Urine Smells Like Coffee- Is it Dangerous for Health?

Urine is filtering out unnecessary products from your blood with the help of Kidneys. Sometimes Unnecessary products give your urine different types of smell and odor. Drinking too much coffee can change your urine smell.



Urine Smells Like Coffee Causes

Urine Smells Like Coffee

One of the main causes of Your Urine Smells like Coffee because you drinking too much coffee. Coffee contains more than 1000 chemical compounds that fully contribute to Urine smell, appearance, and flavor. It contains an antioxidant called Polyphenols are primarily responsible for the smell of coffee. Whenever a coffee chemical compound is broken down in your body is called metabolites.


Coffee contains a natural stimulant called Caffeine. Caffeine also considers a weak diuretics. There is a chance of caffeine can make you Urinate more and it can cause a lot of caffeine dehydration in some people. With too much caffeine you may feel restlessness and shakiness, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, Anxiety, Dehydration.


According to the Mayo Clinic and healthline.com to avoid excessive urination & other side effects you can take caffeine only 400 milligrams a day. If you take more than that remember to drink an extra amount of water to stay hydrated.

Smelly urine happens not only for coffee. It depends on the other factors. If you feel Smelly urine very uncomfortable, just consult with your healthcare provider about your issue.


Urine Smells Like Coffee is Dangerous?

No need to worry, if your Urine smells like coffee it is harmless. If you drink too much coffee there is a chance you may face this type of condition. More caffeine always increases dopamine and decreases the effect of adenosine.

If you drink too much coffee you may face the following symptoms includes

Rapid Heart rate Anxiety
restlessness nausea
excitement agitation


If you feel you drink too much coffee there is a chance of you may face the following symptoms includes

Hallucinations Confusion
Convulsions Vomiting
Chest Pain


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How can I prevent urine from Smelling like Coffee?

If you drink less coffee it is an easy way to prevent your urine from smelling like coffee. There are other coffee alternatives in the market like green or black teas that may also help you.

But if you are really coffee addictive and don’t want to switch. When you drink coffee make sure you drink plenty of water as well.



Lastly, We would like to say don’t worry if your Urine Smells like Coffee.  It indicates you drink too much coffee. Try to reduce your daily coffee intake and drink more water. But your urine very smelly you must consult with your healthcare providers.


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