Walgreens Cashier in 2024 (Work, Requirments, Salary)

Everyone has probably heard of Walgreens, one of the many members of the Retail Pharmacy.

Walgreens Pharmacy is the United States Division of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Over time, Walgreens has dominated the sector, becoming the market leader in retail and wholesale pharmacy.

This page includes thorough information about a Walgreens cashier‘s job description to assist you in understanding the work they conduct.

The role of the cashier is a significant duty, as it is to keep track of the sales of each item in the shop.

As you read on, you will learn about the main activities, tasks, and responsibilities of Walgreens cashiers.

This makes up the majority of the job description.



What is Walgreens Cashier?

Walgreens is widely regarded as one of the most beloved pharmacy chains in the United States.

However, it has also expanded to market health and beauty products.

Because Walgreens exists to serve the well-being and health of every community in America, working as a cashier at Walgreens is a crucial role to hold.

Suppose you need clarification on what a Walgreens cashier performs.

Walgreens Cashiers are primarily in charge of billing for customers purchasing the pharmacy chain’s health-related goods.

They are also in order to provide sustainable top-notch client service.

Furthermore, they are also charged with upholding corporate standards while processing sales swiftly and accurately.

The cashier at Walgreens efficiently manages cash register operations.

Being a cashier at Walgreens is more like being the “eye of the store” because the cashier protects company assets while performing his duty.


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What does a cashier do at Walgreens?

Walgreens Cashier Do

Like any other retail shop cashier, Walgreens cashiers must dispense a set of tasks.

When a person is interviewed and hired for a cashier position, they must do the following:

  • Keep up a superior level of client service.
  • Upholding corporate standards through their performance
  • At the beginning of each shift, accurately count the money in the cash drawers.
  • Make sure there is enough change available at the cash register for quick cash transactions.
  • Swiftly processing sales in a precise and effective manner.
  • Complete cash register procedures
  • By checking and charging appropriately, he protects the company’s assets.
  • Assist the organization in resolving client complaints
  • Transaction totals should be recorded and computed.
  • Gather and maintain both financial and non-financial reports
  • Handle product exchanges and returns
  • Sign up all of your clients for the dollar reward savings Clubcard.
  • Respond to consumer inquiries and dispel any doubts
  • Provide policy and procedural details.


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What are the requirements to become a Walgreens cashier?

The recruiter will always search for attributes and essential prerequisites when applying for a job, such as your degree and work experience.

All these efforts are made to ensure that only the most incredible talent comes to Walgreens.

A career as a Walgreens cashier or other merchant in the same business is a viable alternative.

However, one must meet the primary qualifications for the post. The following are the requirements for becoming a Walgreens cashier:

  • The individual must be fluent in English. Moreover, fluency must be there in speaking, reading, and writing English. This is because the majority of Walgreens’ customers are Americans.
  • The candidate needs to be open to working on a flexible schedule. Accordingly, the employees must be able to work on weekends and evenings.
  • To be a Walgreens cashier, the applicant must have at least six months of retail experience. If a candidate has experience doing cashier duties, they will be given preference over newcomers.
  • The applicant for the Walgreens cashier position must be exceptionally gifted in Maths. It is greatly anticipated for a Walgreens cashier to compute and record every transaction correctly without fail.
  • The individual should be computer literate to fill out records as needed. Furthermore, they must be quick learners to operate on updated software as required.


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How Much Does Walgreens Cashier Make an Hour?

Walgreens Cashier make an hour

There are many claims and wage structures about the hourly pay of a Walgreens cashier.

According to one report, a cashier’s average salary is $14 per hour in Walgreens. 

Moreover, as per their unique Total Pay Estimate algorithm, this amount indicates the range’s median or midpoint.

The figure is also based on user salaries. As a result, the anticipated hourly wage is $14.

However, according to Indeed, the hourly wage indicates something else.

Walgreens cashier is estimated to earn $16.54 per hour.

Their pay is slightly more than that of a standard sales associate at Walgreens.

These two pieces of information tell us that the hourly wage of a Walgreens cashier ranges between $14 and $16.54 on average.


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How Much Does Walgreens Cashier Make Annually?

According to some reports, the annual pay estimate of a Walgreens cashier reveals a bleak picture of their annual salary.

If you take into account that the Walgreens cashier is paid $15 per hour, that means they make an average of $32,000 each year.

The national average wage is $66,000 annually, which is 69% higher than this salary estimate.

The Senior Director of Network Services at Walgreens earns an annual compensation of $190,000, making them the company’s highest-paid employee compared to the other roles.


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How much do Walgreens cashiers make in Texas?

Walgreens Cashier make in Texas

According to the data, a Walgreens cashier in Texas earns roughly $16.30 per hour on average.

This hourly compensation is higher than the national average hourly wage.

This hourly wage is subject to change based on inflation rates and the worker’s prior job experience.

To earn a higher salary, the Walgreens cashier must exhibit professional competence by meeting customers’ demands while maintaining the accuracy of cash transactions.


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How much do Walgreens cashiers make in California?

According to the data, a Walgreens cashier in California earns roughly $20.74 per hour on average.

This hourly wage is more significant than what they are paid in Texas.

It also outperforms cashier jobs at other retail corporations such as CVS Health and Safeway.

The Walgreens cashier should demonstrate professional competence in their working manner so that Walgreens, as a whole, benefits without jeopardizing the comfort and delight of the consumers.


Is being a Cashier at Walgreens hard?

Working as a cashier at Walgreens is an excellent choice, especially if you are fresh to the employment market.

We analyzed the reviews and surveys and discovered that former employees and Walgreens cashiers had a positive experience while working there.

According to the former employees, Walgreens management is very supportive and kind. Unlike other retailers, Walgreens management will go out of its way to train a new cashier. Not to mention that the coworkers are excellent, as they are also hired for their social skills.

When someone works as a cashier at Walgreens, they don’t have to worry about overworking to make a good living.

Furthermore, the management ensures that your working hours are well-spent if there are no customers.

They know how to keep you busy fixing the front of the registers and restocking as needed.

In a nutshell, working as a cashier in Walgreens is pleasurable rather than taxing.



They make a good wage because they work in a fun environment.

As a Walgreens cashier, you will constantly be learning new things.

The friendly attitude of the seniors is an added advantage for working in this organization. 


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