Kroger Fuel Points in 2024 (Check, Utilize, Spend, Rewards)

In this article, we share detailed information on Kroger Fuel Points.

You receive one fuel point for every dollar spent when you purchase at Kroger.

The value of every ten points is one cent off every gallon of gas at your subsequent fill-up.

By providing extra rewards of two to four points per dollar for gift cards and specific supermarket goods, Kroger frequently makes it simple to accumulate points.

Before checking out, you must load your digital coupon from the Kroger application to your Kroger Plus Card through a 4x Fuel Point gift card promotion or any other promotion.



What are Kroger Fuel Points?

The Kroger Company Family of Companies Loyalty Program allows you to SAVE on fuel every time you shop!

For each $1 you spend when shopping and using your Shopper’s Card, you will receive one (1) Fuel Point.

Additionally, you can earn Fuel Points when you buy gift cards, shop at Fred Meyer Jewelers and Kroger pharmacy, as well as when we place any online order for shipping.

In any of their Fuel Centres or partner fuel stations, you can conveniently redeem Fuel Points that you have accrued.


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How to Check Kroger Fuel Points Balance?

How to Check Kroger Fuel Points

For the customer, the number of fuel points in hand will need to be updated before going to the gas station.

It will be seen on the last shopping receipt at Kroger as a hard copy.

If there is an urge to reconfirm, check your Fuel Points balance on the website or mobile app.

In the Kroger receipt, the rewards points balance will be shown at the bottom of the receipt with announcements about new promotions as well.

In case the recent Kroger receipt is missing, do not worry.

Call up 1-800-KROGERS to check your rewards points balance by providing your Kroger Plus Card number when asked.

To check rewards points online, visit to reach the My Kroger account.

Now look under the heading Kroger Plus Card Information and see Kroger rewards points balance displayed.

Fuel Points can be used at any of the Kroger Community of Stores.

You can exchange upwards of 1,000 Fuel Tickets for $1 off every gallon at Kroger Family with Shops Fuel Centers.

Fuel Points can be redeemed for more than 35 gallons of gasoline unleaded, mid-grade, premium, diesel, or E85 in increments of 100 points.



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Can I utilize a certain number of Kroger fuel points at once?

To begin redeeming, you should have at least 100 gasoline points.

Additionally, you can use all of your points at once or spread them out over numerous fill-ups.

After gaining, Fuel Points expire at the end of the month.

For instance, September’s earned Fuel Points expire on October 31.

Balances do not add up over multiple months. Every month has its earning period.


Is it possible to opt to spend older Kroger Fuel points first?

Is it possible to opt to spend older Kroger Fuel points first

Look at your grocery receipt to find the number of points you have left from the previous month.

The savings shown will be the maximum you can save while filling up.

When asked how to utilize points, choose either one if the number of points to use is larger than 100 from the previous month’s fuel total.

Then enter a sum that is equal to or less than your total for the previous month.


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How would I use the gasoline points I earned at Kroger last month?

To use points beyond 100 from the last month’s points, select option two and enter an amount equal to or less than the previous month’s total.


Two hundred fuel points cost how much at Kroger?

The fuel point system operates as follows: The difference between 100 and 200 points is 10 and 20 cents off each gallon.


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Where can I find Kroger Fuel Points?

Where can I find Kroger Fuel Points

There are several ways to accumulate fuel points at Kroger, including the following: 

1. Shopping at Kroger, Kroger provides $1.00 expended on grocery shopping = 1 fuel point.

2. Purchasing gift cards from Kroger Doing so can earn you additional fuel points, with their point amount being $1.00 in gift certificates = two fuel points.

 3. Visiting The Little Clinic Every time you go, you benefit from earning fuel points, up to a maximum of 50 fuel points for a paid visit.

 4. Fred Meyer Jewelers and online shopping can earn you gasoline points, with $1 spent on jewelry equaling one fuel point.

 5. Non-federally sponsored prescriptions make it so that one prescription is worth 50 gasoline points.

 6. You also receive fuel points from federally funded prescriptions, with $1 in out-of-pocket expenses equaling one fuel point.

Kroger periodically gives Bonus Fuel Points throughout the year. 

Promotions like:1.4x gasoline points when you purchase gift cards

You may learn about these specials that Kroger occasionally runs throughout the year here.

Reminder: Fuel points acquired during one month are valid until the end of the month. Pay close attention to the expiration date, so you don’t lose any points!


Do customers can get Discounts without Kroger fuel points?

Without the Kroger fuel point, the customers might not get the chance to purchase liters of fuel from Kroger.

But still, because of the customer’s loyalty program at Kroger, customers will get a Shoppers Card or enter the Alt-ID to receive a discount of 3₵ off a gallon.


Do customers can get Discounts without Kroger fuel points?

Without the Kroger fuel point, the customers might not get the chance to purchase liters of fuel from Kroger.

But still, because of the customer’s loyalty program at Kroger, customers will get a Shoppers Card or enter the Alt-ID to receive a discount of 3₵ off a gallon.


What product purchased at Kroger isn’t eligible for a fuel reward?

At Kroger, customers will receive fuel rewards for most of the shopping, which they can use to refuel their vehicles.

But if the purchase is based on,

● Tobacco

● Alcohol, 

● Milk products

● lottery, 

● mail-order services, 

● money orders, 

● postage stamps, 

● product deposit 

● service fees 

● promotional tickets, 

Etc. In that case, the Shoppers or Loyalty Card from The Kroger Co. Family product purchase won’t work for fuel.


Can we receive cashback in exchange for the Kroger fuel points?

For those who don’t have a car, it’s a concern about what they will do with the fuel point.

So, for this reason, they look for cashback options.

But unfortunately, in exchange for Fuel points, Kroger doesn’t provide any cash back.

But still, if you want to resolve this situation, it will be better to contact Kroger customer service for guidance.


How do Kroger Fuel Points operate?

After you have shown your Kroger card and all Kroger Smart Coupons have been deducted from your order, the final number of gasoline points is computed. Before you give over any paper coupons, fuel points are awarded.


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Can I use Kroger gasoline rewards to fill up two cars?

If you own two 12- to 15-gallon vehicles, use both of them to earn your fuel credits and receive the savings for both gas tanks rather than just spending them for one fill-up.

Stop using the pump and complete the transaction before filling up the vehicle.


Are Kroger gasoline points accepted at Shell?

With your Kroger Plus Card, you may earn gasoline points when you shop at Kroger.

Save 10 per gallon right now at Shell when you use 100 fuel points for a single fill-up.

Thirty-five gallons of fuel at most per purchase*. Offer valid at selected Shell locations.


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Why did Kroger Change fuel points?

According to the grocery chain, confusion at the pump is being brought on by a change in how Kroger distributes its highly sought-after Fuel Points.

And it’s a significant matter because, with petrol prices currently hovering around $4 per gallon, finding ways to save money on gasoline is more crucial than ever.

The modification was made to stop customers from losing their points from prior months, which frequently happened when you had more credits this month than last.

It’s a fantastic idea, but some drivers might find the system times out too rapidly.

A no 3-cent discount is applied by default if you take too long to decide.

Some consumers think they have lost those 400 or 500 credits they would utilize as a result.

According to the new method, nobody has lost any credits; thus, you didn’t miss your points available from the previous month.


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