Home Hardware Return Policy in 2024 (Online, In-store, Damage)

If you want to return your Home Hardware item, you must return it within the first 90 days of purchase.

Home Hardware is a well-known Canadian company where customers can purchase construction materials, furniture, home-required tools, equipment, etc.

This company was established in 1964, and now, with years of experience and achievements, home hardware has more than 950 stores available all over Canada; not only that, people also purchase their items from the website.

Customers prefer using and buying things from home hardware, but still, if there any situation occurs where they have to return the product.

Then it’s very important to know the steps and rules clearly, and that’s why this article about Home hardware return policy is here to guide you.



What is the Home Hardware Return Policy?

For everyday hardware supplies, tools for furniture, etc., we all need some just worth this place where people can purchase all their necessary items.

To provide the requirement, home hardware is always at your service.

Customers can purchase everything required to build anything from furniture, walls, or plumbing there.

But still, no matter how great the service home hardware tries to provide, there are cases where the customer has to return their home hardware item for some reason.

But home hardware has some rules about their returns, so it’s important to know the rules before you try something reckless to return your home hardware item.

So if you want to return your home hardware item, then,

  • The product has to be returned within the first 90 days of purchase.


  • Major appliances purchased from Home Hardware must be returned within 30 days, and you might have to pay some restocking fee.


  • At the time of return, the home hardware product has to be unused, undamaged, and with original packaging and order receipt.


  • If any product is opened or used, it’s not available for return any more. Then. Only a warranty option is available if it’s eligible.


  • If the customer loses their product’s receipt, in that case, the refund or exchange gets a little complicated as it will be handled at the discretion of store management.


  • For lost receipt exchange, take your identification proof; if you used a Scene+ card for the Home Hardware purchase, you must also carry it.


How to return the Product to Home Hardware?

How to return the Product to Home Hardware

Home hardware has great demand among customers because of its quality and variety of items.

The customers don’t have to look for the required item elsewhere.

However, there are times when a few customers try to return their Home hardware items.

And for that reason, before returning, there are some rules that you must know about.

So, at Home Hardware, to return the product online,

  • Visit the Home Hardware website and log in to your account.
  • Then from the My Account, you can find a way to receive your Home hardware return label.
  • But you can also come to Home Hardware through [email protected] or by calling 1-877-940-5081.
  • After that, discuss your issue regarding your Home hardware purchased item and request a return label.
  • Then you will receive a return label with the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
  • Stick the label to your carefully and thoroughly pact home hardware package.
  • And drop it at your nearest drop office of the mentioned courier service.


For in-store returns of your home hardware item,

  • Take the Original receipt of your Home Hardware Shopping items.
  • Then, you must visit your nearest Home Hardware store.
  • After that, visit the Home Hardware cashier or customer Service desk, and tell the Home Hardware employee that you’re willing to return the product.
  • After checking that item and its original packaging, if everything is alright, then Home Hardware Store will accept the product return.
  • And if there are some issues, they will provide some other services.


At home, returning the purchased items is quite easy, and after purchasing something from the home hardware website, if the customer wants, they can return the product at the home Hardware Store.

Besides that, customers can easily enjoy return services through the mail.

But there are a few items that customers can’t return to Home Hardware through the mail: fuel-powered equipment, Mirror doors, tub, Items classified as Dangerous Goods, Items that weigh over 60 pounds, etc.

Home Hardware Return Policy for Damaged Items?

Home Hardware Return Policy for Damaged Items

Customers love purchasing home hardware items through a single Store or website; they can purchase every item quietly and simply for their household.

Thus, home hardware provides a great shopping experience.

But there are few complaints for cases where home hardware items are delivered damaged or defective and sometimes with missing parts as well.

No matter how cautious home hardware was at the time of shipping during the delivery process, sometimes things can happen.

So, that’s why if the customer receives any damaged, defective, or missing parts item from the Home Hardware website, they can report the issue within three days of delivery.

For that, you can call their customer service number or fill out an online form at the link https://www.homehardware.ca/en/contact-us.

What products does Home Hardware not accept as a return?

In Canada, for regular household tools, equipment, furniture, and other supplies, home hardware is the first and best choice of customers.

Because of this, to maintain their goodwill, there are a few items that home hardware doesn’t accept for return. Those are,

  • Products without any tinted paint, cuts, and stains.
  • Special order item
  • Final sale or clearance products
  • used outdoor power equipment
  • Items that are opened or not in resalable condition
  • Gift card

Does Home Hardware have a free return?

Does Home Hardware have a free return

When a whole country prefers some particular hardware store chain for the day-to-day hardware requirements or to purchase electronics and furniture, then it’s only because the customers trust the company completely.

And because of that, if there is any time when customers want to return their home hardware items, then they prefer having a free return.

That’s why by understanding the customers’ thoughts, home hardware provides a free return policy for online and in-store product return services.

This way, the customers don’t have to pay any fee for returning their purchased home hardware items, and it also keeps the customers satisfied.

How much time will it take to get a refund from Home Hardware?

Home Hardwear takes 15 to 30 days to refund your returned item.

After returning something to the company, the customers are anxious about the refund.

But at home hardware, after returning a product, customers can wait for the refund without any worries as they will receive it on time at their original payment.

After the return, the Home Hardware product goes through the checking and verification process.

You’ll receive an email confirming the return if everything is perfectly fine.

After that, the refund gets generated. At the time of return, the customers should know any shipping charges for the delivery of the original may not be refunded.

Also, for returning any major appliances, there is a chance that the customers may have to pay a restocking fee.

After purchasing a gift card, a refund for it isn’t available if it’s lost or stolen.


 Below we share some FAQs

What will happen to Home Hardware items after 90 days?

After 90 days, customers can’t retain their home hardware items back to the company, but after that, home hardware will try to provide the required services to the customers.

So as all merchandise at-home hardware is subjected to the manufacturer’s warranty, that’s why if required, the home hardware company will repair or replace the item as per the manufacturer’s direction.


Can we return all Home Hardware items through the mail?

Returning a product by mail is indeed easier, but due to the product’s safety and to make the return shipping easier for the employee, there are a few items that home hardware doesn’t accept for return through the mail, and the customer has to return it at the Store.

So, the item is,

  • lawnmowers,
  • trimmers,
  • chainsaws,
  • snowblowers
  • Mirror doors,
  • tub
  • shower units
  • chemicals,
  • compressed gas or liquids
  • Lumber,
  • Building Materials,
  • Furniture
  • Major Appliances
  • Items with 60+ pounds weight

Can I return a Home hardware product without a receipt?

Yes, you can return your product without the receipt, but it’s necessary for home hardware product returns.

So if you don’t have the home hardware product receipt, in that case, you have to bring your photo ID and also your Scene+ card if used.

You might successfully return your home hardware product through this, but you’ll receive the lowest selling price as a Home Hardware Store credit or Gift Card.

And if the store management thinks that your returned product isn’t eligible for return or exchange, they can also refuse to take the item.



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