Sams Club Mattress Return Policy in 2023

Are you planning to buy a mattress at Sam’s Club? There are often a few things that you should understand about the Sams Club mattress return policy of this store if you have decided on buying a mattress at Sam’s Club.

Here in our post today, we will get a complete idea about the return policy on the mattresses you are purchasing at Sam’s Club!



Sams Club Mattress Return Policy 2022 

Sams Club Mattress Return Policy

The mattress return policy at Sam’s is a portion of the 100% satisfaction guarantee for the Club. It is the guarantee that covers the replacement and refunds on every mattress in 30 days following the date of purchase. It also allows you to return the used mattress and also with lost receipts. You should remove the “Do Not Remove” tags from this mattress in order to avail a refund.

It is always a great idea to bring along the “Do Not Remove” tags along with your receipts for easy, difficulty-free refunds at the customer service desk of Sam’s. You should not bring the mattress to the store.

We will now look at more aspects included under the return policy for mattresses at Sam’s Club!


Knowing about Sam’s Club Mattress Return Policy 

In the entirety, Sam’s Club is offering its members complete access to the lenient return policy for all the products, as the mattress can be the exception to this rule.

Sam’s Club includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for every product and the service sold. Therefore, inform the store about it if you are not satisfied with the mattress at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club is offering both the refunds and the replacements for the mattresses bought just 30 days after their original purchases. But, the warehouse does not physically take back the mattress.

Discovering a new location for the unwanted mattresses is the customer’s sole responsibility.

Store managers still have the right to refuse the returns, although there is a small window of time for making a return of the mattress at Sam’s Club.

The store manager can deny the return and even the replacement if they feel like the customer is abusing the mattress return policy.

You will have to remove the “Do Not Remove” tags from these mattresses to get the Sam’s Club mattress refunds.

You need to bring the tags along with the receipt for the original purchases as you return the mattresses.


Return Policy of Sam’s Mattress without a receipt 

Sam’s will be allowing you to return a mattress without any receipt to avail of the store credit. But, the entire process will move along swiftly, and you can avail yourself of a refund in its original form of payment with the tags and receipt from the mattresses. Surely, they can remember that the physical receipt can sometimes get lost after the process of purchases.

The following is the manner in which Sam’s tackles the return of a mattress without a receipt:


Always bring along Sam’s Club membership card along with the mattress tags allowing a customer service person to check out the receipt for the in-store purchases. The database can check less than a couple of earlier receipts in several cases. You can get a refund on the shopping cart at Sam’s Card once a copy of the receipt is discovered.


You can discover the purchase history by logging into your account with Sam’s Club online, especially for online purchases. Go through the purchase history along with printing a copy of the receipt of the mattress. Else, click a photo with your phone if you have a printer in order to print your documents. However, Sam’s is not a clock retail store opening late as the refund process can start quite late.


Can an open mattress be returned at Sam’s Club? 

Sams Club Mattress Return Policy

Yes, Sam’s Club members can get a refund if they return an open mattress. Open and used mattresses are covered by the company’s 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee and return guarantee. You can avail a complete refund within 30 days of your purchase.

The mattress, on the other hand, is not needed to be returned or towed back to the warehouse. Bring just your receipt and the mattress’s “Do Not Remove” stickers.


What is the procedure for returning a mattress to Sam’s Online? 

Even if Sam’s does not ask you to return the mattress for internet sales, you’ll get a refund. In addition, your shopping online should get a prepaid return label when you initiate a return request.

Login to your account and select the purchase history tab on the website of the Sam’s Club members. You will get the prepaid shipping labels that can be mailed back with tags and the mattress receipt and other related documents required for the return policy at Sam’s.

You can send them back to your mattress only with the tags. Along with this, the main mattress shipping and delivery charges will not get refunded unless there is an error at Sam’s end or when it is damaged during shipping.

The online process of the return will take about seven business days.


Is there a cost involved in returning a mattress at Sam’s Online? 

Except for the shipping and delivery fees, returning a mattress to Sam’s is free. To begin, you will not be returning the mattress, merely the tags off it. Second, unless the mattress is broken or the firm committed a mistake, Sam’s mattress’s return policy does not reimburse shipping and delivery expenses.


