Atmosphere Return Policy in 2024 (In-store, Mail, Refund)

According to the Atmosphere Return Policy, if you want to return your Atmosphere product, you have to return it within the first 30 days of purchase.

Though you will receive a few extra days for return, it’s better to follow the appropriate time for returning the Atmosphere item.

Canada is a place where there are thousands of locations where people can go hiking or for some adventurous experience.

And after realizing it, Atmosphere noticed an opportunity.

A company was made where customers can purchase clothing and footwear for men, women, and kids. Besides that, customers can also purchase gear, accessories, electronics, etc., so the range of items is huge. 

But no matter how amazing Atmosphere products are, it’s natural that there are cases of return because of the customers’ respective reasons.

So, instead of trying random methods, knowing about the steps and rules of return is useful.

That’s why this article about the Atmosphere Return Policy is here to guide you.



What is the Atmosphere Return Policy?

For people who love adventures, having a brand like Atmosphere is a blessing.

Atmosphere helps the customer find comfortable, good quality, and reliable hiking products at an affordable cost.

Hence, in Canada, Atmosphere has become a well-known company.

But customers can’t hold on to the products they don’t need or aren’t a perfect fit.

In that case, if the customer wants to return the Atmosphere product, then there are a few rules that they should know.


So, to return the Atmosphere item. 

The product has to be returned within the first 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

● The product can be returned between 31 to 60 days, but in return, the customers won’t receive a money refund.

● The Atmosphere return product has to be unused and undamaged, with all the paperwork, parts, and accessories intact.

● The original packaging should also be in perfect condition at the return time.

● The postmark date of the Atmosphere return package will be considered the return date.


These are the basic rules that the Atmosphere customers should know at the time of return. 


How to Return Product to the Atmosphere?

How to Return Product to the Atmosphere

So you love hiking? Then it’s obvious that you love Atmosphere.

At the website or stores, customers can purchase good quality clothing, boots, accessories, gear, etc. 

Even though customers often purchase Atmosphere products, returning the item in exchange for a refund is the best thing they can do if it doesn’t fulfill the customer’s requirement. 


So, to return the Atmosphere products store,

● Visit your nearest Atmosphere retail store.

● Go to the Atmosphere customer service and tell the employee that you want to return your Atmosphere product.

● Then, provide your photo ID matching the e-receipt address, and if the product is purchased from the store, then the original receipt.

● After that, give Atmosphere customers the product you want to return with its original packaging, paperwork, parts, and accessories. 

● Then, if the product is eligible for return, the Atmosphere professionals will accept the item.


And if you want to return the Atmosphere product through the mail, then,

● Visit the Atmosphere Canada website and log in to your account.

● Then, find the return page, or you can directly click on the link:

But if your Atmosphere product arrived in multiple packages, contact customer service from the Atmosphere website or through 1-855-496-2866.

● After that, provide your Atmosphere order number and billing postal code, and start the return process.

● Provide all the required information; after the return process, you will receive an Atmosphere return merchandise authorization (RMA) form via email, which you’ll have to fill out.

● Pack your Atmosphere return product thoroughly so that the product or its original packaging won’t get damaged at the time of shipping; also include the RMA form with the product. 

● After that, connect to your preferred courier service to apply for a return label for the Atmosphere product.

● Pay for the return shipping label and then stick the label at the top or side of the Atmosphere return package.

● Afterward, submit the Atmosphere return package at the courier company’s drop office. And ship the item at,

          12 Melanie Dr

          Brampton, ON

          L6T 4K9

For returning Atmosphere products, customers can choose any of the above methods to return their products.

If the customer wants to return the product through mail, all shipping charges should be prepaid, as Atmosphere doesn’t accept COD deliveries.

Also, at the time of return, choose a reliable and traceable courier service so that you can track the location.

First Atmosphere is not responsible for any damaged lost return packages.


Atmosphere Return Policy for Damage items?

Atmosphere Return Policy for Damage items

When you are going hiking, you must have equipment that is safe to use.

