Sail Return Policy in 2024 (Damage, Refund, Updated)

Here we share full details on the Sail Return Policy. If you want to return your Sail product to the company, you must return it within the first 30 days of purchase.

In our day-to-day lifestyle, having some enjoyment is very important, and that’s why for some adventure, people love traveling, hiking, etc.

And for all these adventurous journeys having proper camping, hunting, and fishing items is essential, and the best place to purchase all these is Sail.

Sail is an outdoor activities products company that has been in the market for more than 40 years.

At Sail, they have a wide range of products for clothing, camping, fishing, hunting, etc.

So based on the customers’ planning and mood, anything they want from Sail.

But suppose after purchasing any item from Sail, the customer is satisfied and wants to return their product.

In that case, it is very important to have a clear idea about the return policy, and that’s why this article about the Sail Return Policy is here to guide you.



Sail Return Policy Process

To live a life full of adventure, it’s important that the person is fully equipped and has all the required items needed, and those are of great quality.

For all these, Sail is the best option, but for those who want to return their sail item for their respective reasons, for them important to know about the rules,

So, if you want to return your Sail item, then,

● Within 30 days of purchase of the Sail, the product has to be returned or exchanged, and if the customer is an Expert-level Explore+ Rewards Program member, then the return period is available for 45 days.

● The Sail product must be unworn, used, unaltered, and undamaged; if the product has any sign of damage caused by the customer, then it won’t get accepted for return.

● The item must have its original packaging, tags, manual, and other documents intact.

● And for store returns at Sail, customers must have the original receipt with the date of purchase, or it can be an electronic one for returning online purchased items.


Etc. These are the main rules that the customers have to keep in mind before returning the Sail product.


How to Return Product to Sail?

How to Return Product to Sail

Sail is well known in Canada for its Range of unique and interesting outdoor activity clothing, camping materials, equipment, etc.

All over for an adventurous journey, customers can purchase anything from Sail.

But even after purchasing items from Sail, there are cases where the customer isn’t satisfied with the product for some reason and wants to return it.

Instead of trying random methods, it’s important to know the steps,


So, if you want to return your Sail item at the store, then,

● First, visit your nearest Sail store. 

● Go to the customer service desk and tell the Sail employees that you want to return your Sail item.

● Show them your original purchase received or the electric version of it.

● After that, the employee from Sail will look into your product, and if the product is in perfect condition, then accept your return.


And, if you want to return your Sail item through mail, 

● First, wrap your Sail product carefully and thoroughly with its original packaging tags, etc. 

● Then at the top or side of the box, attach the prepaid label provided with the Sail item.

And if you didn’t receive any return label from Sail, in that case, fill out a form at [email protected]

● After these two courier services, Canada Post and Purolator, try to see where your Sail return label is, then drop the Sail product at the Drop office. 

Now if you want to return your online purchased Sail item at the Sail store, then you can easily do that, and also, this way, the return is much easier.

If you want to return your in-store purchase Sail item through the mail, in that case, contact Sail customer service number 450-688-6264 or mail at [email protected] to know about the availability of the service.


Sail Return Policy for Damaged Items?

Sail Return Policy for Damaged Items

Well, for hiking, camping, etc., having perfectly built proper equipment is very important.

From Sail, the items the customers get are in perfect condition because the product’s quality directly affects the customers.

That’s why Sail always ensures the product is in perfect condition at delivery. 

But during Shipping, if any incident occurs and the customers receive a damaged Sail item, the customer must contact the Sail customer service number as soon as possible, which is 450-688-6264.

The Sail customer service staff will guide you and provide the proper service you deserve.


What products does Sail not accept as a return?

At Sail, customers can purchase many items from the Sail store and website.

Then the quality of their items is so nice that customers love to purchase their outdoor activity clothing, equipment, tents, etc., from Sail.

But for some reason, if any customer wants to return their product to Sail, they can easily do that within 30 days.

But, to maintain the company’s well-being and quality, there are a few items that Sail doesn’t accept for return.

● Clothing items like masks and face cover firearms, underwear, swimwear, base layers, cycling or running shorts, socks, etc.

● Outdoor activity equipment items include crossbows, salt blocks, knives, climbing products, telescopes, books, etc. 

● Electronics such as audiovisual equipment, software, DVDs, etc. 

● Food products.

● Final sale items, gift cards

These are the main items that Sail doesn’t accept for return which still; if you are facing any issue related to your product, in that case, you can contact Sail customer service. 


Does Sail have a free return?

Does Sail have a free return

Yes, fortunately, at Sail, there is free return available for the customers.

When customers order something from Sail clothing, outdoor activity equipment, or any other item, they keep their hopes up to use those products for their next camping or hunting experience.

But for some reason, when the customer had to return their ordered Sail item to the company, it can mess with the activity planning.

Because of all these complications, customers love receiving free return service from Sail.

So if any customer wants to return a Sail product, they can easily return it at the Sail store free of cost.

And even for returns through the mail, the product comes with a prepaid return label, so based on it, the return shipping is also free of cost. 

But even though the return is free, you have to pay a base fee of $10 + taxes, and if it’s an oversized item, then the surcharge is also deducted from your refund.

So, for online returns of Sail items, some fees exist. But if you are an Expert-level Explore+ Rewards Program member, then the return process is completely free from you.


How much time will it take to get a refund from Sail?

After the Sail product is returned to the company, the customers start worrying about the refund.

But there is nothing to worry about, as Sail’s return policy is clear.

So for in-store returns, after the Sail employee checks the product and it’s eligible for return, you will receive yours immediately.

If you tried to return the Sail product through mail, then after the product reaches the Warehouse, the Sail company will check the product thoroughly to make sure it has any sign of damage and verify the documents.

After that, if it’s eligible for a return, the customer will receive the refund within seven business days at their original payment method.

However, the customers should know that the refund timing majorly depends on the method of payment used for the order and the time it takes to process. 

Besides that, if the Sail product purchase is made using a gift card, then for return or as a refund, the customer will receive a Sail gift card as well. 



Below we share some FAQS

What are the facilities of the Explore+ Reward Program for returning Sail items?

For customers who are Expert-level Explore+ Rewards Program members, it’s very beneficial as they can return and exchange a Sail item within 45 days of purchase instead of 30 days.

Not only that, in return, these Expert-level customers don’t even have to pay any fee, whereas online returns the customers a $10+ taxes base fee and surcharge for oversized items, etc.

These are the main benefits of this Expert-level Explore+ Rewards Program.


Can we return any Sail item without a receipt?

For return, the customer must have the original payment receipt for their Sail in-store purchase.

When customers come to the store for a return, they have to show the receipt to the Sail employee. For online returns, the receipt will be available online, so it isn’t an issue.

But during store returns, if the customer doesn’t have the sail receipt that case they have to take toit the customer service desk or contact Sail at 450-688-6264 or mail at [email protected],



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