Von Maur Return Policy in 2024 (Online, Damage, Refund)

Here we share complete details on Von Maur Return Policy.

Trade has been the primary source of livelihood for people from the early days of human civilization.

From the beginning, people used to go to the market to buy, tie, and sell various products and services.

But with advancement and development, it started taking the form of stores requiring you to visit for any physical purchase activity.

But after the invention of modern technologies, shopping went on to a different level.

It was no longer restricted to a geographical area. With the invention of online shopping, it began reaching a larger audience base.

Von Maru is a renowned name that sells various fashion and accessories.

For all the products they sell, they offer return facilities as well.

This ensures that customers enjoy the facility of flexible shopping.

While products like cosmetics and particular party and event wear dresses must be returned along with the receipt, tags should be unworn or unaltered if you are willing to replace them.

They also state that items sold at the time of final sale do not come under their return policy.

Stock Clearance items are usually not offered return facilities.

Returning the product with a receipt within 90 days will get you the amount transferred.

Whereas after 90 days, it will only be available as a merchandise credit. Return the product without the receipt.

You can receive the item’s selling price as merchandised credit only. Von Maru will not charge anything for that.



Von Maur Return Policy for Online and In-store

Von Maur Return Policy for Online and In-store

Von Maru has two ways by which they sell their products to their customer.

Online stores are the most popular form of e-commerce.

They also have more than 36 stores in various locations where you can physically purchase different kinds of goods and clothing.

Consider what speciation you must follow to return a product at Von Maru.


Von Maur Return Policy for Online Purchase

The online store’s policy for online returns is straightforward since the products were ordered via merchants; thus, at the time of return, you will have to send it through merchants only.

Because Von Maru was not directly involved with you at the time of purchase; hence no dealing was done now with the customer.

● Undergarments and similar products will not be refundable; hence they do not come under the return policy.

● The entire money transfer procedure takes around 14 days of the transaction. This is the maximum time limit you will be given to get a return on a product.

● You will get the refund through a gift card, or the money will be directly transferred to your designated bank account.

● You will be allotted 90 days after your purchase to return it. After completing this period, you will no longer be eligible to apply for a return.


Von Maur Return Policy for In-store Purchase

Since Von Maru operates online and offline, it isn’t easy to maintain a similar set of return policies for two different business operations.

Therefore, the online store return policy will differ from the in-store one.

The in-store return policy is only restricted to 14 days after the purchase.

But the good thing about physical stores is that you can give a trial before purchasing.

● Custom-made items are not available for return. Those clothing items will not be covered under the return policy.

● No product that does not come with a tag or a billing receipt will be accepted.

In case of a damage complaint, the customer must provide supporting evidence that the returning product was damaged at purchase.

With more pro-supporting proofs, they will be registered.

● Products that do not fit you after alteration will also not be counted under the return policy. They do not replace or return altered clothing items. 



Von Maur Return Policy for damaged items?

Von Maur Return Policy for damaged items

Typically, the products sold in Von Maru must be returned safely and sound to get a return.

Damaged goods are less likely to be offered a return on them.

According to their policy, products in damaged condition at delivery will be applicable for return, given that the consumer has sufficient proof.

If a complaint is lodged within 48 hours, you can still apply for a return; if you fail to prove yourself, you will not be given a return on your damaged products.

Customized and alternation items do not apply for a return.

Moreover, if your product does not have the tags and the purchase receipt, you will be less likely to get a return on your damaged product.

Cosmetics and dressing items require a receipt and tags attached during recovery; if they are altered or stained, they will not be eligible for replacement or return.


What products Von Maur do not accept as a return?

As a premium brand, Von Maru has its policies, which it abides by in its day-to-day business operation.

Similarly, regarding sales and return of goods and commodities, Von Maru has certain dos and don’ts that they follow strictly to ensure smooth functions.

There is a list of criteria to follow if you are willing to return a product.

On the other hand, they also clearly state that items like undergarments and similar products will not be accepted after making a purchase.

If you send a package that does not come without a receipt or tags attached to it, then it will not be accepted at the time of return. 

If you send the returning product in a destroyed condition, your items will not be returned. 

Suppose you contact them within 48 hours of damage or seven days after you have damaged the product.

In that case, they might listen to you and give you a return in exchange.

If it exceeds more than the time given, your items will be sent back.

Stained or destroyed products will also not be accepted in return.

Some customers send clothes for alteration and ask for a store credit or cash hand in exchange for that product.

But they strictly do not accept such requests.

Moreover, customized products and the items sold during the sale are also not taken at the time of return.


How much time will it take to get a refund from Von Maur?

When you request a return within 90 days of purchase, you are most likely eligible to get a return, given that you abide by all their terms and conditions.

But your returned item is strictly in perfect condition.

So the returning item which you want to be replaced should be replaced by the store either in the form of money or it will be replaced by store credit.

You can purchase any merchandise of your choice from their store.

Usually, it takes somewhere around 14 days to get a return.

This is the basic time frame you will be allotted for a return.

All the returns are processed within this given time frame.

It is rarely seen that your refund order takes more than 14 days.

Otherwise, it will take 3-5 business days to process a refund into your bank account after you have successfully cleared all the previous steps for a refund.


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