Translucent Skin Causes, Treatment, Diagnosis, FAQs

Translucent Skin is very pale. Those people have this types of skin you can able to see blue or purple veins through the skin.

Among others, Translucent Skin can be caused by a disease or it may depend on other conditions that make the skin very thin or very pale.



Main Causes of Translucent Skin

If your skin is Translucent means you have less Melanin in the Skin. Melanin pigment help to gives color to the hair, eye, and human skin.

If your skin has less Pigment or no Pigment means you or your skin is diagnosed as depigmented.

Causes include

Skin inflammation albinism
tinea Versicolor Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Some medication includes topical steroids Vitiligo


It may depend on other factors like genetics. If your mother or father anyone has this type of skin condition, you have probably inherited it from them.


Some other causes of This Types of Skin

Injury Age
Heat Metal Poisoning
Melanoma Anemia

In Our body, the skin is naturally thinner areas includes hands, wrists, and eyelids.

Aging, Sunlight, alcohol or smoking, and medication are the other causes.


Translucent Skin look Like

This Skin condition appears all over the body but you can notice more in areas near the skin of the Veins. The area is

Wrists Hands
top of feet ribs
shins breasts


Can I able to treat Translucent Skin?

Translucent Skin

In very few cases you can treat this type of skin condition. If you have a fungal infection like tinea versicolor. You can treat it by taking antifungal drugs that can be used to treat hypopigmentation.


Is Tanning Help Me?

No, this process will not work or it is not good for your body. United States Food and Drug Administration did not recommend Tanning.

Tanning booths or Ultraviolet rays from the sun can increase the melanin level in your skin. Your skin becomes darker but actually, it is a sign of damage.

Instead of increase melanin level in your body, you should regularly practice protecting your skin from the Sun. You follow the below mention process.


If possible avoid the sun According to the direction you can use sunscreens
Whenever you go outdoors try to cover your skin Wear a full shirt for a long time sun exposure on water
Wear a guard on your face and head

If you feel very embarrassed about your skin condition, you can use a self-tanner. You can also consult with your dermatologist about which cosmetics are good for you.

There are so many people in the world with Translucent skin. You can contact and communicate with them with the help of online questions and answers related to platforms like Quora, Facebook, and many more. If you have any question-related skin condition you can submit your question or you know the answer you can reply to them.

You can also join the Facebook group related to Translucent Skin and share your knowledge and experience with other people.


How to Diagnosed 

If this skin condition first time appears in your body you can contact your doctor immediately. For diagnosed tests includes

Skin Scraping Skin biopsy
Wood lamp Visual Check

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