Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay in 2023

Chipotle is often the primary place that you can check out whether you are craving a taco, salad, burrito, or sofrito. Chipotle stays one of the most prominent fast-casual dining chains, with over 2900 restaurants located in and around the US. However, our post here focuses on the rising question of does Chipotle take Apple Pay or not?

With numerous customers who are lining up for their best food offerings, Chipotle surely is open to various payment options. But, it stayed as one of the few major names in the chain of the fast-food market that do not accept Apple Pay in-store. Fortunately, it has however updated its mode of payment.

There are various reports on the company operating towards allowing contactless pay like Apple Pay in-store. It appears that Chipotle surely onboarded the technology for their restaurants. But, there are a few individuals who have not yet been able to make use of Apple Pay at the physical stores of Chipotle, but there is always a way around it through this app.

Continue reading to learn about the manner in which you can use Apple Pay at Chipotle. All information in this regard!


Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay? 

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay

Yes, Chipotle accepts Apple Pay as their mode of payment when their Apple card users are making purchases here. Irrespective of whether you have purchased at the restaurant or through the app, you get a 2% cashback with the help of the Apple Card.

The latest order-ahead app of Chipotle supports Apple Pay. The app offers a facility for ordering ahead and supporting mobile payment services of Android Pay and Apple Pay. Additionally, to include the online orders, the majority of the Chipotle restaurants have their own dedicated Line of customers using this application.

You can easily use Apple Pay at restaurants, boutiques as well as grocery stores even trains, vending machines, as well as taxis accepting Apple Pay. Additionally, it is accepted through every website and application on iPhone, Macbook, and iPad. Apple Pay is a highly conventional and secured solution for making donations to Non-profit organizations.

Therefore, you can easily use Apple Pay while you order through the application of Chipotle. But, it is the facility that is not available in Chipotle restaurants at this point. However, you can refer to Apple Pay through the where you can use page on the official website of Apple. There are numerous users who have expressed their frustrations through the Twitter handle since Chipotle does not accept Apple Pay near their locations.

It is for this reason that Chipotle has redesigned its application for Android and iOS devices to make it easy to purchase as you go. Apple Pay is used in stores and selected apps as well as online handles.

Let us now discuss whether you can pay at Chipotle through Apple Pay or not!


What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the company’s mobile payment plus digital wallet service. Users may make direct subsidies in iOS applications and on the web using Safari. iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, & Mac all support Apple Pay. Apple Pay, on the other hand, is not supported on any Apple client device.

It works everywhere contactless payments are accepted. So, everywhere you see a contactless payments icon or an Apple Pay symbol, it means that hundreds of thousands of retailers and restaurants throughout the world accept Apple Pay.


Using Apple Pay in Chipotle 

You’ll notice an Apple Pay sign mostly on restaurants or even the card reader if your Chipotle offers Apple Pay. If that’s the case, you may pay for your order using your iPhone or Apple Watch if you’ve previously set up Apple Pay with your devices.

Apple Pay essentially turns each major credit or debit card together into a contactless payment option that eliminates the need to physically enter payment information. You can use Apple Pay in-store with either iPhone or Apple Watch, and both options are rather simple.


How to pay with iPhone? 

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay

You can locate the side button of your device and click on it two times to pay with your iPhone. Authenticate your payment using Facial authorization. You can even enter your passcode.

But, you need not be tense if your iPhone is only supporting Touch ID. In this case, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor that will operate for authentication.

If you wish to switch over to the other card from the cards you have on default, you need to click on the default card and then select it. After selecting the new card, you may have to authenticate them again to make the payment go through.

Since you are all set now, simply place your phone near your card reader for making the purchases, check out the tick mark and click on done notifications on your screen.


How to pay with Apple Watch? 

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay

Paying using your Apple Watch is quite similar to paying with your iPhone. To display your default card, double-click the side button on your Watch twice. This may be changed by scrolling down and selecting a different payment method.

Holding the Watch near to card reader after selecting the card will result in a beep and a gentle tap, confirming the payment has gone through.


Can Apple Pay be used on Chipotle’s App? 

Apple Pay is still not accepted at some Chipotle restaurants. While you may inquire about the payment option with the reps, there is a method to purchase meals with Apple Pay until then.

While certain Chipotle restaurants do not accept Apple Pay, the Chipotle app has accepted it as a viable payment option for quite some time. If you can only pay with Apple Pay, you may order it through the app and pick up your food when you arrive.

