How Long Does White Fox Take To Ship in 2024

Started in 1913 by the co-founder due Georgia and Daniel, it did not take much time for the white fox to see the light of success.

With the help of the internet and a solid market strategy, they were able to pull off their start-up successfully.

With the help of social media, they were able to make a huge impact, and slowly people started going with the bold fashion statement of this brand very quickly.

In the past few years, White Fox has slowly captured the entire fashion market; people are obsessed with the products that they produce.

Thus it has significantly made a significant impact on the fashion industry.

The slogan of this band promotes being fashionable unapologetically.

Thus, they encourage bolder and more exclusive trends in fashion.



How Long Does White Fox Take To Ship?

All the items that are sold in the white fox boutique are shipped within 5-10 business days after you have placed an order. 

But the location and the shipping time differ, and hence depending on that, it may vary from place to place. 

Holidays and weekends are often non-functional; your orders will be processed from Monday to Friday.

The white fox also claims that any delay in the shipment due to a delay in customs is beyond their responsibility. 

Once the courier reaches the custom, they are not responsible for any damage to the package. 

They are also not responsible for any shipments in Canada due to customs delays. 

Overall you will have to wait at least a week to receive your orders from white fox.


What Method Does White Fox Use To Ship My Order?

What Method Does White Fox Use To Ship My Order

The demand for the items sold in the white fox boutique has reached internationally.

Thus to keep up with its customer base, the white fox boutique came up with the unique idea of launching two different shipping services to satisfy its customers.

Because of their innovative idea, it was also easier for them to keep up with the demand and supply chain.

The white fox boutique can deliver their goods in and out of the country.

Hence they use international standard shipping and international express shipping.

Both of these shipping services are well known for providing packages within the time-bound.

Moreover, the case of lost and damaged products is also seen very rarely.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, they also paired up with Australia Post International Standard Shipping to offer standard shipping services to the customer base in the USA and CAN.


What is the White Fox Shipping and Handling Fee?

You have to give them a shipping fee when you purchase from white fox.

The shipping fee depends on two factors, the major factors determining your shipping cost.

Primarily the total weight of your shipment and the destination where it will be sent.

Depending upon which your shipping and handling fees will be decided for every purchase you make.


How Can I Track My White Fox Order?

How Can I Track My White Fox Order

Buying from White Fox Boutique ensures quality products at your doorstep and provides customers with several facilities.

Among which the facility to track your order is also one of them.

When you order with them, you can also track is a simple procedure; all you have to do is go there after the shipping page and find the after-ship option.

Once you have arrived at that option, you will have to put the tracking number sent to you via email at the time of order confirmation.

With the help of that number, you will be easily able to track the current status of your order effortlessly.

They also provide free shipping over a certain amount of money, but in that case, you will have to make a bulk purchase.


Why Does White Fox Take So Long To Ship?

It depends on your geographical location; if you are in Australia, your package will be delivered within 24 hours.

In case you are ordering from outside Australia, in that case, it will take 5 to 10 working days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, to receive your delivery.

Otherwise, if there is no delay in customs, you will have the package delivered to your doorstep within the given time frame.


Can I order out-of-stock Items from White Fox?

Usually, the products at white fox always have high demand, and because of this, they often tend to run out very quickly.

Hence, if a product is available in their stocks, you can purchase it.

But on the brighter side, you can sign up to get a notification via email when the next time the product gets restocked.

You can also send a restock request via email to the white fox boutique authorities to get your favorite product back in stock.

This special feature has been specially added to their website to have a deeper insight into the demand and supply of their products. 


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