How To Cancel Chipotle Order in 2024

In this article, we share all the ways “How To Cancel Chipotle Order“.

There is no one who doesn’t know about Chipotle.

Please, one of the best Mexican grill destinations where customers can enjoy delicious tacos, burritos, or any other Mexican-style cuisine.

So, many people love ordering from Chipotle online to enjoy the food.

But due to some emergency or personal reason, the process gets pretty complicated when the customers have to cancel the order.

So, to guide the customers with Chipotle order cancellation.



How To Cancel Chipotle order through the app?

After ordering Mexican food from the Chipotle app, customers generally try to cancel them through the Chipotle app in case of an emergency.

So, canceling the order in itself is a big challenge, and online, it can also feel difficult. Still to cancel the Chipotle order online,

● Open the Chipotle app on your phone and ensure you are logged into your profile. 

● After that search for the support team,

● You will find the Chipotle contact details on the support team page in the app.

● Then, through the phone call or email shown on the screen, you can cancel your total order through the app.


How To Cancel Chipotle Order through a Website?

If you ordered your Chipotle food items from the website, then naturally, to cancel the order, the first thing you can get access to is the Chipotle website.

So, the Chipotle website can be useful if you want to cancel the Chipotle order without talking to anyone in person. So, to cancel the Chipotle order through the website,

● Open the Chipotle website on your phone or computer.

● They can go to the contact support page, or you can directly click on the Chipotle link:

● After that, you will notice an option, ‘Tell us about it.’ Click it.

● Select the ‘online order issues’ option among the variety of options, then chat with Pepper.

● Now, through chatting, you can discuss your experience or that you want to cancel your Chipotle order and you’re facing problems in canceling the order.

● Then, the customer support team will guide you on canceling the Chipotle order. 


How do you cancel a Chipotle order over the phone?

Sometimes, after ordering a Chipotle order through the Chipotle app or website, the customers, due to some circumstances, wanted to cancel the order as soon as possible.

If the customer is having some issues in canceling the Chipotle order, they can simply contact customer service. So for that, 

● Contact the Chipotle customer service number +1-800-244-7685

● Then, when a staff member picks up the call, tell the staff that you want to cancel your Chipotle order

● Provide all the necessary information and the Order number to the staff and any additional information if required

● After that, your Chipotle order will be canceled by the customer service


How to cancel a Chipotle order through email? 

Canceling the Chipotle order through email is one of the easiest methods.

If you don’t like communicating through phone calls, then you can simply send an email for the order cancellation; however, the email cancellation takes more time than the phone call.

But still, there is no harm in knowing Chipotle’s cancellation method through email. So, to do that,

● You can find the email address of Chipotle through the website or app, but if you want, you can contact Chipotle through the email address [email protected]

● After that, write clearly in the email that you want to cancel your Chipotle order.

● Then, add the order number, details, and the reason behind your Chipotle order cancellation.

● After that, send the email to Chipotle customer support.


How To Cancel Chipotle order in person?

Sometimes, customers try to cancel the Chipotle order in person.

Canceling the Chipotle order in person is only possible if the person called the Chipotle location to place the order.

Customers must ensure they place the order at the local Chipotle Store for online orders.

The solution in person will work. So, to cancel the Chipotle order in person, 

● Visit the nearest Chipotle store 

● They go to the Chipotle cashier or any other employee

● Tell the employee that you want to cancel your Chipotle 

● If your order is eligible for cancellation, the Chipotle branch will cancel it.


How do you cancel a Chipotle order from another online food delivery service?

So many third-party food delivery service platforms, like Doordash, Uber Eats, etc., are available in the United States.

Because of the subscriptions, people use third-party food delivery services to order Chipotle food items. 

Suppose anyone has already submitted a Chipotle order through the third-party food delivery site and wants to cancel the order.

In that case, the customer must do it through that delivery service. At that time, Chipotle was not responsible for canceling the order.

Then, it’s between the third-party food delivery apps and the customers.     


How to get a Chipotle refund?

After canceling the Chipotle order, you won’t receive your order refund just like that.

There are so many steps that the customer needs to follow, and the Chipotle company needs to check.

After that, if everything is fine, the refund will only be generated. To get your Chipotle order refund, The first thing you have to apply for a refund is,

● First, open the Chipotle website and ensure you are logged in to your account.

● After that, select the ‘Contact Support’ button.

● Then, after selecting the “Contact support” option again on the screen, you’ll notice a new option: ‘Tell us about it’ will show up. Click that option.

● After that, you can chat with Pepper about refund-related issues or select “In-Restaurant Order Issue or Experience.” 

● Then, under the ‘What is this regarding?’ tab, many options will show up, including the “Something else” option. 

● Mention your order details, receipt, Chipotle location, and other concerns. 

● After that, upload the refund message.

Besides the Chipotle website method, customers can cancel orders through the customer service number and email ID. For that, 



● Contact the Chipotle customer service number +1-800-244-7685, or the number should be under the order details. 

● Then, when the Chipotle customer service staff picks up the call, tell the staff that you want to discuss the Chipotle order refund.

● Provide the personal details, order number, and any additional information, if required, to the staff.

● After that, the Chipotle customer service employee will guide you through the refund and give you all the information regarding the refund amount. 



● You can find the email address under the Chipotle canceled order details or in the mailbox, but you can also contact Chipotle through [email protected]

● After that, in the email, write very clearly that you are writing this email requesting the refund of your canceled Chipotle order.

● Then, add the order number, your details, the date and time of the order, the reason behind the order cancellation, and all other Chipotle refund-related queries you have.

● After that, send the email to Chipotle customer support.

● Soon, Chipotle customer service will contact you through the mail and provide all the necessary information related to your Chipotle order refund. 



Below we share some FAQs

Can you cancel a Chipotle order through a message?

No, there isn’t any service from Chipotle available through which the customer can cancel the order over texting.

However, customers can visit the Chipotle website by clicking the link:

It will lead them to a Chipotle page where they can chat with Pepper to clear up any confusion.


Can you cancel the order if it’s out for delivery?

Yes, you can cancel a Chipotle order after it’s out for delivery.

It would be better to contact the Chipotle customer service number available under the order details as soon as possible to cancel the Chipotle order.

However, the customers should understand that it’s disrespectful and that canceling a bulk Chipotle order can be problematic.


How much time does it take to receive the Chipotle refund?

After you apply for a Chipotle order refund, the company management will look into it; after that, if everything is fine, you will receive your cheap what lay order refund within 12 to 15 business days.


Do customers have to pay a fee for canceling the Chipotle order? 

Yes, the customers must pay a fee for canceling the Chipotle order.

After the Chipotle order is already ready for cooking or out for delivery, the refund amount fee must be deducted.

A fee will be charged to your Chipotle account if it is a cash-on-delivery order. 



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