For using Apple Pay through the app, use them as your preferred mode of payment. Move forward by clicking on the Apple Pay button, making a choice the same for you each time. You will be charged automatically on your default card unless you are selecting the other one; that is done by tapping on the Next button as well as the menu expansion button.

If this is your first time using Apple Pay, you may be asked to provide billing and shipping information, which will be kept for future transactions. Payment confirmation on the iPhone and Apple Watch is identical to in-store confirmation. You may use Apple Pay on your iPad or Mac while paying through the app.


Do you get a Cashback using Apple Pay at Chipotle? 

If you are using Apple Pay Card and the stores you are using in accept it, then you are eligible for a cashback from Apple. There are no limitations on the transaction for availing the cashback, and you can get them multiple times as you are transacting. You can avail about 3% cashback on almost every transaction. Check out the additional terms and conditions on the website of Apple.

The customers of Apple Pay mainly get a cashback on all their purchases that they are making through the card. Check out for eligibility on your official website of Apple. It is recommended to use the Apple Pay Card so that you can avail of the cashback on almost every transaction if you are a regular shopper. It would add up to the massive savings over time!


What are the benefits of using Apple Pay at Chipotle? 

  • You can simply skip the queue when you order through the app.
  • You can order ahead for pickup without any delivery fees involved.
  • The food will wait for you at the pickup location as you arrive.
  • Order food before leaving your home, and your food should be served hot and prepared by the time you have arrived.
  • You can avail of delivery and order at the comfort of your home.
  • Use the app to save your preferred payment methods so that you need not have to search for your card again.
  • The app is a convention to keep track of any promotions that you get through Chipotle that allows you to save money.
  • Chipotle strived hard to reconstruct its original app by releasing its updated version in 2017.

It is widely accepted by the customers now!


What are the other payment methods that are used in Chipotle? 

You need not worry if you are not able to use Apple Pay as there are several other ways you can use for making payments at Chipotle and derive benefit out of their super convenient mobile ordering application for your mobile device even if you are on your Android instead of your iPhone.

Chipotle even accepts several debit and credit cards, cash, as well as Google Pay.

Whichever payment option you select, Chipotle has you covered!

You can now order food easily with the help of their mobile app; therefore, whenever you feel like ordering food, you can do it seamlessly and quickly.

Paying using digital wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay offers you an added level of protection for your purchases; therefore, you should consider using one of the rest which you have not ordered earlier on.


How do we recognize the locations accepting Apple Pay? 

There are a few locations of Chipotle that may not yet support the Apple Payment method in the restaurant. In this case, there are a few ways you can confirm it when you are not sure about whether or not you can make use of Apple Pay at your local Chipotle store.

The method of payment is now available when you see Apple Pay or any contactless payment sign in the store. But, if you are not making the trip to the location, check whether they accept the mode of payment as there is another way of finding out its compatibility.

You can even use Maps to search for locations accepting Apple Pay. Click on the “Useful to Know” section that will reveal the information about accepting Apple Pay if you are searching for your local Chipotle Apple Maps. If you find an Apple Sign there, then it would mean that the restaurant is accepting Apple Pay.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the Quarry of “Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay”

1. What payment methods does Chipotle accept?

Chipotle accepts American Express, as well as Visa, Mastercard, & Discover credit cards. Prepaid cards, debit cards, cash, & Chipotle gift cards are all accepted as payment methods at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Finally, through the Chipotle app, Chipotle accepts mobile wallets such as Apple Pay.


2. What countries accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is approved by over 85 percent of merchants in the United States, so you can use it almost anywhere. Just inquire if you’re unsure. Apple Pay may be used at any location that accepts contactless payments, including vending machines, grocery shops, taxis, and subway stations. Apps and the internet.


3. Does Chipotle accept phone payments?

Chipotle offers may be received, saved, and redeemed. Pay with Apple. Pay using Android.


4. Is Apple Pay accepted at ATMs?

Apple Pay is accepted at more than cardless ATMs. Large banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America are among them. To determine whether an ATM is NFC-enabled, simply check for the contactless emblem.


5. Does Chipotle accept PayPal payments?

You may use PayPal to order food at restaurants that accept one of the two mobile payments after connecting your PayPal account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay.


Bottom Line 

Our post today covers the entire information on does Chipotle take Apple Pay or not. There are a few Chipotle locations that have started to accept Apple Pay as their authenticate payment option in this restaurant.


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