thinking Does Walmart Accept Personal Checks read on to learn more!

But does Walmart accept using checks as a form of payment for customers? Here’s what I learned!



Does Walmart Accept Personal Checks? (Short Answer)

Does Walmart Accept Personal Checks

Walmart allows personal check payments for payments at regular registers but not self-checkouts or online purchases.

If you want to pay with a check, you’ll need to provide a photo ID and then pass a third-party verification of your Check by TeleCheck and Certegy.

Please read the following article for more information about your Walmart Check writing policies.


Writing Policy For Personal Check-in Walmart

Every Walmart location accepts checks from personal Checks for payment at the cash register.

However, you aren’t able to use personal checks to make payments for the purchase of a order purchase items or purchase items at self-checkout.

Self-checkout machines aren’t equipped with the capability of scanning checks or authenticating your ID.

If you’ve recently opened a bank account, you should know that Walmart will not accept check-ins for starter checks (as previously stated).

Find our research related to additional locations that accept personal checks.

Walmart will require customers who check in to present the correct Photo ID, such as a Passport or Driver’s License, as this must be present before accepting a check.

The signature on the check must match the one on the ID photo to avoid fraud.

It must be printed, not signed.

The Check must then be validated by a third party, performed by TeleCheck and Certegy.

Another method of payment could be needed should the process fail.

To find out more information about Walmart’s policy on writing checks, we reached out to Walmart’s corporate customer support department and the stores in Delaware, Tennessee, and Washington.


Does Walmart accept personal checks and their Requirements?

Does Walmart Accept Personal Checks

For you to write a check at Walmart, You must be able to meet the following conditions:

You will need to provide proof of identity.

You’ll need to provide an official, valid government ID. The cashier might be looking for your telephone number.

Walmart accepts these forms of ID:

Military Ids Drivers Licenses
State ID Cards S. Passport

Passports from abroad (at the discretion of the manager)

Your name should appear on the Check.

To ensure that checks are not fraudulent, Walmart will only accept your Check if the name of the Check is the same as that on the ID.

If your name is listed on the account but isn’t visible on the Check, it won’t be able to use it. There are exceptions for business checks but no personal ones.

Your Check needs to be verified by a third party.

Walmart stores utilize TeleCheck and Certegy to evaluate risk when accepting checks. Third-party verification systems can reject your Check, and you’ll have to pay by another method.

Be aware that it isn’t a difference if you make payments with an out-of-state or in-state check. If you’re in a different state than the state of your residence and have to make use of a check at Walmart, The requirements and procedures are the same as the requirements in your home state.


Walmart Check Limits

There isn’t a limit on the number of checks you are allowed to write every day in Walmart.

Yes, To make a successful payment Walmart does not limit the number of Checks. However, Walmart will not accept the use of Starter Checks.

Banks can set an allowance for spending per day on checks, but Walmart has no limitations.

In addition, Checks must be used at cash machines (no self-checkouts). Also, all Checks must be made in U.S. dollars and linked to a U.S. banking service (foreign Checks aren’t valid).

But, be aware that your credit union could have a restriction. Certain accounts limit writing checks or daily spending limitations in their agreements with banks. Banks can also restrict the ability of you to write checks to protect you from fraud as a step.

Limits for each account are different. However, generally speaking, should you be planning to make over five or more checks in a single day, you should inquire with your financial institution in advance of time.



As mentioned above, Walmart will use TeleCheck or Certegy to verify your credit card.

The majority of stores use TeleCheck.

These are the top companies that offer check verification services for retail.

So If you typically pay with checks in stores, there is a good chance you already have an account in your TeleCheck or Certegy file.

Walmart will process each Check that you write with third-party verification.

If you pay with a check, you agree to have your Check processed this way.

Check verification can help Walmart avoid accepting checks that are not legitimate and also reduce the risk of fraud with checks; however, TeleCheck or Certegy could also refuse to accept checks for any reason that is not directly related to fraud.

