AutoZone Return Policy in 2024 (**Complete Return Guide**)

If you purchase anything from a famous American retailer Autozone.

After purchase, if you realize that you are not satisfied.

No worry, You can easily return by knowing the Autozone Return Policy.

AutoZone is an American retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories.

It was founded in 1979 as Auto Shack in Forrest City, Arkansas, U.S. Pitt Hyde set up this company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.



What is the Autozone Return Policy?

The AutoZone Return Policy allows customers to return almost all the items on or before 90 days from the date of purchase.

The product must be returned in brand-new condition without any damages. 

To be eligible for a return, you must provide the original receipt, and the product must be returned in its original packaging. 


Autozone Return Policy for In-store Purchase 

AutoZone Return Policy for in-store purchase

If you want to return a product purchased in-store from AutoZone, you will get 90 days from the date of purchase to bring the product to any AutoZone store.

The product you are returning must be in its original condition, and you need to bring the receipt with you. If you are returning a 

used or installed product, you will not be eligible for a refund. 


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How to return Autozone Products Purchase from

If you want to return your AutoZone product purchased from, you can bring the product to any AutoZone store along with the receipt, and they will issue your core refund.

You may also send your product to the Fulfillment center of along with the product and the return form, and you will get a full refund. 


Can you return items to AutoZone without a receipt?

AutoZone Return Policy without receipt

Yes, you can return items to AutoZone without a receipt, but you will get only store credit for this. If the product has a warranty and they took your mobile number, they will consider the matter and try to give the cash back to you. 


Can I return an item to AutoZone if the packaging is damaged, but I still have the receipt, and it’s only been a few days?

Yes, you can return an item to AutoZone if the packaging is damaged, but you still have the receipt, and it has only been a few days.

You provided the phone number at the time of making the original purchase.

So you will not face any issues when you want to return such items as they will be in their system. 


Can you return rented AutoZone tools to any AutoZone?

If you have purchased rented AutoZone tools from, you may ship them back when you have done your task or drop them off at any AutoZone store to get a full refund.

If you want to ship the tool back, you must fill out the return form found in your shipping invoice.

Then you have to include it with the tool you want to return along with the original packaging or box. 


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Can I return something I bought at AutoZone without a package but with the receipt?

Whether you can return something you bought at AutoZone without a package but with the receipt will completely depend on the condition of the part.

They will check whether it is resalable. But to qualify for a return of such items, you have to convince the manager to get approval for the return. 


Can unused brakes be returned to AutoZone after three months?

AutoZone provides the customers a 90-day timeframe to return their products from the date of receiving them.

The product must be in brand-new condition.

If you are lucky, you can get a chance to speak to the store manager or assistant manager to tell them about your issue.

It will be very helpful if you are an AutoZone Rewards member or frequently shop from the same AutoZone store, which means you will be a familiar face to them.

If the brakes are of a rare model, you may find issues with returning them.

But you can easily return the brakes if they are for a normal car. They will return as they know they can easily sell the brakes again.

If you have paid in cash but do not have the receipt, they will provide you with a store credit, not a refund.

You must provide your driver’s license or government-issued ID card to get the store credit. 


How long does it take to get a refund from AutoZone?

AutoZone Return Policy for refund

You have to wait for a minimum of 7 business days from the date of receiving your product so that they can process your return or exchange.

It may take 1-2 billing cycles for your refund to reflect on your credit card statement, but it completely depends on your credit card company. 



So we have given all the details about the AutoZone Return Policy. Now you can enjoy your shopping freely.

Always remember before returning to any particular company if you know their return instructions.

You can easily return your unwanted product to that company. 


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