How To Cancel Stylevana Order in 2024 (Many Ways)

In this article, we share detailed ways “How To Cancel Stylevana Order“.

Stylevana is a great shopping destination where customers can purchase high-quality K-beauty products.

Asian beauty products are getting pretty famous day by day, and to purchase those, one of the most trustworthy is Stylevana.

But sometimes Stylevana items take time to get delivered. In such cases, the customer prefers to cancel the order.

Or is there any other situation they face where customers can’t continue with the order process anymore?

So, it’s necessary to understand how to cancel a Stylevana order. This article about Stylevana order cancellation is here as a guide.



How To Cancel Stylevana Order online?

 The best and most practical method of canceling a Stylevana order is the online method. 

This way, order cancellation will be faster and more secure. 

Another thing that the customer should keep in mind is that Stylevana can only be canceled during the processing time. 

After that, if the order is out for delivery, the cancellation isn’t available. So, to cancel the Stylevana order, 


● First, open the Stylevana site on your phone or computer

● After that, make sure that you are logged into your Stylevana profile

● Then go to the order details

● At the order history, you will notice the orders delivered pending or processing

● Select the order you want to cancel, and then there you will find the ‘Ticket form” for order cancellation.

● Complete the process of the ‘ticket form’ and submit it,

● Soon, Stylevana will contact you through the mail for order cancellation. 



How To Cancel Stylevana order through the mail?

 Suppose the customer has trouble canceling the Stylevana order through the ticket form in an emergency.

In that case, the only method available is to contact Stylevana through the mail. So, to cancel the Stylevana order through mail,

 ● Write an email mentioning that you want to cancel your Stylevana order.

● Provide all the necessary details: the order number items, personality details, etc. 

● Then also mention the reason behind your Stylevana order cancellation

● After that, send the mail to [email protected]

● After that, Stylevana will contact you through the mail. 



 Below we share some FAQs

How many days does it take to receive the Stylevana order refund?

 After your Stylevana is successfully canceled, it will take around 7 to 14 days to process the refund, which will appear in your bank account.


Why is the ‘Ticket Form’ not showing for Stylevana order cancellation?

 Sometimes, if the Stylevana order is still pending, the Stylevana’ Ticket form’ doesn’t show, but it’s rare. In such case, you still have to wait till the 

The Stylevana order is being processed. And if the order is already out for delivery, the ticket form won’t show. 


How much time does it take to process Stylevana order cancellation?

 There are no worries after you cancel the order at the processing stage, as the delivery won’t happen.

However, it takes around 1 to 2 days to complete the Stylevana order cancellation process.


Is order modification available instead of Stylevana order cancellation?

 When the order modification through the Stylevana website isn’t available but to know more about it and have proper guidance, the customer should contact Stylevana customer service through [email protected], or you can simply submit a ticket, and Stylevana will reach you within 1 to 3 working days.



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