FreshCo Return Policy in 2024 (Damage Product, Refund)

According to the Freshco Return Policy, if you are not satisfied with your purchase. You must return it within the first 14 days of your purchase.

FreshCo is a well-known grocery Store company in Canada.

Customers can purchase almost any groceries they want, like chicken, vegetables, snacks, etc. 

However, after purchasing these items from FreshCo, if a customer feels like the product has some defective issues or doesn’t need it anymore, they can easily return the product to the company. 



FreshCo Return Policy Return Process

There is no reason to worry about the return process of FreshCo.

You have to return the FreshCo groceries and medicine almost through the way you purchased it. 

● Visit the FreshCo store you purchase the groceries from.

● Then, ask any employee at FreshCo to go to the cashier and tell them that you want to return your FreshCo item. 

● And then, if the product is eligible for return, FreshCo will accept it.


FreshCo Return Policy for Damage items?

FreshCo Return Policy for Damage items

While purchasing the FreshCo product, you are the one who hand-picked the item.

But after going back home, if you find out or notice that the grocery item is damaged, you must contact the company that manufactured the product directly to place a complaint.

Manufacturers are the experts in their products.

Thus, they will guide you properly regarding the damage issue. And also, look after your complaints.


What products does FreshCo not accept as a return?

FreshCo generally accepts most of the items for return.

But if the product is opened in that case, FreshCo may not accept the item.

But it will be better for you to visit or contact FreshCo directly to know about the items that FreshCo doesn’t accept for return.


Does FreshCo have a free return?

Well, yes, customers get free returns at FreshCo. FreshCo accepts any online return, so as a customer, if you want to return your product at FreshCo, you have to visit the store in person. Hence, all returns at FreshCo are free of cost.


Can you return your FreshCo product without a receipt?

FreshCo Return Policy without receipt

When returning at FreshCo, receive a store credit or refund. You must carry your FreshCo original purchase receipt.

If you don’t have the receipt, in that case, the FreshCo won’t be possible. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from FreshCo?

FreshCo refunds don’t take long as you return the product directly at the store.

After successfully returning the product, you will almost immediately receive the money refund or store credit.


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