RevZilla Return Policy in 2024 (How To, Damage, Refund)

After purchasing any products from RevZilla if you are not satisfied with your purchase. You can easily return it within the first 90 days of your purchase.

In the US, where everyone is so much into fashion, why can’t riders be a part of fashion?

For riders, it’s very important to use a good quality helmet and gear; keeping safety in mind, they must compromise the styling.

That’s why RevZilla is so famous among the customers.

At RevZilla, besides purchasing men’s and women’s gear and helmets, customers can purchase tires, accessories, and many other things for their bikes.

But as they are related to riding safety, they must fit properly and satisfy the customer’s needs. But if there is any issue, a return is the best option.

That’s why, to make sure the customer returns their item successfully, this article about RevZilla Return Policy is here to guide them.



What is RevZilla Return Policy?

RevZilla is currently one of the best choices for riders as they can purchase good quality and stylish helmets, gears, and accessories.

Very few companies provide this amazing service and collection for the riders.

But if any customer isn’t happy or satisfied with the RevZilla product service, they can also return the product to the company.

But before that, it’s very important to know the rules for returning the RevZilla product.


So, If you want to return your RevZilla item, then,

The RevZilla product has to be returned within the first 90 days of purchase.

● All the products have to be unused, undamaged, and unaltered.

● Boots must be used indoors on a carpet to ensure that it doesn’t get any scratches underneath.

● The apparel items must have their original garment bag with all their original tags attached.

After return, if the product arrives scuffed with no plastic bag, then it will be written back to the customer.

● The helmets must have the original helmet bag, box, accessories, and paperwork present during return.

● Electronics, tools, chemicals, and vehicle parts: If these items are open or the product seal is broken, RevZilla won’t accept those products for return.

● Without a return authorization number, RevZilla returns are not possible. 

● After returning the unused RevZilla product, if any item has damaged packaging, missing tags, etc.

For these sorts of issues, customers must pay an additional processing fee of around 25% of the product cost.

● Then, if those returned products have any dirt, smell, bugs, mounting, etc., RevZilla won’t accept those products in return.


These are the major rules that the customers should follow if they want to return their RevZilla product.


How to return a Product to RevZilla?

How to return a Product to RevZilla

 For motorcycle enthusiasts, RevZilla is a very trustworthy company.

Their product quality is far superior to most other motorcycle gear retail companies.

As customers can get so many items from a single place, RevZilla is even more preferred among customers.

But now, as you have decided to return the RevZilla product for some reason, it’s also important to know the steps. 


So, to return your RevZilla product through mail,

● Visit the RevZilla website and log in to your account.

● Then go to My Account, where you’ll find an option, Order History. Click it.

● After that, select the option View on the left-hand side of the page. 

● There, select the RevZilla items you want to return and the reasons behind it. 

● After that, select the return shipping method for the RevZilla items and follow the instructions to receive an RARA number.

● After the return process is done, print the return authorization form.


After that, if you want, you can select a courier service of your choice to receive a return label and send back the RevZilla item.

You can also continue the process at the RevZilla website and get their prepaid UPS shipping label. And for that,

● Apply for the prepaid UPS shipping label at the RevZilla website.

● By then, pack your RevZilla return product thoroughly, and don’t use any tapes on the original product packaging.

Also, don’t use the manufacturer’s product box as the shipping container. Use another Box to keep the product and the original packaging safe.

● Then, when you receive your return shipping label through the mail, download it and print it.

● After that, stick the return label at the top of the RevZilla return package.

● Then, drop the item at your nearest UPS office and deliver the item at,


Attn: Returns (RA# XXXX)

4060 Frehner Rd

Suite 101

North Las Vegas, NV 89030

If you are using a courier service of your choice, you must also send your RevZilla return product to the above address.

Also, for any damaged or lost item during shipping, RevZilla is not responsible; while sending the item, make sure it’s trackable.

Still, if you are facing any issue related to the return or having trouble with the return authorization number, contact RevZilla Gear Geeks at +1 (215) 334-5500.