For example, a bank account number not seen by TeleCheck before can be declined.

If Walmart refuses to accept the Check following verification, The two companies and TeleCheck, as well as Certegy, provide the ability to look up declined checks online. You can then find the reason.


Cash Back

Walmart lets you earn up to $20 in cash back when you make an individual check.

You can make the Check payable for up to 20 percent over the purchase price, and after the cashier checks that the payment is valid, you’ll be credited 20 dollars in cash.

Before you make your payment, before you write your check, it is advisable to inquire with the cashier to ensure sufficient cash in the register at the particular check-out counter.

If you require more than $20 in cash, you should make payments using a debit card.

Read our related research to learn more about earning cash back from Walmart.

To speed up the process and make it easier, ask the cashier to verify that the register is stocked with the right amount of cash before making the Check.

For more information about this, check out my article on Walmart’s cash-back policy.



Money is deducted from your Bank account the same day when Walmart Processes your Check Electronically.

Within 1 or 2 Business days funds will be transferred from your Bank account.

Walmart will not accept postdated checks.


Is Walmart Charge any fee for using Check Payment?

Yes, fees apply to customers who do not have enough money when the Check is made.

A fee of $35 is added to the original deduction. By the terms of sign-posting by Walmart customers, they are bound by this policy whenever they sign their Checks.


Can I able to Cash a check in at Walmart?

Walmart offers Check cashing services. They accept the following checks: (Make a Table)

Payroll Pre-Printed
Cashier Tax & Govt
Settlement of Insurance MoneyGram Money Order
Two-Party Personal Checks limited to $2


Limits on cashing may be based on the law of your state.

The amount you pay will be an amount of $3.74 per transaction.

Look up my complete guide to Cashing Checks at Walmart for more information.


What is the maximum amount I can cash an individual check at Walmart?

Walmart will take your two-party Check and cash it, up to $200 per Check, and will charge you $6 for each.

Many retailers and supermarkets charge $10 for cashing a 2-party check, making Walmart an excellent choice.


Can checks written in hand be made cashable at Walmart?

Walmart has cash-handwritten checks that will be written by hand in most stores by 2022.

The difference is that Walmart can cash a check that has been printed and includes its name, business phone number, address, the date of issue, and the amount the cheque is (both in numerical and alphabetical order).


How do I make a personal check cashable?

If you’re looking to cash personal checks, the best choice is to go to the institution that made the payment.

To find the institution that issued the check, simply look for the bank’s name or its symbol on the cheque.

Be aware that banks can cost you cash checks if you’re not a bank account owner.


Can you cash personal checks in an ATM?

Cashing a check at an ATM

It’s not as simple as making a trip to a bank. However, you can deposit the check at an ATM.

However, not all ATMs allow this feature. However, some ATMs only let you deposit the Check, while some won’t provide check deposit options.


Why was my credit card rejected at Walmart?

There are times when Walmart will not cash the cheque because of insufficient funds available to banks an unacceptable check type, or the check amount is greater than the acceptable amount for a check.


Where can I write my Check? And get cash returned?

Your Local Bank or Credit Union

Your financial institution or credit union is the most convenient location to cash a check.

Cashing checks for free is one of your account’s benefits. If you visit your branch, you may be able to get immediate access to your money.


How long will the process take Walmart to complete a check?

How long will it take to get my check? Your products will be delivered within 12 working days after receiving the order.

You can also select an expedited delivery option if you require your checks earlier.


Where can I deposit personal checks if I do not have enough funds?

The bank’s tellers will quickly check whether there are funds in the account or if the check writer has funds in a credit or savings account.

If no funds are in the account, however, you can cash the check when the bank manager decides to permit you to cash the check.



In the wrapping up I would love to say your plain answer to your question “Does Walmart Accept Personal Checks” So the plain answer is, that Walmart indeed Accepts checks.

The Check must be in line with the information on your photo ID, and the third-party verification process is passed.

Checks are only accepted at cash registers; you may ask for up to $20 in cash return.


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