Knix Return Policy in 2024 (Damage, Refund)

According to the Knix Return Policy, If you want to return your Knix purchased item, you must return it within the first 30 days of purchase.

Knix is an interesting innerwear and clothing brand that cares for the user’s comfort.

At Knix, customers can purchase lingerie, swimwear, shapewear, sleepwear, maternity clothing, apparel, leakproof underwear, etc.

Because of Knix’s unique set of collection and the quality of this product, customers prefer buying things from there.

But when so many customers from Canada and the United States purchase Knix items, there are cases of return as well.

And that’s why to provide proper guidance to the customer, this article about Knix Return Policy is here to help you.



What is the Knix Return Policy?

In the world of style, it’s difficult to find something comfortable, and when it’s about comfortable lingeries, it’s actually quite difficult to find them.

That’s when Kinx came into the market with its unique product collection.

Because of the Unique product collection, customers from all over Canada and the United States purchase Knix items. 

But if there is anything wrong with the size, comfort, or fit, the customers return or exchange those Knix items; however, before returning your Kinx items just like it’s important to know about the Kinx return policy. 


All eligible Knix items must be returned within the first 30 days of purchase.

● For Knix, customer satisfaction is their top priority, so you can wash them and wear them as many times as you want, but still if it doesn’t fit you, you can easily return or exchange the item and get a personal fit consultation from Knix. 

● Clothing and Swim items such as T-shirts, Socks, Sweaters, sleepwear, swimwear, etc., are eligible for return if tags and original sanitary strips are attached.



How to return the Product to Knix?

How to return the Product to Knix

Knix items are incredible; they easily fit your body and give you the shape and comfort you need.

Knix is a great company for its innerwear, but its customers can purchase comfortable t-shirts, sleepwear, sweatshirts, etc.

But even after all these great things, there is a possibility that the Knix doesn’t fit the customer’s body type perfectly, then the customer will try to return the product.


So, to return the Knix item to the company through mail, 

● First, visit the Knix website and log in to your profile.

● After that, find the return and exchange option, or you can directly click on the Knix return page link

● There, enter your Knix order number and shipping zip code.

● After that, start the return process and enter all the required information. 

● After the process, you will receive a return label and packing slip for the Knix return item. 

● Then, Pack the product from Knix thoroughly and include the packing slip with the product. 

● Then stick the return label at the top or side of the Knix return package.

● Submit the Knix return product at the courier service’s drop-off office.


And, if you are willing to return your Knix item in-store, then,

● First, visit your nearest Knix store 

● Go to the Knix customer service desk or tell any employee that you want to return your Knix item.

● Show them your Knix original receipt

● Then, if the product is eligible, Knix will accept it in return.


If any customer wants to return their online purchased Knix item in-store, then they can easily do that.

The return or exchange is much easier if the purchase is made using a credit card.

If the Knix product is purchased using a debit card, then the product has to be returned or exchanged at the same Knix retail store.


Knix Return Policy for Damaged Items?

Knix Return Policy for Damaged Items

While sending a product, Knix ensures the item is in proper condition.

As they are clothing items, the chances of receiving a damaged Knix product are low.

But still, if there is any issue related to the Knix product material or quality, the customer should contact Knix customer service by mailing [email protected].

Then the Knix customer service will get back to you as soon as they receive your message.


What products does Knix not accept as a return?

Kinx has a very flexible return policy; even customers can use the product as much as they want.

After that, if they are uncomfortable, a return or exchange is available.

Knix always tries to provide the best customer experience and service.

But still, there are a few cases and items that Knix doesn’t accept for return. Those are,

● Warehouse sale items 

● Final sale items 

● Evolution Bras and Teen Leakproof Sleepover Shorts with 50% discount.

● A whole package of opened underwear. 

● Underwear that is returned after 30 days.

● Items received for free at Knix 

● eGift card

● Items purchased by third-party sellers

● Washbags


Etc. These are the major items that Knix doesn’t accept for return, but if you have any issue related to your Knix product, then you can contact Knix customer service for that. 


Does Knix have a free return?

Does Knix have a free return

Yes, Knix provides free returns for both online and in-store product returns.

When customers try a new item from Knix at the time, they are very hopeful about trying Knix items.

Still, everyone’s body type is different, so its natural effect doesn’t fit properly.

Hence understanding customer sentiment, Knix doesn’t charge extra for returns. 

Knix shares the same return policy in both Canada and the United States.

That’s why only in these two countries is the return shipping free of cost. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from Knix?

Generally, Knix refunds don’t take much time to appear at the original payment method.

But as Knix provides huge flexibility and a return policy, they prefer to provide exchange or store credit in return for the Knix item.

Also, at the time of refund, the original shipping fee is not returnable at Knix.

But still, at the time of return, if the customer chooses a refund, the points they collected by purchasing Knix items are deducted from the total points.

And will affect your VIP tire and your annual spending on Knix. 


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