Does Costco Take Mastercard in 2024?

Costco offers many payment options for its customers. In this article, we decode the question of Does Costco Take Mastercard?

Because so many Mastercard users also know the answers.

Less than ten years ago, Costco was wrapping up one of its most significant corporate reorganizations.

In place of its 19-year partnership with AmEx, Costco chose to work with Visa for co-branded credit card accounts.

Some Costco customers are still perplexed despite finishing the switchover almost a year ago. They want to know what payment methods Costco accepts.



Does Costco Take Mastercard?

Does Costco Take Mastercard

If you wish to shop at Costco, you might be unsure if you can use your MasterCard to pay for your goods.

MasterCard will no longer be accepted at Costco’s physical warehouse sites.

Cash, personal checks, EBT cards, all Visa cards, and the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi are the only payment methods accepted in-store at Costco.

On the other hand, accepts MasterCard for payment when making online purchases there.

Because it already has a contract with Visa that is exclusive, Costco does not take MasterCard.

Since 2016, the credit card provider has collaborated with the chain of warehouse clubs.

Initially, Costco and American Express had an exclusive contract, but the two firms couldn’t agree on the renewal conditions.

Cash, debit cards, credit cards, and personal or company cheques from current Costco members are just a few of the payment options available at Costco’s retail locations.

Each purchase allows for the use of many payment methods.

For instance, you can purchase products using both your Visa card and a gift card from the Costo store.


Costco Payment Methods

The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi, co-branded with the warehouse club, can be used at Costco just like any other credit card supported by the Visa network.

When Costco stops accepting credit cards

Customers cannot use credit cards backed by the other three major networks—American Express, Mastercard, or Discover—at Costco warehouses because of the retailer’s contract with Visa. You can pay with Mastercard and Discover cards for transactions made on and the Costco app.

The complete payment process is explained below:

  • Costco warehouses in the United States accept:
  • All Visa Cards, the majority of Debit/ATM Cards with PINs, and Costco Shop Cards
  • Cash
  • Traveler’s checks, business checks from current Costco business members, personal checks from current Costco members, and EBT cards
  • accepts MasterCard and all Visa cards.
  • Discover Cards (JCB and Diners Club included); • The majority of PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards
  • Shop at Costco Cards

All Visa Cards, most PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards, and Costco Shop Cards are accepted at Visa U.S. Costco Gas Stations.


How can I use Mastercard in Costco?

Although MasterCard is not accepted at Costco’s warehouse facilities, you can use the card to make purchases online at When making purchases at online, you can use the following payment methods in addition to MasterCard.


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How Do I Pay For Costco Online With My MasterCard?

Does Costco Take Mastercard

Although MasterCard is not accepted at Costco’s warehouse facilities, you can use the card to make purchases online at When making purchases at online, you can use the following payment methods in addition to MasterCard.

All Visa cards; Discover cards (including Diners Club and JCB); Costco shop cards;

Debit/ATM cards with PINs, such as Citi’s Costco Anywhere Visa® Card

Follow these procedures to pay with MasterCard for your Costco online purchases.

1. Sign in to your account using the Costco app or the website.

2. To begin shopping, click the shopping cart icon. When you’re ready, click “Checkout.” Then, enter the details for your shipping address, including the recipient’s name, address, zip code, and contact information. And then, choose your reliable option and then pay.

3. Choose whether you want to use your MasterCard as the default payment method. Enter your MasterCard information, including the card number, expiration date, CVV code, and your name. Choose your desired delivery method to finish the checkout

I once used a Target Reloadable Prepaid Card to maximize my ability to accrue travel reward points.

4. The Target Prepaid REDcard functions essentially as an online bank account that may be funded in several ways, including using any MasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit card. Use this card bearing the American Express logo just like any other card.

5. I loaded money into my Target card using my MasterCard credit card, then made my Costco warehouse purchases using the Target REDcard. The Costco transaction made in-store was recorded as an American Express transaction.


The Costco Travel website offers a third way to use your MasterCard there.

1〉 On Costco Travel, you can pay for hotel reservations with MasterCard (as well as Visa). When renting a car with Costco Travel, you can use your MasterCard or American Express because you pay after the rental is over (to the rental car company).


2〉 Although I haven’t used MasterCard or American Express there, I’m sure you can when you order flights, cruises, or vacation packages through Costco Travel. View 8 Fantastic Costco Travel Discounts


3〉 MasterCard is not accepted for payment at actual Costco warehouses, although it is accepted online. This is because Costco cannot use any other payment processing networks due to its exclusive connection with Visa. Cash, personal checks, EBT cards, Visa cards, the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi, and other payment methods are also accepted in-store.


Why can’t I use MasterCard at Costco?

Because of the agreement MasterCard and Costco reached, Mastercard is currently the only credit card accepted there. Or money. Business only. Nothing private.


Can I use a debit MasterCard at Costco?

According to Costco, it accepts the majority of pin-based debit cards. Costco accepts all debit cards with pin protection, even though it predominantly accepts Visa credit cards. Therefore, you can use any pin-based debit card from various issuers, including MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

As previously noted, only Visa debit and credit cards are accepted at Costco. MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards from your bank or credit union will not be accepted at Costco.

Typically, this poses no issues for Costco customers. Many of Costco’s devoted customers have branded Visa cards. Many people still carry a Visa credit or debit card in their wallet even though they don’t have one. In 2012, 261 million Americans had a Visa debit or credit card. accepts MasterCard (as well as Visa and Discover) for online transactions but not at warehouse sites. Because your Mastercard won’t function at Cosco, make arrangements for or obtain a Visa Car.


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