Vessi Return Policy in 2024 (Damage Items, Refund)

In this article, we share complete details on the Vessi Return Policy with other additional information.

If you want to return your Vessi item, you must do it within the first 90 days of purchase.

Vessi is a well-known Canadian shoe company; here, customers can purchase a wide range of shoes that are 100% waterproof and also can be worn anytime, anytime, and in any season.

At Vessi, accessories are also available, like socks, face masks, etc.

So for the customers themselves destination is to purchase comfortable and quality shoes.

Then because of the high demand now, Vessi shoes are not only available in Canada but in the United States as well.

Also, in both countries, Vessi shares almost the same policies, and it’s similar when it’s available to return policy.

For some reason, if any customer wants to return their Vessi shoes or accessories, then to have a proper idea about the rules and steps.



Vessi Return Policy Process

Footwear is something that customers are always sensitive about because when it’s about footwear, you can’t adjust or sacrifice the perfect fitting and style.

Vessi is a trustworthy destination to purchase the perfect shoes for you.

But still, no matter how perfect the shoes are, there are chances it didn’t suit you, or the fitting isn’t comfortable.

In such cases, customers think of returning the product to the company. 

So, to return the Vessi footwear to the company,

● The Vessi product has to be returned within the first 90 days of purchase.

● The Vessi product has to be unworn, unwashed, and unaltered with no scratches or damages. 

● The original shoe box and the packaging must be intact, and if the shoe box is damaged, you will be charged a $5 reboxing fee.

● Free returns and exchanges of Vessi products are not available outside of America.

Etc. These are the main rules about Vessi product return that the customers should know about.


How to return the Product to Vessi?

How to return the Product to Vessi

For people in Canada, Vessi is also a trustworthy shoe company because of its quality and range of items.

But no matter how much you love Vessi shoes, there are possibilities that there is some size issue or any other concern that leads to product return.

That’s why, for those who want to know how to return Vessi items,


To return a Vessi product,

● First, You have to log in to your Vessi profile. 

● At the profile, you will find a return option, or you can also click on the link to get access to the return page

● Enter your order number, postal code, email ID, or phone number on the page.

(While entering the Vessi order number, if the product is already exchanged, the order number will start with “EXC,” and if you return the product for the first time, then the order number will be fully numerical). 

● From there, apply for the return of your Vessi item. 

● Then, Pack the product from Vessi thoroughly and make sure that the product won’t get damaged at the time of return shipping. 

● And if you are looking for a return level, you will find it in the Vessi order box with other belongings.

● Then stick the packaging slip at the top or side of the Vessi return package.

● Submit the product at the drop-off office of the mentioned courier service.


Vessi Return Policy for Damage Items?

Vessi Return Policy for Damage Items

Vessi has a different level fan base among them, and even though Vessi is available in the United States, its demand in Canada is much higher.

For Vessi keeping the customer satisfied is very important. 

Even though Vessi is always very careful while delivering items to the customer, still, for some reason, if the customer receives a damaged Vessi item, then the customer is satisfied Vessi provides an exchange service for that damaged item.

Still, if there are any issues regarding the damaged shoes or accessories, in that case, you should contact Vessi customer service by mailing them at [email protected], and after receiving the mail, the Vessi staff will reach out to you. 


What Products Does Vessi Not Accept as a Return?

People always look for a trustworthy shoe brand from which they can purchase comfortable, affordable, and good quality.

You have all these characteristics.

Vessi is the best shoe brand. You can get such a wide variety of shoes there, and if you don’t like them, you can also return them.

But still, there are a few I didn’t know that you can’t return at the Vessi store or website are, 

● Hosiery/socks

● Shoeless 

● Face mask

● Final sale footwear 

● Promotional items 

● Gift cards 

Etc. To maintain the well-being of, Vassi, these items are not accepted.


Does Vessi have a free return?

Does Vessi have a free return

Yes, to return a Vessi item to the company, you will receive a free return.

When customers purchase footwear and accessories from Vessi, they are very hopeful for the items.

But when the Vessi product couldn’t satisfy the customer’s requirements, the shopping experience was ruined.

That’s why Vessi provides free returns for their items to keep the customers happy. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from Vessi?

After returning any Vessi product to the company for return, the customers are restless about the refund.

There is no reason to get tense as the customer will get their refund within 10 to 14 business days if the returned product is in eligible condition. 

After the Vessi product successfully reaches the Vessi Wearhouse, the product gets checked thoroughly to ensure that the returned item isn’t used or damaged and the packaging is in perfect condition.

After the checking and verification process, If the Vessi item is in perfect condition, the customer receives their refund at their original payment method within a week or two.



Below we share some FAQs

What will happen to the Vessi item after 90 days?

Well, even after 90 days of return, Vessi has a great policy for its footwear.

So, after the return period is over, the customer receives an offer of a 365-day warranty on any manufacturer defects.

This warranty facility is available for both shoes and accessories, but to claim the warranty, the customers must fill out a form. 

But suppose the product is damaged because of the customers, such as for Modifying, Exposing your Vessi shoes to harsh chemicals or defects due to excessive wear and tear.

In that case, the warranty service is unavailable for that item. 


Are all promotional Vessi items not eligible for a return?

Well, most of the promotional items at Vessi is considered final sale product, but a few promotional items are eligible for exchange but not for return.

In exchange, it can be Merchandise or store credit.

So if your product has promotional fine print and you want to return that Vessi item, you should consider contacting [email protected] for further clarification.



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