How Long Does Inzer Advance Designs Take To Ship in 2024

Powerlifting and weightlifting have a serious amount of liking for many people.

And for athletes who have done powerlifting quite regularly, having proper suits and belts is very important to avoid back pain.

At the Inzer Advance Designs website, as a customer, you can purchase many useful things, such as power belts, power shoes, bench bands, squat suits, deadlift suits, etc.

Besides the variety of items at Inzer, their products’ qualities are also premium. So because of all these, people from all over the world prefer Inzer for their powerlifting journey.

Then it’s important as well to know about Inzer Advance Designs’ shipping services before ordering.



How Long Does Inzer Advance Designs Take To Ship?

Inzer Advance Designs takes around 1 to 4 weeks to deliver to the addresses of the United States.

At the gym, weightlifting without proper support can hurt your spine.

And as people love doing deadlifts, powerlifting belts are important for proper posture.

Besides the powerlifting belts, you can purchase many other gym safety items from Inzer.

That’s why the company has great demand, and this way, they deliver the order within 1 to 4 weeks after 2 to 5 business days of processing. 

Also, Inzer provides services where they manufacture custom powerlifting belts for customers.

For these kinds of customized orders, Inzer takes time to make and process the order, so it takes around eight weeks to deliver the order.

Then apart from the United States, Inzer delivers its items to many international addresses and has amazing shipping features. 


What method Inzer Advance Designs used to ship my order?

What method Inzer Advance Designs used to ship my order

Inzer has huge demand among its customers, so gym rats from all over the world, especially in the United States, prefer ordering Inzer items.

But some people need the orders between specific times and having proper shipping methods as the Inzer is very important. 

The company mainly uses the UPS courier service to deliver the products from Inzer.

For most orders, Inzer utilizes a service of UPS ground shipping, where it takes 1 to 5 days to transit the order after it is shipped. 

Then those who need their order to get delivered faster for them they have the option to choose UPS Next Day Air or UPS Second Day Air shipping.

This way, they can save time and receive their Inzer product within a few days. 


What are Inzer Advance Designs Shipping & Handling Fees?

When you order something from a company, there are shipping charges that need to be paid for the delivery of the products.

There aren’t any courier services available that provide free shipping.

And equally, at Inzer, to shop for any item, the customers also have to pay a shipping fee. 

But the problem is knowing about Inzer product shipping costs beforehand is impossible.

After you add all the necessary items to the cart on the Inzer website, the shipping fee will be calculated and shown at the checkout process based on your order quantity, location, and shipping option.

And for international orders, if there is any extra tax and duties, it will also show.

But before that, knowing the shipping cost of Inzer Advance Designs is impossible. 


How can I track my Inzer Advance Designs Order?

How can I track my Inzer Advance Designs Order

To make your weightlifting journey even better, when you order something from Inzer, you want to use it and hold it in your hand as soon as possible.

But the wait to receive your order makes things uncomfortable.

That’s why to make things easier, you can easily track Inzer orders. 

So to track your Inzer order, first, you need to check your email ID for any confirmation mail from Inzer Advance Designs.

When your Inzer order is dispatched from the Warehouse, you will receive a confirmation mail from the Inzer company.

The confirmation mail will contain all the Inzer tracking information.

To track your order, you can visit the UPS website; enter your Inzer order number, zip code, and any other required information there. After that, your Inzer order is ready for tracking.


Why Does Inzer Advance Designs Take So Long to Ship?

Inzer is still a growing company, and because of this, their shipments sometimes get a little bit delayed or take extra days to process.

Because of this, a few customers complain about the late delivery. 

Also, the demand for Inzer items, especially their powerlifting belts, has increased drastically.

As a result, Inzer couldn’t handle the whole situation at once, and the order took 10 to 16 weeks to get delivered.

Other reasons for delaying the process include national or public holidays, bad weather, location issues, etc.

So because of these reasons, you must be patient after ordering an Inzer item. 


Can I order stock items from Inzer Advance Designs?

Can I order stock items from Inzer Advance Designs

Inzer can purchase listing belt squats, suits, power wraps, and many other useful items related to weightlifting.

And sometimes, while ordering something, if you notice it is out of stock, Inzer provides a service where they can customize the order. 

But if you are waiting for that item recently stocked out from the website, you can contact the Inzer customer service number at 800-222-6897.

The customer service employee will inform you when they restock the Inzer powerlifting product on their website.

Generally, they don’t take much longer to restock their items, especially those in high demand. 


How long does Inzer Advance Designs Take to ship Internationally?

Finding good quality powerlifting or weightlifting items that can give you proper posture and reduce stress on the spine is difficult.

That’s why Inzer has demand from all over the world.

And provide the customer’s service they need.

Inzer delivers their items to many international locations, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, India, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Portugal, Canada, and many others. 

Based on the location, the order can take 12 to 20 months to get delivered.

It’s a huge time to wait for a few orders, but if you are an athlete, you are waiting for the best to complete your powerlifting journey.

Besides that, if you require any guidance, you can contact 903-236-4012 for international order tracking or other queries.



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