Fido Return Policy in 2024 (Damage, Refund, Updated)

In this article, we share detailed information on the Fido Return Policy with detailed information.

Starting a business needs more than just theoretical or practical knowledge.

The most important elements that help you run a successful business are the capital to invest and the skill to sell your product or service.

Operating both online and offline requires a business to have effective shipment partners.

Fido is a Canadian mobile network operator which has been in the business for more than a decade.

Rogers Communication owns this company.

Over the years, they have expanded their business operations and are now a successful dealer in telecommunication gadgets.

In today’s article, we will discuss the terms and conditions left on the customers while returning a device at Fido and their return policy.



Fido Return Policy Return Process

Returning an item at Fido has some rules and regulations to be followed when replacing it.

The store policy states that every purchase made from the store has to be returned within 15 days of purchase; if you have exceeded the given timeline, you will not be entertained.

Online purchases are usually given more time to process the return; it is usually 30 days for customers to return an item purchased from

Moreover, purchases made through express shipping also come within the same period.

While replacing the device, it must be in its original condition.

The screen lock and passwords should be removed while sending it back.

Moreover, you must send the device with its original packing.

You will also have to tag along the bill and the other mobile accessories that came with the device.

Suppose you need to meet the criteria mentioned above.

In that case, you will no longer be eligible to return your device to Fido.


Fido Return Policy For Damaged Goods?

Fido Return Policy For Damaged Goods

A customer-friendly business structure is an integral ingredient that contributes towards building the reputation and goodwill of your company.

The reputation and the goodwill depend on factors like easy return and exchange policies, value for money, and customer satisfaction.

When you can combine all these components in a calculated portion, it leads to the success of your business.

Similarly, at Fido, you can return your damaged goods for a return or a refund.

Depending upon your mode of purchase, you can easily apply for a return on your damaged item.

However, if your return of damaged goods is successful, you will have to reset the device and then send it back.

Moreover, you should apply for the return within 30 days of delivery.

After the complication of the warranty period, they will no longer be entitled to entertain you. 


What products are not accepted as returns?

What products are not accepted as returns

Keeping the customers at the top of the priority list, Fido often offers return or refund services to their customers.

But there are times when they strictly deny accepting electronic goods when they don’t meet the requirements of the in-house policy.

When you think of returning an item at Fido, the returning item must be in its original condition.

If your returning device meets any unpleasant situation like physical or moisture damage.

The company will no longer accept it.

Those products will directly go to the defective category, and the consumer will not be given any return or refund for that particular item.

Moreover, if you ship, you’re returning gadgets with any kind of internal lock, like a password or pattern that cannot be unlocked.

In that case, the item will be sent back to you or returned to you instead of refunding you.


Does Fido Have a free return policy?

Typically, they have a wide range of options to pick from; when you shop at Fido for shipping, it is seen that if your product is eligible for replacement, the defective item is collected.

The replaced item is shipped within ten business days.

If you return an item via shipping, you will have to bear the shipping cost of that process.

They will not provide you with any shipping charges.

You can contact the Fido officials; they will guide you.

But you will have to return the device along with its original packaging and all the necessary items to them.

Or you can also drop your shipment to your nearest Purolator depot.


How much time will it take to get a refund from Fido?

How much time will it take to get a refund from Fido

For a successful return to take place, one must fulfill certain criteria set by this company.

If you successfully clear all the criteria required for a return or a refund fund, it can take almost 4 weeks to process your return; it is the standard time frame within which most of the return or refund request is cleared.

Usually, it takes somewhere around 3-6 weeks to process a refund.

The refunds are usually processed through checks after Fido authorities receive your device and approve your refund appeal.

The time after you have received their prior approval, your invoice will be processed, and the money will be credited.

In case you have any complications, you can get in touch with your financial intuition.


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