Moores Return Policy in 2024 (Mail, Damage, Refund)

According to the Moores Return Policy, you can return the product within the first 90 days of your purchase.

Moores is a men’s specific formal wear company. There, anything related to formal wear can be purchased.

The quality and price of the items are just incredible.

This company was first established in 1980 and is an affiliate of Men’s Wearhouse in the United States. 

On the other hand how much customers love Moore’s clothing and purchase it for themselves, but still, there are cases where for some reason, customers have to return it.

So, for the return of Moores formal wear; customers have to return a product within 90 days; it should be unworn, unaltered, and have all the tags intact.

Also, another thing for return, it’s necessary that the original receipt accompanies Moore’s return.

But still, besides all these, there are many other things about Moores’s return policy that you should know, and that’s why to guide you with further details.



Moores Return Policy Return Process

No matter how much people love casual clothing for their day-to-day activities, it is very important to have formal clothing for the professional part of their lives.

So that’s why for men’s formal wear, Moores is a great option. 

But still, there are cases, mainly for online shopping, where the customers have to return or exchange their Moores product because of size, color, or any other issues.

That’s when it became necessary to know how to return the Moores’ clothing to the company. 


So, to return Moore’s clothing through the mail,

● Visit the Moores website and log in to your profile.

● From there, find the Moores return and exchange page, or you can go directly to the link

● Enter your email ID and zip code at the Moores return page, then click next. 

● After that, complete the return process by mentioning the products you want to return and the reason for it.

● After that, print out the packing slip and

● Shipping label from their return page.

● And Stick the label at the top or side of the perfectly packed Moores return package. 

● When everything related to packing is done, drop the package at your nearest FedEx CA shipping location. 


And if you want to return your Moores item in-store, then,

● Visit your nearest Moores location.

● Go to the customer service desk and tell the Moores employee you want to return your purchased items.

● Provide them your original Moores payment receipt and if you purchased it online, then carry the packing slip or print the receipt out.

● The Moores employee will inform you if any other information is required.

● After that, your Moores item will go through a series of checks to ensure the product is eligible for return.

● And if it’s in perfect condition, then the Moores employee will accept the product for return.


Moores Is a well-known company for men’s formal wear, and that’s why, considering the customers’ situations, Moores accepts returns through both mail and in-store. 

Also, if you want to return your online purchase Moores item in-store, you can easily do that with the original purchase receipt.

The same rules go for in-store Moores Purchased, as you can return the product using the mailing system. 


Does Moores Return Policy for Damaged items?

Moores Return Policy for Damaged items

Moores is a great company, and as they sell high-quality formal wear to the customers, that is why they always try to keep their reputation intact.

So that’s why when Moores sends some item to the customer, they always try to ensure the product is in perfect condition.

But still, somehow, for some unknown reason, if you received a damaged clothing item from Moores, you should contact 1-866-231-6067 or mail at [email protected]

You can claim for replacement or refund of your damaged Moores item and get the item you need there. 


What products do Moores not accept as a return?

As we know by now, Moores has an incredible collection of men’s formal wear, and their prices are appropriate based on the item’s quality.

So, that is why Moores doesn’t accept a few items for return at their store or through the mail to keep the perfect collection like they always have. So those are,

● Final sale item 

● Altered or worn clothing 

● Customized clothing items 

But even though these items are not returnable, if you still have any issues regarding them, you can visit your nearest Moores store or call customer service.


Does Moores have a free return?

Does Moores have a free return

Well, buying formal wear is always heavy on the pocket, but still, for professional work, it’s unavoidable.

Because of this, customers are always hopeful for their new Moores items.

But if it’s not satisfying enough for their choice, then paying a return fee isn’t something they prefer as well.

That’s why by understanding the customers’ sentiments, Moore’s return charges for both in-store and mail returns.

So, now customers can enjoy purchasing Moores items without worrying about the extra fees. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from Moores?

Well, to purchase formal wear from Moores, no matter how well priced they are, formal wear is more expensive than casual clothing.

So that’s why customers get anxious about the refund after returning the product to the company.

After the company receives the Moores return product, the product is thoroughly checked to ensure there aren’t any issues with the product.

Then I’d say everything is perfect, based on that, within 14 business days. 

But for the refund, there are some terms available for the Moores. Those are, 

● All refunds at Moores request the customers’ name, address, and phone number.

● After 90 days of returning your Moores product, you will receive Moores store credit as a refund.

● The customers will receive their Moores product refund on their original debit or credit card. 

● If you made a purchase using some other payment option instead of a debit or credit card and the refund is more than $50, then for those refunds, you will be paid through cheque.

● If any fund under $50 is unavailable for processing, then that customer will receive the refund issued by Moores corporate offices.

● If you purchased any Moores item using a gift card or paid a part of the original price, you will receive a Moores gift card in a refund. 



Below we share some FAQs related to Moores Return Policy

Can I return a Moores item after 90 days?

After 90 days, you can return your Moores clothing at any store with the original receipt, but return mail isn’t available after 90 days.

So if you somehow lost your chances of returning the product within the return period, you still have a chance of returning it before it’s too late.


Can we change Moores’s online purchase item at the store?

Yes, you can return Moores’s online purchased item at the store whenever you want; it’s not an issue if you have the original purchase receipt.

You can return in-store purchases of Moore’s items through the mail as well. 


Can I return Moores item without a receipt?

Unfortunately, you can’t return your Moores item without a valid receipt.

You can download the Moores receipt from the website for online purchases.

But for store purchases, if you lost the receipt, then there is a chance that you won’t receive a refund for your Moores item. 


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