Dollar General Survey in 2024 (Legit, Rules, Won Prize)

One tactic that helps a business stand out in crowded, cutthroat markets is customer happiness.

Furthermore, it cannot be disputed that today’s successful brands tend to be offering the finest consumer experiences.

However, the purpose of the surveys is to collect honest feedback from essential clients.

According to the same principles, Dollar General Survey is created.

The right questions are posed in the best possible manner at the ideal time.

Obtaining truthful and precise responses from your consumers is necessary for the effectiveness of customer satisfaction data.

As a result, it assists the retail store in improving.

Additionally, Dollar General distributes presents and rewards to lucky consumers to entice them to participate in the survey!



What is the Dollar General Survey?

Customer First refers to the survey conducted by Dollar General.

The Dollar General survey aims to elicit customer feedback about their shopping experience.

It gathers feedback from their survey regarding how much they appreciated their visit.

A typical Dollar General Survey comprises five sections, each assigned a rank. Each question must rank from “hate it” to “very satisfied” to be answered.

Customers may be asked to complete the survey by the cashier when they are at the cash counter.

Sometimes clients promise to complete the survey but forget that afterward.

It’s crucial to realize that these surveys primarily focus on the customers’ needs, albeit the business is also interested in them.

It is difficult for retailers to identify ways to improve customers’ purchasing experiences when they refrain from participating in the Dollar General Survey.

The poll at Dollar General provides a general picture of what promotes repeat business or irritates clients.

Additionally, they are very confident they will lose clients if they don’t explain it by skipping the survey.

Every client can share their opinions on numerous elements of the Dollar General shop by logging onto

Employee conduct, missing objects in the collections, etc., are some examples.

The management is, therefore, well-equipped with conclusions, thanks to Dollar General. In response to client feedback, they make the necessary improvements.


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Is the Dollar General survey Legit?

To entice clients to complete surveys, retail establishments occasionally give away incentives.

These incentives range from gifts to discounts, vouchers, and cash prizes.

Similarly, the Dollar General Surveys assert that participants will receive participation prizes.

At first, it was asserted that the lucky surveyor would win an incredible $1000 award due to the survey.

The award, however, has reportedly been reduced to $100, according to a current Dollar General employee.

According to a former employee, at the moment, completing a survey allows you to win a prize.

Typically, this incentive is given as a $100 gift card. Thus, it is evident that the prize is not always money. 


What are the Dollar General survey Rules?

What are the Dollar General survey Rules

Any Dollar General customer can participate in the Dollar General Survey.

One only needs to enter the Survey to take advantage of the fantastic chance to win the reward.

However, it is essential to know the rules before participating to avoid missing any chances of winning attractive prizes. 

Furthermore, it is also worth noting that no special section passes are necessary.

The following are the rules that must be followed to participate in the survey:

  • Individuals must be at least 18 years old and legal residents of the United States.
  • The individual must have gone to the Dollar store (applicable for customers only)
  • Fill in the field with the date and time of your visit and the store number.
  • On the billing, there is a 15-digit survey code that you must enter.
  • Log in to the account provided with the information.
  • Begin the survey by ranking your experiences in the order specified.

A series of straightforward questions make up the online survey DGCustomerFirst.

The Dollar General Survey has the following terms and conditions in addition to the guidelines mentioned:

  •  Each household or user can only have one entry.
  • The coupon for $100 cannot be transferred.
  • A replacement cannot be made for the coupon winner.
  • Making a new purchase is okay if the coupons are less than three days old.
  • The promo codes have a three-day window of maximum use following the day of purchase.
  • Any effort to delete or alter the survey is illegal and will have legal repercussions.
  • Any unfavorable suggestions or fraudulent statements may result in the cancellation of a customer’s subscription to the Dollar General survey.


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Has anyone ever won a prize from a Dollar General survey?

Yes, numerous individuals have received the survey award. The Dollar General Survey demonstrates that paying out prizes to the lucky surveyors is legal.

On the official survey website, under the heading “Sweepstakes winners,” you may discover the complete list of winners.

Here, you can discover the most recent list of winners, along with names, addresses, and store numbers.

The store number matches the location where the customer had made the purchase.

Based on the results of the random drawing, the winners are chosen.

The Sponsor gets in touch with the winners through phone or email following the drawing.

This data gets compiled based on what they offer the prize for within three days.

Furthermore, the winners must provide their complete mailing addresses to facilitate verification.

Each prize is then mailed to the winner at the specified address by the Sponsor.

It could take a while to complete the procedure from award distribution to verification (approximately 6-8 months).

The winners must therefore exercise patience to receive their sweet prize.


Can One Person apply for the Multiple Dollar General survey?

Can One Person apply for the Multiple Dollar General survey

The terms and conditions already specify who can apply for the Multiple Survey.

Moreover, a survey code is approved for single usage only.

As a result, using the survey code a second time to access the Dollar General Survey results in its automated degradation.

As a result, it guarantees that only one individual at a time can complete the survey.

Also, a single participant cannot participate in multiple surveys using the same survey ticket or coupon.

Therefore, it is evident that one person cannot go for the multiple surveys of Dollar General. 


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An excellent method to test your luck is through the Dollar General Survey.

Who knows—you might be fortunate to receive the $100 gift card.

By filling in the gaps in the market, you are also working side by side to advance the Dollar General corporation. Get your survey now!