CVS Vs Walgreens in 2024 (Stores, Products, Price, Benefits)

Our main topic is the difference between CVS & Walgreens or CVS Vs Walgreens.

We have known Walgreens and CVS for many years, and currently, these two are the only retail chains in which drug stores dominate the USA.

Walgreens was founded in 1901, and CVS, originally named Consumer Value Store, was founded in 1963; there is a huge gap between the times of these stores, but now CVS has managed to become the No.8 largest company in the US revenue.

But this is not it; there are also many other differences between CVS and Walgreens that we soon know through this article.



CVS Vs Walgreens

Below we share some major differences between these two companies.

1〉 Store range

CVS Vs Walgreens (Store Ranges)

CVS and Walgreens are quite reputed places and are loved by many of their customers.

But we don’t know that CVS is the first and most prominent retail chain with the leading pharmacy facilities all around the US.

But Walgreens isn’t that far behind CVS, as Walgreens is proven as the second leading retail store with pharmacy facilities.

So as the CVS store is at the highest point in the US, it’s obvious that CVS has more stores than Walgreens.

All around the United States, CVS has around 10,000 stores in exactly 9967, and Walgreens has approximately 8800 locations all around the US.


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2〉 Price range 

Customers need to understand which one is affordable for them to shop at.

Both CVS and Walgreens are more or less the same on a cost basis.

But few products in CVS are costlier than at Walgreens; in Walgreens, you can purchase one gallon of milk at $2.99, whereas in CVS, it costs $3.69, an egg costs $2.29 in Walgreens and $3.49 in CVS, so you can understand CVS is a bit pricey than Walgreens. 

And if it’s about medicines, then the prices are also similar, but as CVS has better medicine stocks and store ability, that is why there is a chance that few medicines in CVS without insurance will cost much.

So because CVS is a bigger brand than Walgreens, it has many other investments as well, and to keep the balance between all these stores, CVS keeps its product cost slightly higher.


3〉 Product range 

CVS Vs Walgreens (Products Ranges)

In both CVS and Walgreens, the product range is quite extensive. Both of these retail chains are the leading stores, and to compete with all other detail changes, they always keep their products up to date.

In Walgreens, you can purchase items like skin care, beauty, cleaning, grooming, household, groceries, medicines, etc.

And in CVS, you get the same items like beauty products, grooming kits, groceries, medicines, etc.

So in the case of product range, both CVS and Walgreens are great and also get products from different price ranges, so you can easily choose the one you are comfortable with. 


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4〉 Pharmacy 

This is one of the main explanations why CVS and Walgreens are so famous; these are the only dominant pharmacies all around the US, and as both of these pharmacies offer a great deal, that’s why they are always in competition.

But CVS stores are available for its customers, so it has more demand among people, and those who stay near Walgreens prefer buying medicines from Walgreens as, according to customer reviews, Walgreens pharmacy is better than CVS. Still, during the Covid-19 situation, CVS provides extra care for its customers. 


5〉 Reward

Who doesn’t like some extra reward after shopping? And in that, hoping for the reward at Walgreens and CVS is a thing.

Walgreens and CVS have a reward system, but the Walgreens system is a bit trickier.

In CVS, you get extra care rewards which offer you dollars extra return on your purchase, which means if you purchase something of $6, then you’ll get a $2 extra care reward, which you can redeem at your next purchase.

Walgreens offers Walgreens cash or Walgreens register rewards, so using the register reward, you can get free items from Walgreens, but you can’t roll the offer for the next time.

Hence it is difficult to understand the system. Also, CVS offers its customers a beauty reward for every $30 purchase, but Walgreens doesn’t.


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6〉 Curbside pickup 

In people’s daily lifestyles, especially when they have kids shopping at the stores, it gets tricky, and Walgreens offers an impressive Curbside pickup feature to save time.

Through this feature, you can order anything at the Walgreens app, and when you have time, you can pick up that order from a physical Store.

This is a great feature that saves a lot of time, but CVS doesn’t have this feature, which could be very helpful.


7〉 Work environment 

Many employees prefer to work at Walgreens because of the job security, whether you work for the store or pharmacy.

Apart from that, in both places, the employees are always disciplined.

When someone works at Walgreens or CVS there, the co-workers are quite helpful, but at Walgreens, you have to learn how to work as soon as possible, to serve the customers.

The only bad case that you may have to face is if you have a bad customer, but as a pharmacist and an employee, you should Know how to deal with all these.

But in both Walgreens and CVS pharmacies, especially in Walgreens, the superior will always be there to help you out when you face any trouble with a patient or customer. 


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8〉 Employee benefits 

Before working for a company, you should always consider employee benefits.

In Walgreens, the employees get fully paid Life Insurance based on 1.5 times the annual base salary of the salaried team.

Also, the employee gets health insurance, paid time off, paternity leave, disability leaves, 401k retirement plan, financial well-being resources, child care, pet, home, auto insurance, etc., and many other employee benefits at Walgreens.

In CVS, you get dental and vision insurance, supplementary health plans for an accident and critical illness, prescription discounts, paid time off, child and elder care, reimbursement for adoption, surrogacy, educational support, 401k retirement plan, etc. So you can get many thoughtful employee benefits from working at CVS.


9〉 Business strategy 

If we talk about the business strategy, when Walgreens was made, it was built by purchasing a single drugstore.

Walgreens continued to make its business bigger by purchasing new stores to sell its products, but CVS started to focus on its customer service.

Then unlike Walgreens, instead of waiting and purchasing new locations for their stores, CVS bought all their minor competitors until they became a huge brand. And till now, Walgreens is more or less following their original business method while CVS is always up for new changes.


10〉 Return policy 

We love to purchase new items while shipping, but after taking it at home, you realize that you don’t need the product, so in that case, the first thing that comes to your mind is to return it.

So for that, Walgreens offers you a return or exchange policy of 30 days while CVS offers you a return or exchange policy of 60 days, so it helps the customer to return something when they have 60 days. 

In the end, you can understand that no matter how similar Walgreens and CVS look from the outside there are still huge differences between these leading pharmacies and retail stores.

But even though CVS is costlier than Walgreens, there are a few things about CVS that are better than Walgreens.

So, in this case, we must say CVS has won with slightly higher points.