Jollibee Vs McDonalds in 2024 (Store, Products, Prices)

Most people around the globe prefer Mcdonalds’ ‘s a lot for their frequent titbits.

Whether munching on a tasty burger or sipping a hot cup of cappuccino, this shop has won the hearts of children and adults.

But do you know that Jollibee is also a tough competitor of this popular brand?

Although this brand has fewer stores, Jollibee is a popular brand, especially in the Philippines.

It is fascinating to know the points while analyzing Jollibee Vs McDonalds.

If you want to know the special points of both top-notch companies, be with us in this content.

People prefer Jollibee because of the lower prices of food items than McDonald’s. Moreover, its chicken quality is also fabulous.

On the other hand, McDonald’s is the first choice in case of delicious burgers.

The company is a master in preparing various burgers in different ranges.



Jollibee Vs McDonalds

Jollibee Vs McDonalds will brief you about which store is better.

Moreover, you can easily find out which has the best burgers and whose chicken is juicier than the others.

Jollibee’s point of inception is the Philippines.

Therefore, it is more inclined towards selling the products at affordable prices.

You can have delicious spaghetti of Filipino style.

Here are some top points of comparison to distinguish between the two top brands.


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Store Ranges

Jollibee Vs McDonalds (Product Ranges)

Jollibee: The stores of Jollibee are found in the Philippines only.

They operate as a food joint in 17 countries with 1500 stores in total.

Moreover, being from the Philippines, this brand can easily enter various local areas without barriers.

The local meat sellers and shop vendors also know the brand quite well.

Thus, in this region, Jollibee’s popularity is more than McDonald’s.

Due to this amazing relationship and personal trust among the natives, the company is dominating the market.

The best part of this success is offering low prices to the customers.


McDonald’s: This brand has prominence in the global market.

Philippines people often prefer Jollibee more.

However, the most appreciable part is that the store range of Mcdonald’s is obviously higher than the other one.

It has comparatively more branches throughout the globe, making the brand a world-famous company.

The world-famous service retailer operates in over 100 countries and has a total score range of 38,000.


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Product Ranges

Jollibee: The fried chicken of Jollibee is tastier than its competitor Mcdonald’s.

Moreover, most visitors find the chicken very soft and juicy.

Similarly, the burger buns are incredible here. But the taste of spaghetti in Filipino style is the specialty of both food chains.

Jollibee is also preferable due to the unique variety of food items.

The most famous one on this list is Beef steak with a combo of rice and flavorsome gravy.

Aroha Burger is also an exclusive item on Jollibee’s menu in the Philippines, consisting of pineapple fillings.

But you will not find such exceptional choices at McDonald’s.

The core products of the Filipino brand Jollibee are;-

· Jolly Spaghetti with Palabok Fiesta

· Chicken Tenders

· Family Bucket Meals

· Burgers/Burger Steaks (especially Aroha Burger)

· Chicken Sandwiches

· Chickenjoy

· Jolly Kids Meals

· Pineapple Quencher

· Peach Mango Pie


McDonald’s: Mcdonald’s is king when you are willing to have some wonderful fries.

Jollibee needs to provide crispier and more tasteful fries.

Moreover, it offers an extensive array of products, ensuring an enjoyable time for every consumer.

The primary product lines here are;-

· Burgers

· Meals

· McCafe

· Desserts

· Ice Cream

· Fries

· Coffee

· Shakes

The specialties among these items include;-

– Chicken BLT

– Big Mac

– Dipped Cone (vanilla cone dipped in chocolate sauce)

– Sweet Tea

– Double Cheeseburger

– Toffee Sundae

Thus, the range here is wider than Jollibee; hence, McDonald’s is a preferable brand across the globe.


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Price Ranges

Jollibee Vs McDonalds (Price Ranges)

This is the most vital point while going through the Jollibee Vs. McDonald’s.

Jollibee: As stated earlier, Jollibee offers incredible delicacies and drinks at much lower rates than McDonald’s.

Furthermore, in the Philippines, the popularity is higher; hence, you will find lower prices than McDonald’s.

The price range varies from 33 Philippino pesos and 900 Philippino pesos. Therefore, you can find how low and attractive the prices are.


McDonald’s: McDonald’s, on the other hand, rules the people’s hearts in most countries.

But the figures of prices on the menu card will make some of you frown a little.

The price range varies per the country’s respective policies and location.

In the USA, generally, the prices begin from $2.18 and can be up to $9.

In the Philippines, however, the price range starts from 200 Philippine Peso approximately and can be as high as 1100 Philippine pesos.


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Why McDonald’s is more successful than Jollibee?

When comparing the level of operations of Jollibee and McDonald’s, it is better to concentrate on the Philippines.

From the past year’s records, the success rate of McDonald’s is quite high this time in this country.

The financials reflected an increase of about 25% compared to the previous year. Many people often regard Jollibee as the “McDonald’s of the Philippines” due to its incredible taste.

Moreover, McDonald’s opened stores in this country later. So, the Philippines became a dominating ground for Jollibee.

The rapid growth of McDonald’s is primarily due to its innovative approaches.

Furthermore, the food chain is ready to expand in various locations, considering the people’s demands.

The franchising model is extremely beneficial for the profitability of the brand.

The company operates on the motto of consistency, quality, cleanliness, and value.

Thus, people get top-notch services here, irrespective of the high prices for some products or locations.

In the case of Jollibee, you will find fewer actions regarding growth and innovation.

Although the price is low, the brand is not so prominent in other countries except the Philippines.

For revenue generation, expansion is crucial.


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Is Jollibee bigger than Mcdonald’s in the Philippines?

Jollibee Vs McDonalds

Yes, Jollibee is bigger than Mcdonald’s. In the Philippines, Jollibee is also known as “Mcdonalds of Philippines.”

Regarding revenue generation and turnover, Jollibee took the upper hand over McDonald’s in 2021 and 2022.

Although McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the USA, it is still behind in sales in the Philippines.

The USA stats show that McDonald’s earned about 1 to 2 Billion dollars, whereas Jollibee’s overall earnings were about $9 billion.

But we can see that Jollibee is slowly capturing the American market also.

Now, which brands will make more money in the coming years is a matter of time.


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How did Jollibee beat Mcdonald’s in the Philippines?

Jollibee’s popularity primarily lies in the distinct Filipino flavors of various items.

The sweet meat sauce is a specialty you cannot get at Mcdonald’s.

Moreover, Mcdonald’s got influenced by some of the items of Jollibee and introduced the McSpaghetti.

The Philippines is the birthplace of Jollibee.

Therefore, it is a local brand highly popular among the citizens. It infuses the traditional taste of the country in most of its items.

This is where it surpasses Mcdonald’s, especially in the market of Philippines.


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The content above gave a brief idea about various critical points related to Jollibee Vs McDonalds.

So, if you have yet to taste any of the food brands, hurry up. Jollibee’s Chickenjoy and Mcdonald’s Big Mac burgers are cherished with all your heart.


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