Is There a Time Limit on Returning a Mattress to Sam’s? 

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return or replace your Sam’s mattress. Furthermore, its 100% Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return it open or used within the time limit. Both in-store and online transactions are covered under the policy.


How will Sam refund money for mattress returns? 

The money will be refunded by Sam’s Club using the original mode of payment with the receipt of the mattress, or you can get the credit from the store without any receipt. For instance, if you have bought the mattress with a credit card, then bring along the same credit card, and they will credit them back.

The customer service representative will refund you at the shopping card of Sam’s Club if you are not having a receipt or the same credit card. You can use this card for the other purchases or even buy gas from Sam’s Club at the pump.

The store will credit your account or even give you a gift card instantly once your refund is approved. It would be taking just a few days for a credit to reflect on your credit card due to the slow direct deposits.

The online mattress returns take about a week.


Can you return a mattress even if you are not a member of Sam’s Club? 

A non-Club Sam’s member cannot return a mattress or any other item purchased from the shop. Only members can make refunds. A membership number or receipt is required for a Sam’s Club refund, and a member must complete it.


Is Sam’s Club willing to accept a mattress return? 

No, a mattress return will not be picked up by Sam’s Club. As mentioned in Sam’s mattress return policy, customers are not required to return a mattress. To be even more obvious, they do not want it returned. As a result, the client is responsible for disposing of or moving the undesired mattress.

Sam’s will, however, reimburse some used mattress acquired within 30 days if it is returned in their original condition.

The ideal way to dispose of the mattress is by recycling it. Sadly, tossing your mattress into the bin will simply end up in a landfill.

The cost-effective way to dispose of a mattress is by contacting its manufacturer for a free pickup. You will have to check the local recycling programs operated in your city or state, shelters, and the local charities as you should take your mattress to the business areas.


Is Sam’s Club removing the old mattresses? 

Yes, while delivering a new mattress, Sam’s Club will remove the old one if requested. Old mattresses, bed rails, and bed frames are forcibly removed and properly disposed of. Your headboard and footboard, however, will not be taken. Furthermore, according to the regulation, the distribution business can refuse to transfer an old mattress or setting that is considered a biohazard.

For additional information, contact your local Sam’s Club Mattress Delivery Service.


Benefits of Sam’s Club mattress return policy 

  • If you are not happy with the purchases, you made through Sam’s Club as you can always return them to avail a complete refund, even if it is used and opened.
  • You should return the mattress to the Sam’s Club warehouse, and the condition should match the manner in which you bought them.
  • There is no refund processing fee for you to pay while returning the mattress.
  • There is no shipping cost involved.
  • You get to return your mattress within 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • Expect hassle-free and no additional fees involved in returning the mattress.


Frequently Asked Question 

Below we share some FAQs related to the “Sams Club Mattress Return Policy”

1. Is there a time limit for returning a mattress to Sam’s Club?

Customers can return mattresses for a full refund or replacement within 30 days after purchase at Sam’s Club.


2. Is it possible to return a mattress if you are unhappy with it?

Most mattress-in-a-box firms have given free, uncomplicated returns during an extended “try it out” period. You may return the bed and receive your money back if you don’t like it.


3. Do mattresses come with a return policy?

Yes, you have a year to try out the mattress, plus return it if it isn’t for you. You may conduct a complete return or exchange right away if you don’t open your mattress. You’ll have to wait 30 days after delivery if you want to perform one of these things once your mattress is unwrapped.


4. Can you return a mattress once you’ve purchased it?

Based on the firm, the period of time you have to decide if the bed is good for you varies greatly. Some may only give you a week, while others may allow you to try it out for a year prior to actually committing. You’ll notice that the typical return policy is between 30 and 120 days.


5. Is Sam’s Club a good place to try mattresses?

Both Costco and Sam’s Club sell mattresses, and therefore neither allows you to test them out. The mattresses are just piled in rows instead.


Final thoughts 

Buying a mattress can be an arduous process. However, with the Sams Club mattress return policy, you will be able to avail a complete refund if you are unhappy with the purchases!

You need to return the mattress to Sam’s Club in just 30 days from the date of purchase. Also, remember to carry the original receipt, and the mattress should be in the original condition in the manner in which you received it!


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