Leons Return Policy in 2024 (Process, Refund, Damage)

This article is all about Leons Return Policy. The items sold at Leon’s are mostly final sales.

Hence if you want to return a piece of furniture or an appliance, you can return it.

Still, you must abide by their terms and conditions regarding their return policy.

Leon’s Furniture Limited is a well-known retail chain in Canada, and it is the most highly popular retail chain that deals in pants, blankets, shoes, furniture, electronics, and appliances.

This company was established in 1909, and since then, it has grown into the most trusted and affordable name in the market.

They also state that in given circumstances, the refund or returning product will be required to be inspected by the management.

After the approval by the management, a total of 10-20 % will be deducted from the product’s selling price as restocking charges, which can go up to 25% in some cases.

The item that will be sent for return or refund must be in its original condition to ensure that the packaging and the items are intact.

If any damage is detected, it is advised to register a complaint within 72 hours of delivery.

Otherwise, you can contact your nearest Leon store for further guidance.

Today’s article concerns Leon’s return policy and terms and conditions for a successful refund.



Leons Return Policy Process

To understand how you can return products to Leon’s, first, you will have to understand their house policy.

According to their policy, once a product is sold for their store, it can’t be returned.

If you want to return it or ask for a refund, you will have to go through an inspection procedure to get your request approved.

Typically, the returning item should be safe and sound and not be damaged anywhere.

Otherwise, you will not be eligible for a refund.

You will have to bear restocking fees for the items that will be sent for restocking or refund.

So, a total of 10-20 % of that product’s selling price will be deducted from the total price at the time of refund.

Moreover, they also state that furniture or appliances delivered in good condition are usually not refundable.

If you have launched an appeal for a return within 72 hours of delivery, you will be entitled to a refund.

The payments will be made in the form of the original mode of payment, which was issued at the time of purchase.

If you have purchased through cash, in that case, checks will be mailed to you within 14 days of return.


Leons Return Policy For Damage Items?

Leons Return Policy For Damage Items

Leon’s is a family-oriented brand; they understand the needs and the requirements of a main, and hence to ensure an effortless shopping experience, they provide warranty and guarantee on various merchandise.

Everything from your furniture to your appliances will be provided with a warranty to keep you tension-free.

But in exceptional situations, you should not hesitate to call the nearest Leon’s store and ask for further guidance.

Typically you don’t have the option to return or ask for a refund on the purchased item.

Therefore you can go through their guidelines to understand their return policy.

But it is usually seen that Leon’s does not accept any kind of damaged merchandise in return.

So if your product gets damaged after you have used it or taken it into use, you will not get any refund.

Merchandise or furniture that comes with damage at delivery is eligible for repair, refund, or replacement.

It is advised to contact your nearest Leon’s store.

They will come and repair your damaged furniture free of cost.

But you should also remember this process should be done within 72 hours of delivery or pickup.

You will no longer be eligible for the free-of-cost service if you exceed the timeline.


What Products Does Leon’s Not Accept as Return?

Well, most of the furniture and the merchandise are not accepted by the Leon’s. Often they are sold.

These products do not come with a return or a refund policy at the time of purchase.

However, you can apply for a refund at this company in some exceptional cases.

They clearly state that a product with a defect should be detected within 72 hours of delivery if you want it to be returned or replaced by them.

The lists of times that are not accepted as returns are as follows.

● Special order

● Stock clearance items

● Floor decoration items

● Pillows and cushion

● Mattress and mattress protectors

● Rugs and floor mats are also not returnable after 24 hours of purchase.

● The items that are put on sale also come under returnable items.


Does Leon’s have a free return policy?

Does Leon’s have a free return policy

Yes, if you return the product with a receipt within 30 days.

Once you have purchased the items but are still determining whether you will keep them or send them to get a refund, in that case, you should keep the product in its original condition.

So if you need clarification, retaining the packaging and receipt is ideal.

Once you contact the store, they will provide a return label.

With the help of this, you will be able to return the product.

Remember, you will not be provided any kind of shipping refund.

You will have to bear the cost. Hence consider contacting their customer service point or help desk to help you guide through the process.



How much time will it take to get a refund from Leon’s?

All the transactions related to refunds or returns take place within the time frame of 14 days.

So that the consumer has a set time frame within which they will be refunded, the payment for the return request will be made in the original form of payment.

If you have purchased merchandise through cash, then you will receive a check in exchange for that money.

However, you must ensure that the items you are sending for return are in their original condition.

It would help if you did not use it. Otherwise, your product will be disqualified and not accepted for return or refund.

Leon’s store mentions that all sales are final sales. Therefore it is ideal to decide clearly and then make a purchase.



Below we share some FAQs

Does Leon’s take away your old mattresses?

Unfortunately, you cannot return or ask for a refund on your old mattress at Leon’s.

After you have made a purchase, it is no longer their responsibility to help you dispose of your old mattress, electronics, or furniture.

It is totally up to the customer.

Hence you take the help of a recycler or reselling to dispose of your wanted furniture and bedding.


When will Leon’s order be delivered?

With a wide chain of stores across several parts of the city, it is fine for them to make fast deliveries.

Because they have a multimillion-dollar inventory and, along with it, they have thousands of associates who work day and night with them to make deliveries faster.

This is a major reason which enables Leon’s to make fast deliveries on time.


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