How Can i Cancel Costco Membership in 2024?

A Costco membership can be a terrific option for families wishing to save money on their purchases.

However, you might have to go through a few hoops to terminate your membership if you ever feel that paying to shop at the warehouse is no longer profitable.

You can always opt out and rejoin in the future if you aren’t getting the most out of Costco’s services right now.

Most subscription memberships come with the potential to charge you for services you no longer desire, especially annual memberships like Costco.

Continue reading to find out How Can I Cancel Costco Membership.



How Can I Cancel Costco Membership? 

How Can i Cancel Costco Membership

Below we share simple instructions to cancel your Costco Membership.

1. Bring your membership card to Costco. When customers sign up, Costco gives membership cards; you’ll need yours to terminate your membership in person.

2. The only person who may terminate a Costco membership is the Primary Member. You will need to ask the person who started the membership to cancel it if you are not that person. 

3. If you can’t find your membership card, you might need to provide Costco with information such as your phone number, address, or birthdate to prove your identity. If your membership application’s phone number or address differs from your current one’s, Be sure you are familiar with them.

4. Bring a photo ID. Costco will need to confirm you’re identity before canceling your membership for security reasons. Bring a photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or one from your state.

5. Visit the Costco store closest to you. Any Costco, not simply the one where you frequently shop or where you first became a member, allows you to cancel your membership.

You can use the Costco locator finder at to identify the branch that is the nearest to you. Your browser might ask you if you want to give the Costco website permission to access your location. To have the location tool find the closest Costco to you, click “allow.”

6. In Costco, look for the membership counter. Members may enter by displaying their membership cards. Inform the Costco employee at the door that you are coming to terminate your membership and have lost your card if you don’t have it. They ought to point you directly toward the membership desk.

7. Ask the employee at the membership counter to cancel your membership.

Both your membership card and photo ID must be presented.

The staff may question you to confirm your identity if you don’t have your membership card.

Even if you have used your membership for most of the year, they must reimburse you for the entire annual amount.


Can I Get a refund if I cancel my Costco Membership?

You do receive a full refund of your money.

Costco offers a membership fee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its products (some restrictions apply).

We will return your money if you are not happy for any reason.

People typically receive a refund on their membership fee if they move to an area without a Costco.


How Long to Cancel a Costco Membership?

Until the 364th day of your membership period, you are eligible for a complete refund of your membership cost.

Costco’s website promises: “We are devoted to offering quality and value on the products we sell with a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee on both your membership and merchandise.”

There are no restrictions on when you can terminate your membership at Costco.


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Reasons to cancel Costco membership.

Below we share some Reasons.

1. You make any purchases.

A typical membership costs $5 per month, and you can easily recoup that cost by saving money on groceries.

In most cases, Costco sells generic Kirkland substitutes for name-brand goods at far cheaper costs than its rivals.

You must enjoy Costco’s selection and purchase there frequently to get the most out of your membership fee.

Your membership may not be worthwhile if you frequently shop elsewhere for particular things and just purchase a portion of your groceries and household necessities at Costco.


2. Costco ends up costing you more money.

According to Business Insider, the typical Costco customer makes two monthly trips and spends $114 each time.

Given that Costco sells groceries, household goods, office supplies, jewelry, and other items, it can be simple to disregard the list and take advantage of your finest prices.

Even though you virtually always receive great deals at Costco on everything you buy, impulsive shopping there can end up costing you more than you had anticipated.

And Costco does employ various techniques to get customers to spend more money than we’ve already discussed.

Try only bringing cash if you find yourself straying from your list and spending excessive money but don’t want to cancel.


3. Your Executive Membership costs less than $3,000 each year.

The executive membership at Costco is twice as expensive as the standard membership, yet it might be well worth the money.2% cash back on most of your retail purchases is arguably the biggest benefit you receive for your investment.

The typical Costco customer spends roughly $2,750 per year, so you may already be taking advantage of this benefit if you spend $3,000 per year there.

However, if your spending at Costco is far lower than that, it might be worthwhile to downgrade to a normal membership or to shop elsewhere entirely.


4. Other locations provide lower pricing.

You might be losing out on savings if you just buy food at Costco as opposed to neighborhood retailers in your area.

In some circumstances, Aldi, Walmart, and Wegmans, among others, offer lower pricing than Costco; nevertheless, you may need to do some comparison shopping.

If Costco is your only grocery store, you may be able to shop elsewhere and still save money.

Of course, those retailers cannot provide some of Costco’s conveniences, such as low gas costs or pharmacy refills.


5. You’re relocating to an area without a Costco nearby

Because of where I reside, there are two Costco warehouses within a 15-minute commute of each other.

However, not everyone has easy access to Costco.

Additionally, you might not want to pay for a membership if your new address is at least 30 minutes away from the nearest Costco.

Even if you still like the idea of buying at Costco, the time and money required to get there can make it an incredibly inconvenient choice despite the possible savings.

If so, looking for sales at a store much closer to your home could be wiser.


6. Significant Overpacking

Costco uses unnecessary packing, which is wasteful.

Sunscreen can be purchased elsewhere with a lot less wasted plastic.

The majority of the items you purchase here are similar.

Glue and cellophane are used to secure the boxes inside of one another.

These things are challenging to store and arrange due to their packaging.

For customers, I frequently open plastic packages.

This enables me to arrange their storage areas more efficiently.

It is best to purchase the products one at a time when you require them.

Less space is required. Less plastic garbage is produced. Less money was also spent.


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