How Long Does Pit Viper Take To Ship in 2024

Sunglasses are something that people have to wear to protect their eyes from the sun’s heat.

But why always wear boring, dull-looking sunglasses when you have Pit Viper?

On the Pit Viper website, customers can purchase various designs of sunglasses of their choice and color.

And because of their uniqueness in business, people worldwide prefer Pit Viper for their sunglasses shopping.



How Long Does Pit Viper Take To Ship?

When you order a product from Pit Viper, it will take around 3 to 5 business days to deliver in the United States. 

At present, sunglasses are something that people consider as fashion.

It is used mainly to compliment your clothing and protect you from the sun. 

And Pit Viper is the best place for purchasing stylish and various sunglasses designs. That’s why customers love the website. 

On the Pit Viper website, it takes one business day to process the order.

If you placed the order before 12:00 p.m. Mountain time, then your order will start processing the same day. 

And also, there is a chance that your Pit Viper package gets out on the same day as well. 

But if you order your Pit Viper item after 12:00 p.m. Mountain time, then the order will process and ship the next day.

Pit Viper also has businesses in international countries. But the delivery time is different than in the US. 


What method Pit Viper used to ship my order?

What method Pit Viper used to ship my order

Customers prefer purchasing Pit Viper sunglasses for themselves. 

And when customers order sunglasses from Pit Viper, it is shipped from Salt Lake City, Utah, from The Pit Viper Center For World Domination. 

Getting your Pit Viber product to your doorstep may take some time.

But if you need your item faster, we have other shipping options.

At Pit Viper, the most convenient method of shipping is standard shipping.

If you have a convenient time in your hand, then by using standard shipping, the customer will receive their Pit Viper sunglasses within 3 to 5 business days. 

And for standard shipping, there is also a chance of getting a free shipping option.

Then there is a priority shipping option that delivers your order within 2 to 4 business days.

At Pit Viper, it takes around 1 to 2 business days to process the order. 

And if you successfully order your item before 12 p.m. Mountain time, between Monday to Friday, then for priority shipping, there is a high chance that you will receive your product within two business days. 

But also, the shipping fee will be quite high for this shipping method. 


Does Pit Viper offer free shipping?

Every shopping experience is enjoyed more when we get free shipping.

And because of free shipping services, people don’t feel like spending money on something useless.

So at Pit Viper, you can get free shipping for your stylish sunglasses if you shop above $69.

This service is only available if only the customer chooses standard shipping.

Apart from the United States, in international countries like Canada and Australia there, you can also get free shipping for your Pit Viper order.

And for that, the customers must shop for over $69 in both countries.


What are Pit Viper Shipping & Handling Fees?

What are Pit Viper Shipping & Handling Fees

As You already know by now, customers very much prefer the Pit Viper website for their sunglass collection.

But to purchase the Pit Viper sunglasses from the website, customers must pay the shipping and handling fee. 

So, in the standard shipping option, you are eligible for free shipping if you shop over $69.

But if it’s less than $69, the customers have to pay $10 as the shipping cost.

And for priority shipping, it is difficult to tell as after you add all the items to the cart, then, at the checkout process, the shipping amount will be calculated and shown.

Then for international orders in Canada, the customer has to pay $10 for shipping if their total order amount is below $69.

Then, customers have to pay $27 as a delivery fee for Express shipping.

Then in Australia, for orders below $69, the customer has to pay $9.95 for shipping. 

And if you are from any other part of the world, then you can also purchase Pit Viper sunglasses, and for that, you have to pay $15 on orders valued up to $400. 


How can I track my Pit Viper Order?

You can’t deny how much you love Pit Viper, and then finally, you get to purchase your favorite Pit Viper sunglasses, then waiting blindly for them to arrive is annoying.

So instead of waiting for your order, you can simply track it. 

So, to track your first, you must wait for the confirmation mail.

When your Pit Viper order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation mail from Pit Viper in your given email ID.

In the email, you will receive a tracking code and a video showing that the employees are shipping your order.

Then you can use the Put Viper website to track your order, or you can also use the tracking information to track your Pit Viper sunglasses from a third-party tracking website.  


Why Does Pit Viper Take so long to ship?

Pit Viper always tries to deliver the order to the customer as soon as possible, and so far, there aren’t any huge complaints.

But the few times their orders get delayed is because when there is a festival going on, the demand for orders gets so huge that it gets difficult for the company to handle the pressure.

But still, they manage to deliver the order on time, but for that, the customers have to wait for that 1 or 2 days extra. 

Besides that, if there is any weather issue or any national or public holiday coming up, then it takes longer to deliver the order.

And unfortunately, in situations like these, Pit Viper has no control over the order delivery.


Can I order stock items from Pit Viper?

Can I order stock items from Pit Viper

It feels quite awful when you want to purchase your favorite Pit Viper sunglasses and wait for the right time to order them, but before you can do that, it goes out of stock.

As Pit Viper understands the feeling, they have this amazing feature where you can put your email on the stock-out sunglass product page.

After that, as soon as the Pit Viper product is restored, you will receive an email mentioning the availability of the product.

Then you can purchase the sunglasses you wanted to purchase for so long from Pit Viper.


How long does Pit Viper Take to ship Internationally?

Pit Viper sunglasses are something that every fashion influencer prefers.

Because of this, a lot of people all over the world want to wear Pit Viper sunglasses. 

So for international orders, if a customer orders Pit Viper sunglasses from Canada, then for standard shipping, it will take around 3 to 9 business days to deliver the order.

And if the customer chooses Express shipping, they will receive their Pit Viper order within 1 to 2 business days. 

Then for Pit Viper orders from Australia, when the customer orders an item from the east coast using standard shipping, it will take around 3 to 5 business days to deliver the order to your doorstep.

In Northern Territory and Western Australia, it will take longer to deliver the item, around seven business days.

And if the customer chooses to use priority shipping, then via Auspost, it will take two days to deliver the order. 

And finally, customers from other locations worldwide want to purchase Pit Viper sunglasses; then they have to wait for 15 to 25 business days to receive their order.


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