But after purchasing an Atmosphere product, if you received it damaged, it’s better to return it to the company. 

So if you receive damaged products from Atmosphere, call the Online Customer Service Department immediately at 1-855-496-2866.

You must contact Atmosphere before returning the product. Or else they won’t be able to guide you with the product and its shipping charges. 

Also, before contacting Atmosphere, ensure you have your order number.

If you don’t have it, visit the Order Tracking page to find the order number in your Atmosphere Order History.


What products does Atmosphere not accept as a return?

There are so many varieties of items available at Atmosphere.

Hence, customers can shop for their required items freely, but a few items are unavailable for return. 

So the items that you can’t return to Atmosphere are,

● Final sale items 

● Clearance items 

● Opened electronic products (including but not limited to fitness trackers, drones, heart monitors, GPS trackers, etc.)

● Products associated with hygiene and public safety ( such as swimwear, underwear, masks, mouth guards, etc.) 

● Nutritional and Food Products

● Tickets and Passes

● Jumpstart donations

● Reusable Value Bags


Does Atmosphere have a free return?

Does Atmosphere have a free return

Customers love to purchase items from Atmosphere for their adventurous journey.

But if any situation occurs and the customer wants to return the Atmosphere product, they can easily do that within the return window.

But customers don’t like the idea of paying a return shipping fee at the time of return.

But for now, providing free shipping isn’t possible for Atmosphere.

Customers can utilize free shipping only if they return the purchased Atmosphere product at any Atmosphere Store.

But if the customer tries to return that item through the mail, the return shipping cost is the customer’s responsibility.

So, if you want to avoid any return fee, return the item at the Atmosphere store. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from Atmosphere?

Even though Atmosphere products are quite affordable, after returning something, it’s natural that the customers get a little anxious about the refund.

So, if you return the Atmosphere product to the company, you will receive your refund within 30 days of receiving the item.

After the return, Atmosphere takes time to process the items, so the refund timing is natural.

But if you don’t receive your Atmosphere refund after 30 days, contact Atmosphere customer service.


Through which payment method does Atmosphere provide refunds to the customers? 

The product is processed after you mail the product to Atmosphere Wearhouse or return it to the store.

And the professionals verify if the product is eligible for return or not.

If the product is accepted for return, Atmosphere starts processing the refund, and it gets credited through the original payment method.

PayPal returns at the Atmosphere retail store locations will be added to the Debit or Credit Card attached to the customer’s PayPal account.

Credit for the gift returns will be issued to the original purchaser.

Customers must return the Atmosphere item within the first 30 days of purchase for the money refund.

After that, from 31 to 60 days of return, the customers will receive Atmosphere Merchandise credit as a refund.

But if the Atmosphere return product is less than $5, then cash will be refunded.



Below we share some FAQs

Can I exchange an Atmosphere item instead of a return?

The process of exchanging any Atmosphere product is similar to returning it.

In both store and online purchases, if you want to exchange your Atmosphere item, you must exchange it in-store within 60 days of purchase.

But you must carry your Atmosphere original purchase receipt.


Can I return the Atmosphere item after 30 days? 

Yes, you can return the item after 30 days.

After that 30-day return window ends, you have an extra 30 days to return the Atmosphere product.

But the bright side of returning the Atmosphere product within 30 days of purchase is that you will receive a monetary refund in exchange for the product.

But if you try to return the product between 31 to 60 days after purchase, you’ll receive Merchandise credit instead of a cash refund. Returns over 60 days are not qualified for a refund.


Can I return the Atmosphere item with a receipt?

Well, if you lost your Atmosphere receipt somehow, the company will try to retrieve your receipt for in-store or online purchases.

But even after trying, if the company couldn’t find a purchase receipt at Atmosphere, in the event, product return isn’t possible.


Does Atmosphere provide warranty returns?

If your product is eligible for a warranty, some items are sold on that come with a manufacturer’s product warranty.

In that case, you can return or replace your product, but to have a proper idea about the warranty process, you must contact the Atmosphere Customer Service Department at 1-844-651-2309.


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