Walmart Vs Meijer in 2024 (Product Range, No of Stores, Price)

When it comes to obtaining quality groceries at the best prices, Walmart and Meijer occupy the top positions.

However, the competitive advantages of one over the other turn the two shopping destinations more popular worldwide.

So, learn about the differences in the below-mentioned study of Walmart Vs Meijer.

Do you know that these two brands are interconnected?

Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton, got his inspiration to create this fabulous brand from Frederick Meijer, the father of Meijer.

The biggest philosophy behind the business of Meijer was working for people’s happiness and contentment. Vast wealth can often make the owners arrogant.

But Meijer believed in understanding the people’s needs and never ran for more money.

He started a small shop in 1934 and slowly grew into a corporate giant.

The thoughts and ideas of Meijer immensely touched Sam Walton.

Finally, he launched Walmart on the same philosophy.

But gradually, with time, he started trading professionally and shifted from the original tradition of Meijer, making it more approachable for global buyers.



Walmart Vs Meijer

Walmart Vs Meijer

It is essential to distinguish between Walmart and Meijer to understand the advantages and limitations of shopping from both brands. So, quickly go through the points of Walmart Vs Meijer and learn about the highlighting features.


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Product Range

The range of products for Walmart is greater than Meijer. Hence, for many customers, Walmart seems to be a better choice than the other.

It has excellent collections of beauty products, furnishings, sporting goods, jewelry, etc.

Furthermore, in the case of Walmart, you will get hands-on digital video services streaming only on demand.

On the other hand, for groceries, electronic gadgets, medicines, etc., Meijer has a bigger market.

In total, Meijer has only 15 categories, whereas for Walmart, the number of shopping categories is around 16 or more.


Number of Stores

The next point of difference is the number of stores of the two brands in various parts.

Obviously, both of these star shopping destinations are famous in domestic and international markets.

Being a supermarket chain in America, Meijer has 253 stores, especially in Michigan and other famous parts of the US.

It operates primarily in the Mid-Western states of America, which are counted to six.

However, Walmart is more popular, with more than 10,585 stores worldwide. It has a global presence and operates in 25 countries apart from all the states of America.


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Product Quality

Several people find Meijer a more convenient option than Walmart because of its consistency in maintaining high-quality products.

Generally, the locals prefer to buy most essential commodities from nearby stores, ensuring good quality at reasonable rates.

Although prices seem higher in some cases concerning quality, the items are worth buying.


Price Range

It is often great confusion among buyers about which store to select for more savings.

However, the Walmart Vs. Meijer will show you the price range of both brands for various items.

In 2022, you will find that the price range of Walmart is lower than Meijer for most of the necessary products like baking goods, dairy products, personal care, home care items, etc.

However, Meijer captures the market more by charging less for dry goods, beverages, and a few more luxurious items.


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Is Meijer Better Quality Than Walmart?

Quality plays a significant role as you go shopping for any item.

Moreover, in America, the most renowned brands are Walmart and Meijer.

Although many other brands have established themselves as reliable suppliers of FMCG products, these two names always occupy the top positions in the US Market.

However, the quality of groceries is better in Meijer than in Walmart.

The Meijer stores are also cleaner and attract the locals more.

Meijer is undoubtedly the first choice for many if they are more conscious of quality and freshness than the prices.


Is Meijer More Expensive Than Walmart?

Among the top global brands, Meijer occupies the 606th rank. But the items of this store are more expensive than Walmart.

Although Meijer is unbeatable concerning the freshness and quality of its products, it may not be so pocket-friendly on all occasions.

For everyday shopping, it is better to go for Walmart as the savings will be higher. However, in some of the categories, Meijer charges less.

Such items include various kinds of beverages, dry foods, etc. But for most daily products. Walmart, indeed, has greater value.


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Which Is Older, Walmart Or Meijer?

Meijer was established in 1934 in Michigan, United States, as a small shop under the ownership of Frederick Meijer. Initially, the name of this store was Thrifty Acres.

With the increase in popularity, the name also changed.

However, you cannot call to be the oldest. But Walmart is indeed a newer store than Meijer.

Walton started Walmart in 1962. However, before that, the talented entrepreneur started a petty outlet in 1945 of Ben Franklin.

The shop was located in Arkansas. It showed spectacular growth over time and owned more than 38 stores by 1972. Finally, Walmart also listed its name on the New York Stock Exchange.

Walton got the idea of forming this store from the founder of Meijer.

He worked dedicatedly on the idea of selling multiple products under one roof, thus simplifying life for the public.

Walton took the business very seriously and decided to increase the variety in the store.

As a result, it surpassed the number of shopping categories more than Meijer.

So, even though Meijer is older than Walmart, the latter impressed hundreds of shoppers with its vast range of products.

Regarding quality, on the other hand, Meijer has a fabulous record for selling only high-quality products.



In the above discussion of Walmart Vs Meijer, you have discovered some fascinating facts about the distinguishing features of both famous brands.

Although Walmart dominates the other in most of the points, Meijer is undoubtedly the best choice for local users who keep quality over any other factor.

If you love both brands, select your shopping destination according to the respective products you need to buy.


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