RevZilla Return Policy for Damage items?

RevZilla Return Policy for Damage items

RevZilla is very conscious about its business method; hence, while delivering the product to the customer, RevZilla always ensures that the product is correct and in perfect condition. 

But still, if there is any incident or situation where the customer received a wrong or damaged item, RevZilla is always available to provide their services.

So, if you face any issues, contact RevZilla customer service at +1 (215) 334-5500. The RevZilla professional will help you repair or replace that item. And still, if there is any issue regarding the return, you can use the manufacturer’s warranty policy. 


What products RevZilla does not accept as a return?

RevZilla has a very clear and simple return policy, which isn’t that hard to follow.

At Revzilla, customers enjoy purchasing the products, and even if anyone tries to return their purchased RevZilla product, they can do that quite easily.

But there are some conditions for returning the RevZilla, and if those conditions are not met, RevZilla may have to deny the return of those items. So,

● If the returned product has any sort of dirt, smell, hair, etc.

● Products that are damaged 

● Items with broken seal 

● Final sale items


Does RevZilla have a free return?

Does RevZilla have a free return

No, at RevZilla, customers can’t have a free return service.

After purchasing a RevZilla item from the website, if the customers are not satisfied, then it’s natural that they don’t want to pay any extra fees in return.

But RevZilla is still a growing company, and providing free shipping isn’t possible for them.

Hence, to provide a prepaid UPS shipping label, the customers have to pay a fee of $9.99 in the contiguous 48 US States.

And RevZilla will deduct the shipping amount from the refund.

You can also use a courier service if you don’t want to pay the return shipping fee to the RevZilla company.

But all the shipments should be prepaid. RevZilla doesn’t accept COD. 

Besides that, if the RevZilla item is undelivered, abandoned, or similar, the customer will be charged a $10 Service Fee.


How much time will it take to get a refund from RevZilla?

RevZilla always tries to provide the best service possible to the customers.

Therefore, they always tried to complete the return process quickly and thoroughly. 

So, after the product reached the RevZilla Warehouse, the item was checked within 24 hours.

After that, if the RevZilla product is eligible for return, then within 2 to 10 business days, the refund amount will be credited to your original payment method.

If any customer used a wire transfer to purchase RevZilla, then the customer will receive a store credit through the RevZilla gift card. 



In the end, as we know, RevZilla is a great brand for motorcycle enthusiasts, and they have many things to purchase from there.

Also, it isn’t for returns. The policy is clear so that customers won’t get confused about anything. 

However, the customers should not abuse the return policy; for example, if a customer orders multiple items and returns the majority of the order after finding the perfect size, it isn’t something RevZilla appreciates. If the company finds any abuse towards their policy, then returning fee, restocking fee, or refusing service will be charged. 

Hence, instead of experimenting on your own, contact the RevZilla customer service number, and they will guide you with the proper sizing or application of any item.



Below we share some FAQs

Can I exchange a RevZilla item instead of a return?

Many customers loved the RevZilla product because of some size or color issues; they wanted to exchange the product instead of return.

Unfortunately, RevZilla doesn’t provide any exchange for the time being, and you just have to return and place a new order for your desired RevZilla item.

But you can apply for an exchange, and if the exchange order qualifies for our free ground shipping, then the RevZilla product exchange process will get much easier for you. 


Does RevZilla accept international returns?

Yes, RevZilla does accept returns from International addresses.

But all the payments for that return should be paid in advance as COD at RevZilla isn’t available.

Also, if any brokerage fees are required, it’s the customer’s responsibility to pay for the charges.


Does RevZilla provide warranty returns?

Well, RevZilla doesn’t have a warranty service of its own; it’s the manufacturers that offer additional warranties for the items.

So most of the manufacturers provide 4 to 8 weeks of warranty services.

So, if your RevZilla item is defective, you can use the warranty policy.

And receive a replacement or repair of your RevZilla item.


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