Linen Chest Return Policy in 2024 (Mail, Damage, Refund)

According to the Linen Chest Return Policy, you can return the product within 30 days of purchase.

In Canada, customers love Linen Chest; they can purchase all the decorative items needed for their household.

Furniture mirrors, dinner sets, and many other things are available at the Linen Chest stores and websites.

This company has been in the market for over 60 years and understands what customers want.

After fulfilling all the customer’s demands, your customer tries to return their Linen Chest item to the company.

So that’s why, to guide the people, this article about the Linen Chest Return Policy is here.



What is the Linen Chest Return Policy? 

Everyone wants to make their home as beautiful as possible.

Still, due to a lack of unique and quality decorative materials, the house gets designed with old-looking curtains, bed sheets, and even dining sets.

Understanding this issue, Linen Chest came into the market.

People with good taste indeed prefer purchasing Linen Chest items to enhance the beauty of your home. 

But still, due to customers’ respective reasons, they must return their Linen Chest purchased item. 


So, if you want to return your Linen Chest item, then,

The Linen Chest product has to be returned within the first 30 days of purchase.

● Then, it must be unused, undamaged, and in perfect condition at the time of return.

● Also, the Linen Chest product must have the original packaging, document tags, and accessories attached to that item and be in perfect condition. 

● After purchasing a Linen Chest product, if you received a promotional item or a gift card, then at the time of your product Return, you have to return the promotional item or gift card in a new and unused condition. 

● Linen Chest Mattress return isn’t a part of the Linen Chest return policy; they have a separate 100-Day Comfort Guarantee policy.

Etc. These are the main rules you should know about Linen Chest Return.


How to Return Product to Linen Chest?

How to Return Product to Linen Chest

Linen Chest products are something that attracts customers’ attention very much.

Finding some good quality home decoration items, including furniture, is very difficult in the present market.

Hence, Linen Chest’s product demand is increasing day by day. 

Also, if customers aren’t unsatisfied, their return policy is quite flexible.

So, if you want to know the steps for returning the Linen Chest items, then,

For an in-store return,

● Visit the Linen Chest store 

● Tell the Linen Chest employee that you want to return your item.

● To return the Linen Chest product, the purchaser has to be present at the store with ID proof.

● Along with the Linen Chest return product, carry its documentation and original receipt.

● After that, the product will get verified and checked by the Linen Chest professionals,

● Then, if the Linen Chest product is eligible for return, only then will the company accept the return.


For Mail returns,

● First, visit the Linen Chest website and log into your account.

● Find the return page and submit a return request online by providing all the required information.

● Once the product is approved for return, you will receive an email confirming that statement.

● After that, apply for a return label at your preferred courier service company.

● Pack the Linen Chest return product thoroughly so that it won’t get damaged at the time of Shipping. 

● Include PDF documentation of your Linen Chest return approval form in the return package.

● After that, stick the return label at the top or side of the Linen Chest return package.

● Then, drop the Linen Chest return package at the drop office of your chosen courier service.

● And send the product to the address,

Attn: Order Returns, C/O Linen Chest

875 Montée Saint-François

Laval, QC

H7C 2S8


Linen Chest Return Policy for Damage items?

Linen Chest Return Policy for Damage items

Linen Chest is a home decorative item company, and they have to deal with fragile and delicate items such as dining sets, mirrors, wall art, furniture, etc.

Because of these, if any incident occurs, the customer receives a damaged Linen Chest item at the time of delivery.

In that case, Linen Chest will try everything to provide proper customer service.

But when a customer submitted the return authorization request form and wanted to return their Linen chest product because of damage.

Then, for that return, the customer has to take a photo of that damaged item and the condition of its packaging.

Inside that, if there is other instruction, it will be provided to you. 

If the Linen Chest item is delivered damaged and the customer successfully returns the item within the deadline.

Then, the customer won’t have to pay any return cost, and the price will be refunded to the customer. 

When Returning the damaged Linen Chest item, it’s natural to have some issues or confusion.

Then you should contact Linen Chest customer service at or at the website, there is live chat available as well. 


What products does Linen Chest not accept as a return?

Generally, Linen Chest accepts most of the items for return at their stores and website, but still, they have a strict return policy that customers have to follow. 

Linen Chest is a reputed interior decoration company, and customers can purchase almost everything they need from here.

But there are a few items that Linen Chest doesn’t accept for return, those are,

● Final sale items

● Special orders

● Items that are used on opened



Does Linen Chest have a free return?

Does Linen Chest have a free return

Returning a few Linen Chest items is difficult as they can be pretty big.

Customers love Linen Chest items, but they don’t prefer to pay for them after paying for them.

But the thing is, Linen chest items are of different sizes and weights, that’s why providing free returns for free is not that easy for Linen Chest. 

That’s why if any customer wants to return their Linen Chest item through mail, there is no free shipping available.

Customers have to return the item they own using their preferred courier method.

And if you are willing to return your Linen Chest in-store, you can do that for all your purchases.

And the return cost for in-store return is free.

So, if you want to take advantage of free return at Linen Chest, then you have to return your product at the store within 30 days. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from Linen Chest?

Generally, there is nothing to worry about when you return a product at Linen Chest.

But still, customers have concerns about how many days they will receive the refund. 

So, for in-store returns, after the Linen Chest product is successfully returned, your refund will automatically be credited to your original payment method.

For online returns, as it takes some time to process, you will receive the Linen Chest product refund within 10 to 15 days in your original mode of payment. 



 Below we share some FAQs related to Linen Chest

Does Linen Chest accept returns from international addresses?

Customers from outside Canada also buy items from Linen Chest.

But if they want to return the product for some reason, then unfortunately, for the time being, Linen Chest isn’t accepting any international product returns at their company.


Does Linen Chest provide return under warranty service?

Well, Linen Chest does provide a one-time replacement or repair for their items if they fall under the specified warranty period or are defective.

The customer can return the product through mail or at the Linen Chest Store.

But before that, they must provide pictures and videos to show the damage or the manufacturing defect.

Also, the warranty replacement isn’t possible without the original receipt, so you must have the Linen Chest receipt.


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