Amscot Money Order in 2024 (How to Get, How To Fill)

Money orders are a financial service offered by Amscot.

A money order is a prepaid tool that is used to send or receive money.

Money orders, in general, are very similar, including Amscot Money Order.

Like a check, a money order is paid for upfront rather than having the funds deducted from your account once it is cashed or deposited.

Money orders from Amscot are distinctive from many others in that there is no purchase fee.

Yet, there are still a lot of expenses connected with them.

You must be ready to give the face values for purchasing a money order at Amscot.

Simply said, not all of them are explained upfront. We conducted the study so you wouldn’t have to because of this.



How do I get a money order from Amscot?

You can buy an Amscot money order by doing the following simple steps:

  1. Find the closest Amscot location: Use the company’s website or mobile app to locate the Amscot branch closest to you.
  2. Provide the required details: You must complete the money order form with the recipient’s name, address, and other details.
  3. Generally, Amscot provides money orders free of cost, but you need to give some face values for a money order. To know the actual amount, you must contact the Amscot location or by calling their service number.


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How should an Amscot money order be filled out?

Amscot money shouldn’t be too difficult to complete.

To ensure that your money order is accurate and legitimate, follow these steps:

Follow these procedures to fill up an Amscot money order:

1. Type the name of the recipient: Write the name of the person or business you are sending the money order to in the “Pay to the Order Of” section.

2. Complete the buyer’s information: Provide your entire name and address in the “From” line. This information will make recognizing you as the money order’s buyer easier.

3. Amount: Indicate the money order’s value. Remember that your recipient will be charged a fee to cash your money order. Thus, do two things with them in advance.

The first thing to consider is how much it will cost them to deposit the money into their accounts. The second consideration is how closely the exchange rate they will be given matches the one they discover online.

That will also affect how much money they receive. You might need to add more money to your Money order to ensure they receive the exact amount.

4. Sign the money order: The money order must be signed in the space provided on the form’s front. Verify that you sign with the same name that appears on your identification.

5. Stub/receipt: Save the receipt even after you mail or hand deliver your money order. It’s your evidence that you paid the money order’s face value, so you’ll probably need it if something goes wrong. Just in case, put it away in a secure location.

To prevent any delays or problems with the payment, make sure to thoroughly and precisely fill out the money order.

The employees at your neighborhood Amscot branch will be ready to help you if you have any queries or worries about filling out an Amscot money order.


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What should I do if my Amscot money order is lost?

You must have a copy of the money order receipt stub as both a stop payment and proof of purchase.

Money order replacements will not be considered until 30 days following the date of purchase, and there will be a cost associated with this service.

There can be additional charges. You can print a money order claim form by clicking here if your money order is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Also, you are welcome to visit any Amscot branch and ask for a money order claim form.


How do I track my Amscot money order?

You must call Amscot’s customer service number at (813) 637-6250 if you require information about a money order you’ve already placed because the company doesn’t provide online tracking for its money orders.

So that you can track your order, keep a copy of your receipt close at hand.

Knowing all your alternatives is the greatest way to ensure that you select the one that is best for you and your wallet, especially if you’re sending money overseas through the wire, money order, or other means.


What is the cost of an Amscot money order?

Money orders are always free to buy and never come with any fees! You have to pay the face amount of the money order at Amscot.


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Can I use an Amscot money order to send money abroad?

Amscot money orders can be sent internationally, so make sure the recipient country accepts Amscot money orders by calling Amscot customer assistance at (813) 637-6250.

Alternative: Via a collaboration with Western Union, Amscot provides international wire transfers.


How can I check a money order from Amscot?

To validate an Amscot money order, take the following actions:

1. Check the serial number: The money order’s serial number is printed in the top-left corner.

The exact money order is identified by its one-of-a-kind number.

2. Speak with Amscot: Contact or stop by your neighborhood Amscot location to confirm the money order.

Whether or not the money order has been cashed can be determined by Amscot. To the Amscot agent, you must give the money order’s serial number.

Look online. On the Amscot website, you may also check the authenticity of an Amscot money order.

Click “Verify a Money Order” under the “Money Orders” link on the Amscot website, or call 1-800-801-4444 and choose Option 6 for employment verification.


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What kind of safety measures should we take before mailing an Amscot money order?

Here are some suggestions to assist in lowering the risk of loss or theft if you must mail an Amscot money order:

1. Use a delivery method with tracking: Choose a trackable delivery method to send the money order, like certified mail, so you can ensure the intended receiver has it.

2. To safeguard the money order, seal it in a safe envelope before posting. To prevent anyone from viewing the contents, it’s also a good idea to wrap the envelope in a layer of plain paper or use a security envelope.

3. Maintain a record of the money order: Record the money order’s serial number and save it securely. By using this data, fraud can be stopped, and the money order can be tracked.

If you have any reservations about mailing an Amscot money order, you might wish to think about other options for paying or seek advice from your neighborhood Amscot location.


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Frequenlty Asked Questions

Below we share some FAQs.

1. How much does a money order cost?

There is never a cost to buy a money order from us; they are always free! You simply have to pay the face amount of the money order at Amscot.


2. Can any bank cash an Amscot money order?

Yes. Any money order for any amount will be cashed there. 

In that the financial institution or bank that issued a money order must endorse and process it, money orders are comparable to checks in that they constitute a form of payment.


3. How much time is indeed an Amscot money order good for?

You must use the product code printed on the Amscot money order to validate it. The steps are as follows:

1. Find the serial number first: The money order’s upper left corner bears printing of the serial number. The exact money order is identified by its one-of-a-kind number.

2. Access the Amscot website: Go to, then select the “Money Orders” link.

3. Choose “Verify a Money Order”: Select the “Verify a Money Order” link found under the “Money Orders” menu.

4. Input the serial number: On the verification screen, in the appropriate field, enter the money order’s serial number.

5. Evaluate the outcomes: The verification page shows the money order’s status, including whether it was cashed or not.


4. Can you mail an Amscot money order without risk?

Amscot money orders can be sent over the mail without incident; however, there are several dangers to be aware of.

The funds in money orders may be lost or stolen while they are en route.

Moreover, money orders are similar to cash in that they can readily be cashed by someone other than the intended recipient if they get into the wrong hands.


5. Can I use my credit card to purchase an Amscot money order?

Unfortunately, Amscot does not accept credit card payments for money-order purchases.

Generally, Amscot provides money orders free of cost, but you need to give some face values for a money order.

Cash or a debit card may be used to purchase Amscot money orders.

This rule is in place to guard against fraud and guarantee the legitimacy of the money used to buy money orders.

It’s crucial to remember that if you use your credit card to buy a money order anywhere else, like at the post office or a grocery shop, your credit card company might charge you a cash advance fee and interest.

Before using your credit card to buy a money order, it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions of your card because these fees can be expensive.


6. Can I still acquire an Amscot money order without having a bank account?

Indeed, even without a bank account, you can buy an Amscot money order.

You don’t need a bank account to utilize Amscot money orders because you may buy them using cash or a debit card.

Check cashing, money orders, and bill payments are just a few of the financial services that Amscot provides to aid customers in managing their money.

These services are made available to those who might not have access to standard financial services like checking accounts.


7. Do Amscot money orders need identification?

This implies that whether you cash a check, buy a money order, send or receive money, get a cash advance, load money onto a prepaid debit card, or engage in another financial activity, you might need to know the following information: Name, Road address, the birth date.


8. What is the price of putting a stop payment on a money order?

$12.00 is the price of putting a stop payment on a money order.